The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 24

Lemon of Troy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 1995 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Shelbyville Daily's motto: "Once a week, every week."

    • Shelbyville appears to be Springfield's parallel universe. There is a "Speed-E-Mart" (instead of "Kwik-E-Mart"), a "Joe's" (instead of "Moe's"), and Shelbyville Elementary School has a female Willie.

    • The citizens of Shelbyville drink Fudd beer. This is the same beer sold at the "Beer 'N' Brawl" bar where Homer discovers Lurleen Lumpkin, in the season three episode "Colonel Homer."

  • Quotes

    • Grampa #2: And with that, a mighty cheer went up from the heroes of Shelbyville. They had banished the awful lemon tree forever, because it was haunted. Now let's all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice.
      (The Shelbyville kids grimace as they drink their turnip juice)

    • Shelby: You know, I wish there was a Springfield kid here right now. I'd fill his mouth with stink bombs.
      Bart: No, not in my mouth! (Pause) Is what that kid would say.

    • Homer: This is the darkest day in the history of Springfield. If anyone wants me, I'll be in the shower.

    • Bart: That lemon tree is a part of our town. And as kids, the backbone of our economy. We'll get it back, or choke their rivers with our dead!

    • Marge: It's almost lunch time, do you know where your brother is tutoring?
      Lisa: Tutoring? The only thing Bart is teaching is guerilla combat in Shelbyville.
      Marge: You have a number where we can reach him?
      Lisa: No, Mom, Bart and some kids ran off to wage war on Shelbyville!
      Marge: (gasps) Homer, come quick! Bart's left his tutoring job and joined a violence gang!

    • Marge: Where are you going, Bart?
      Bart: Mom, you won't believe this, but something you said the other day really got through to me. And now, I'm going to teach some kid a lesson.
      (Bart leaves the house)
      Marge: I choose to take that literally.
      Bart: (yelling from outside) Death to Shelbyville!
      Homer: (raising his beer) Yes, Bart's a tutor now. Tute on, son. Tute on!

    • Bart: Look, someone's attractive cousin!

    • Shelbyville Kid: Wait a minute, if you're from Shelbyville, how come we've never seen you in school?
      Bart: I don't go to school.
      Shelbyville Kid: Okay, what's two plus two?
      Bart: Five…
      Shelbyville Kid: Ah, story checks out…

    • Ned Flanders: Okay, folks, look, I called the police captain in Shelbyville. He says he hasn't seen our kids, but if they show up in the morgue, he'll fax us.

    • Bart: Ok, here's the plan: Nelson's tough guy, Martin's smart guy, and Todd is the quiet religious guy that ends up going crazy.

    • Martin: (singing) Hark to the tale of Nelson,
      And the boy he loved so dear...
      They remained the best of friends,
      For years and years and years.

    • Bart: (to group) If you get lost remember, you can always find east by staring directly at the sun.

    • (Homer, Ned Flanders and the Springfield children escape from the Shelbyville impound lot with the lemon tree)
      Bart: We made it!
      Everyone: Yay!
      Homer: Woo-hoo!
      Bart: Eat my shorts, Shelbyville!
      Bart and Homer: Eat! My! Shorts!
      Ned: Yes, eat all of our shirts!
      (Shelby and his dad shake their fists at them)
      Shelby's Dad: Ooh, you lousy Springfielders, you! (to Shelby) Shake harder, boy!

    • Bart: There's got to be a way to get that tree back. Hey look, a hospital. Pull in there.
      Homer: Oh great, now I'm upside down!

    • Homer: Give it back, or we'll bust in there and take it!
      Shelby's Dad: Bust in here and take it? You must be stupider than you look!
      Homer: Stupider like a fox!

    • Homer: Found 'em! You kids are in big trouble! Running away from home like this.
      Bart: But they stole our lemon tree!
      Homer: I don't care what excuse you've got. Nothing's gonna stop me in the middle of this speech. You're gonna-- Lemon tree!?

    • Bart: Oh, it's no use. I'm never gonna find that tree. This whole raid was as useless as that yellow lemon-shaped rock over there. Wait a minute ... there's a lemon behind that rock!

    • Milhouse: Is this the untimely end of Milhouse?
      Milhouse #2: But Milhouse is my name!
      Milhouse: But I thought I was the only one!?
      Milhouse #2: A pain I know all too well…
      Milhouse: So this is what it feels like… when doves cry!

    • Bart: Milhouse, you and me will be Omega Team. Todd, you and Data are Team Strike Force. Nelson, that leaves you and Martin.
      Martin: Team Discovery Channel!
      Nelson: Aww ... your wussiness better come in handy.

    • Mrs. Krabappel: Children, please! If you don't learn Roman numerals you'll never know the years certain motion pictures were copy-righted.
      Nelson: (enters classroom) Everybody come quick, something's happened, no time to explain.
      Mrs. Krabappel: No, children, no, your education is important! Roman numerals, etc... Whatever. I tried. (lights a cigarette)

    • Milhouse: Stop wearing your backpack over one shoulder, we invented that, copycats!
      Milhouse #2: Aaah, you copied us!
      Milhouse: Step over this line and say that… I'll kick your butt … at Nintendo.

    • Bart: Hey, stop talking bad about my town, man!
      Shelby: Why don't you make me!
      Bart: I don't make trash, I burn it!
      Shelby: Well then I guess you're a garbage man!
      Bart: I know you are but what am I?
      Shelby: A garbage man!
      Bart: Oh I know you are but what am I?
      Shelby: A garbage man!
      Bart: I know you are but what am I?
      Shelby: A garbage man!
      Bart: Takes one to know one!

    • Bart: Hey, Milhouse! How's the lemonade business?
      Milhouse: It's clearly booming, Bart!
      Lisa: I don't even want any, I just bought a pity glass.

    • Marge: This town is a part of us all ... a part of us all ... a part of us all! Sorry to repeat myself, but It'll help you remember!

    • Marge: This town is a part of who you are! This is a Springfield Isotopes Cap... when you wear it, you're wearing Springfield! When you eat a fish from our river, you're eating Springfield! When you make lemonade from our trees, you're drinking Springfield!
      Bart: Mom, when you give that lecture, you're boring Springfield.

    • Bart: "Wet Cement"! Is there any sweeter sign? Well.. maybe "High Voltage."

    • Shelbyvillian #1: Lost children? Sounds like Springfield's got a discipline problem.
      Shelbyvillian #2: Yeah, that's why we beat them at football nearly half the time!
      (All laugh unjustifiably at Springfield for this reason)

    • Milhouse: Hey everybody, an old man's talking!
      Grampa: Grampa's the name, did you know this tree dates back to frontier times?
      Kids: Wow!
      Grampa: Shut Up!

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: The first amendment does not cover burping.
      Couch Gag: The Simpsons walk in as old-fashioned cartoons.

  • Allusions

    • Cuyahoga River Fire
      The Springfield Lake catching on fire mirrors what happened to the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio in 1969.

    • Prince
      When Milhouse bonds with the Milhouse from Shelbyville, he sobs, "This is what it feels like when doves cry", a slightly paraphrased line from the 1984 Prince song "When Doves Cry".

    • Bart: Rocky II plus Rocky V equals Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge!
      Rocky II and Rocky V were both sequels to Rocky, a 1976 movie portraying a boxer who goes from rags to riches. However, Adrian's Revenge is not real.

    • Alice in Wonderland
      In Milhouse's fantasy sequence, he pretends to camouflage himself in the bushes. He then moves around from bush to bush (both high and low), and all you can see is his face. This is similar to how the Cheshire Cat engaged Alice in conversation. In the movie, the cat even disappeared to the point where all you could see was his big grin.

    • Tow Truck Driver: (singing) And I think to myself, what a wonderful world . . .
      The song "What A Wonderful World" was written by George Weiss and Bob Thiele. It has been recorded by many different artists, but the original version from 1968 is sung by Louis Armstrong. The song is about appreciating the everyday things in life, ie: "I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

    • Episode Title: "Lemon of Troy"
      The title is a take on Helen of Troy, who played a vital role in The Trojan War. Not to mention, the plot is a spoof of The Trojan War. Trojan soldiers entered Troy in a large wooden horse (the Trojan Horse) to get into the city of Troy. Ned Flanders' mobile home is supposed to be the "horse" and instead of going to war, the city of Springfield is stealing back their lemon tree from the city of Shelbyville

    • My Secret Identity
      Bart's attempt to fly away using spray paint is much like the show, and 1988 movie, My Secret Identity, in which teenage Andrew Clements typically gained super powers from radiation. He was able to float, but the only way he could actually fly was by propelling himself with aerosol cans.

    • Shelbyville Kid: Oh yeah, what's 2+2?
      Bart: 5
      2+2=5 is one of the most famous lines from George Orwell's classic book, 1984.