The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 24

Lemon of Troy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 1995 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- the ending, "There's a lemon behind that rock!", Bsrt complaining that the school never tried to teach roman numerals, "This is what it feels like when doves cry", Homer saying he is "stupider like a fox!", Homer and Bart saying "Eat out shorts" and ned thinking they were saying 'shirts', "Bart's a tutor now. Tute on, son, tute on."

    bart leading the other kids to war against Shelbyville is very fun to watch, as is the episode as a whole. lot of good gags and an enjoyable outing. A+

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep bart learns of a good lemon tree where they have been making lemonade but when they go back to the tree they have learned that it was stolen and bart and others want to get it back and they trace the leamons into shelville. and so bart goes undercover as a new kid in shelville and pretends to be there friend but thing is he gets info in town were the tree is being kept and the kids find out and he runs from theam and homer and the others go and get the tree back and save the lemon tree . this was a good ep
  • Review

    The children of Springfield wage war on Shelbyville, after their beloved town lemon tree comes up missing. The fathers of Springfield take Ned's RV to search for their boys.

    I am browsing the simpsons episodes reviewing episodes in honor of the 10th anniversary of when i started following the simpsons!

    Any way Lemon of Troy is a very good episode, and a little underrated

    I like how the kids head into shelbyville, a big resemblance of springfield

    *Cough* Joes tavern *Cough*

    I like episodes like this, especially when they work out.

    The lemon tree is clearly a relic of springfield

    My final rating is a 9.1. ..
  • That yellow shaped rock has classic

    When Bart draws on some drying cement, Marge catches him and gives him a lecture on "destroying public property". Bart sees that he can learn from his mistakes, and when he goes to find a lemon tree for Milhouse's Lemonade stand - of which Lisa buys a pity glass - He finds that the tree has gone! He, Milhouse and co trek into Shelbyville, following the tracks of the lemon tree, where they discover Shelbyville parodies of Springfieldians. They saw Joe's Tavern and the Speed-E-Mart. They even had a Milhouse! Meanwhile, the parents had no idea of this until one remembered what their child had said. They took Flanders' RV into Shelbyville where they found the kids and the lemon tree in a car compound lot! They hatched a plan to sneek in and toe it back to Springfield, and yet it still remains there today. And the Uncapable Shelbyvillians live with the turnips!
  • Great see review for opinion

    The simmering rivalry between Springfield and its neighboring town, Shelbyville, heats up when a group of kids from Shelbyville steal Springfield's prized lemon tree. It's up the youngest Springfieldians to cross over the town line and reclaim what is theirs. During the mission to get the tree, Bart develops a particularly intense rivalry with Shelby, the leader of the Shelbyville posse. The two square off and the Springfield kids, with the help of their parents and a stolen RV, manage to get the tree back. A good episode, and a parody of the battle at Troy in Greece.. So say the least great.
  • Terrible plot, this episode just seems like filler material.

    The Simpson's sixth season is probably my favourite season of all time. It has my favourite episodes in it. Although I still love this episode (I love all The Simpson's early episodes), this is by far the worst of the season.

    I was surprised at how different this episode was, it was like I was watching a different show. The plot is extremely nonsensical; although it had a fair few laughs, it was pretty bottom of the barrel for me.

    It seems as if the writers were indifferent to the fact that they made and put the characters in out-of-character situations.

    It might just be one of those episodes that requires a few views to fully understand it's beauty, it also might just be one that if you miss even 10 seconds of it, it will ruin the plot for you.
    Nevertheless, watch this episode (if you already haven't) and see what you think of it..
  • Why this is my favorite episode.

    Lemon of Troy is definitly my favorite Simpson episode. It is an episode centered around the kids, like a lot of season 6 episodes. I think that episodes based off of the kids on the show are the best, because most of the best characters are not adults on this show. Nelson and Martin paired up was classic, and the other Milhouse was pretty interesting. The parody of the story Helen of Troy is good, especiallly when Homer says "No one in history has ever done anything this clever!" while copying the warriors in Helen of Troy. Overall, this was the best episode ever!
  • Battlelines are drawn between Springfield and Shelbyville.

    I think this episode not only has a great story line, but also shows the genious of the character of Homer. Homer does not appear in the first two thirds of this episode, but when he finally shows up, the laughs keep comming. Homer enters the episode when the parents enter Shelbyville in Flander's RV in attempts to locate the missing children. Homer has several memorable moments, including a failed attempt at climbing a fence, to taking a shower in a moving vehicle, and subsequently falling down, to accidently causing the dogs chasing Bart to become hungry for meat, to basting a turkey that steals the power from Flander's RV that almost prevents the Springfieldian's escape. This episode shows how even when not an intrigal part of plot, Homer can still be the most humerous aspect of any given episode. Homer Simpson: "Stupid like a Fox!"
  • I love when they battle Shelbyville!

    Definitely one of my favorite episodes. They do such a great job of pointing out the futility of town-pride. The kids get in a big battle over something as silly as where they happen to be born. Unbelievable.

    I love when Grandpa tells stories, and this episode has it. I thought it was funny when Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville split up just because the latter wanted to marry his cousin.

    I also love the lame New England style accents they give the people of Shelbyville. The actors do a great job with the bully's voices too.

    Definitely one of my favorites! Now let's all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice.
  • Lemon Tree.

    In this episode shellbyville steals Springfields oldest lemon tree and when the kids (Bart, Lisa, Nelson, Millhouse etc...) find out their only option is to go get it back but when they get there they camp out on a hill only to be caught by their parents, at first the parents are mad that they left without telling them but once they find out why they went they decide to help. Homer tries getting into the lot where they have the lemon tree guarded by fencing and wall but is unsuccesful because he cannot climb the fence finally they head back to springfield to get Ned's RV so they can get in and they do finally getting the lemon tree but on their way Home it is hit by a sign falling off the RV. This is one of the good episodes the simpsons have and thats why it gets a 10 from me.
  • The best episode of The Simpsons...ever

    I own most of The Simpsons seasons on DVD. I enjoy them all because each of them has a very special episode that I usually happen to like. I have Season 6 on DVD. There are so many great episodes in that season. But one always makes me put the DVD in and watch. That is Lemon of Troy. I remember seeing it on television a while ago. I was so enthralled and into the episode unlike others. I just loved the whole war against Shelbyville plot, retrieving the Lemon Tree, and the obvious resemblance to the Trojan War. I love this episode. There are so many classic quotes, such great writing, and The Simpsons humor you come to expect in rich abundance. All of these contribute to "Lemon of Troy" being my favorite episode of all time.
  • Shows Bart cares about Springfield.

    Like mutard said, this a funy episode with loads of gags. Bart relaly cares for Springfield and I loved this. The lemom tree idea was cool and those Shelbyville kids were halirious. Milhouse also has a large roll, and Homer helps out a lot. Every character does something cool. A great plot and story, and very funny quotes, Lemon of Troy wasn't just enjoyable but it was nice. I thought the name sounded crazy but when I watched this tonight I thought the name really fitted in. Bart springs into acton with his pals to save a lemon tree that has been on Springfield for ages, according to Abraham, and they get it back eventually. Funny plot and great quotes!
  • My favorite episode

    This is tied with Springfield Files and Homer vs the City of New York as my favorite simpsons esipodes. This episode was really funny and I loved when Grandpa is sitting under the tree telling stories at the end truely another great installment in the seemingly flawless Simspons. I hope they have another episode with them going back there.
  • this episode is packed full of gags

    homer and marge may be the only parents in the history of the world to take "teach some kids a lesson" literally, especially when it's bart who says it, who can't learn anything let alone tute someone. this was a very creative plot with a bunch of 10 year old kids going into the arch town of shelbyville to get back a tree. this episode was hilarious from the start, with the wet cement prank to the end, with the tree falling off the car. the reveal that bart was actually spray painting "springfield rules suckers" instead of "springfield sucks" was very well done and professor frink's appearance was hilarious too. may episodes like this one continue to grace our screens...
  • My personal fave (and I've seen just about every one so far)

    You could make the case for at least a dozen "best" episodes, but this is it for me. Just a simple, well-told story with consistently brilliant gags.

    No disrespect to the actors, director, storyboard artists, or anyone else, but this is a writer's episode from start to finish. It's filled with the kind of delayed laugh jokes that are even funnier after you process exactly what's being said. Just one example: in Bart's fantasy of the future, his graffiti is praised by a woman who says, "He must have been much smarter than his sister Lisa, about whom we know nothing" (sorry for the paraphrase, but I'm going on memory here). Funny at first, then doubled when you do the joke math: logically, they couldn't know that there was a Lisa to know nothing about, but since this is the imaginary future of a not-so-bright ten-year-old boy, it works.

    Yeah, I know it turns un-funny when you parse it out like that, but trust me - this is brilliant writing. It's the kind of episode that makes me depressed to realize I will likely never write anything that funny in my life.

    And am I the only one who nearly peed himself with glee every time it was mentioned in the 2005 Tour de France that Lance Armstrong rode for "Team Discovery Channel"?