The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 24

Lemon of Troy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 1995 on FOX

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  • Alternate Springfield

    This is a favorate epiosode of mine because not just is it Bart at his best once again but we get to finally see what Shelbyville looks like and it's really not all that different from Springfield.

    The epiosode is formated and feels almost like an espanase thriller. Bart and his fellow Springfield kids are all like soilders that have crossed enimy lines to inflitrate the enimy base.

    There are just lots of great moments, from seeing parts of Shelbyville which are similar to Springfield which makes it funny. Both Martin and Nelson forced into a buddy cop dynamic, one really funny moment was seeing Martin in trouble and then Nelson walks up casually and is wearing that look that says I really don't want to save this guy but I have to that feeling I can emphasize with, Nelson of course does that and then Martin is just dancing around Nelson and Nelson then tries to punch Martin but misses, comic silver.

    But my favorate part was the skateboard chase which I thought was awesome the only disapointment was that it didn't last long enough. And that's one of the things I really miss about the character Bart, he hasn't been using his skateboard often; it's that same problem the charcter Ash has in "Army of Darkness" where he only used his chainsaw once.

    The ending was both funny and kinda sad when we see the Shelbyville kids have to drink turnup juice, why the hell the kids don't go to a grocery store for Lemon Juice is beyond me but I don't live in Shelbyville.
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