The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 7

Lisa Gets an "A"

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1998 on FOX

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  • I think its easily deserves at least an A

    Great, great episode, but hardly the last classic, or even a classic in of itself. It does have some minor problems. The storyline doesn't reveal itself to be anything greater than the old conventional character cheats on test, feels guilty about it, and finally confesses out of guilt formula until the third act. The subplot was a lot like "Lisa the Simpson's" in that it wasn't any funnier than the main storyline, and its lack of relevance to the main storyline made it seem fairly pointless. The animation is at times noticeably lazy, particularly Marge dropping Lisa off at school and everyone staring blankly during Homer's freak-out over what he did with Pinchy. The school pulling a fast one on the comptroller was quite lame and overly silly. And the middle of the story, when Lisa is gradually becoming anxious over her cheating, at times drags. But it is still a great episode nonetheless despite the above criticisms, with the third act revealing the episode to be both a satire on the decline of the American Education System by emphasizing the inadequate funding methods as well as a philosophical dilemma of Lisa deciding between right (admitting she cheated on the test) and good (keeping her cheating a secret so her classmates can benefit). And Lisa's decision at the end is well-reasoned and insightful over the ideal values of education. Similar to "Lisa the Iconoclast" in the simplest of comparisons (despite picking right over good here), and despite not being as insightful, pointed, funny, or touching as the former, it more than works. Plus, while not especially strong story-wise in the first two acts, it is still carried well by strong humor (the supermarket scenes, the Crash Bandicoot parody game, Nelson's cheating sheets in the bathroom, "Not Brown", Bart's shop class self, the Oscar Myers Periodic Tables, and the scoreboard scenes sticking out as my favorites). Easily the best of season 10
  • Homer's Pet Lobster.

    Lisa gets lazy after missing a couple of days of school and cheats to pass a test. Homer, meanwhile, decides to buy a small lobster in hopes of growing it into a large lobster to make alot of money off of it, but he becomes attached to it and problems arise.

    What I Liked:
    * Lisa cheated (something that never happens)
    * Homer's lobster
    * The scenes with Homer and his pet lobster Pinchy
    * At the beginning when Homer takes the kids to the supermarket for a Sunday brunch
    * The part when Homer gets mad at his lobster and then he realizes that he has feelings for it and names him Mr. Pinchy
    * The ending. Homer eats Mr. Pinchy and says that he (Mr. Pinchy) would have loved him.

    What I didn't like:
    * Nothing
    Overall, I thought that this episode was the best one of season 10. I recommend watching this ep.
  • No Pinchy!!!!!!!!

    I thought this was a great episode with clever writing.

    When Lisa gets sick, she must stay home from school(much to her dismay.) Marge tells her to play Bart's Dash Dingo video game to pass the time. Lisa gets addicted to the game, but must go back to school. She must cheat on a test because she forget to study, but the guilt is killing her.

    Meanwhile, Homer is fattening up a Lobster named Pinchy, so he can eat the profits.

    This is a great episode, with many funny Ralph quotes, like "Is this my house?", "Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers!", and "I'm learnding."

    Overall Grade: 95%/A++++++
  • Cheater Girl

    Lisa forgets to study for a book test after being sick {and later pretending to be sick after getting addicted to one of Bart's video games}. So, she buys the answers from Nelson Muntz, and ends up getting a perfect score.

    At first she is OK with this but later she doesn't like it and cannot handle the guilt of lying and cheating.

    Meanwhile Homer becomes attached to a lobster he bought, Mr. Pinchy.

    Lisa threatens to tell State Comptroller Atkins what she did so the school won't get funding for her lying and cheating. She tells at an assembly, but little does she know it was staged.

    Everything is back to normal and Lisa changes her A++ to an F.

    This episode is more well-known because of the sub plot, which I liked a little more.
  • Lisa cheats on a test.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the season for sure ebcause it had many man great gags, and I absolutely loved pinchy the lobster. Pinchy has to be one of the best pets in the whole show next to santas little helper of course. Anyway, my favorite gag had to be when Homer left pinchy in the hot bath tub too long and it cooked him and he died, even though it was sad :(. Anyway this was a great episode, and maybe even a contender for best of the season. Definately give this episode a watch. A
  • Another Really funny season 10 episode.

    This my second favorite season 10 episode and some hillarious parts are when Homer said he put Pinchy in a nice hot pot and then he started crying at the tabel and ate the whole thing and sid that Pinchy would have enjoyed this and as he was crying said how good Pinchy tasted. Also it was very funny when Ralph delivered Lisa's homework and Lisa said to Ralph why aren't you at your house and Ralph said isn't this my house. Overall this is an episode I will watch many times and this is an episode within my top 10.
  • This is my review of the episode "Lisa Gets an A".

    Lisa Gets An "A" is one of the all time best episodes of The Simpsons, mainly because it is so dang funny. The part where the sermon keeps going and going is classic. I also love the idea that the family's traditional Sunday brunch is really the free samples at the grocery store, and Homer's philosophy that if something has a toothpick in it, it's free, as well as the part where Homer buys "an eight dollar lobster" intending to fatten it into an "eighty dollar lobster" and in his words "eat the profits". Then of course there's the part where Homer stuffs Lisa into the freezer to look for a "normal" ice cream flavor in the back after having bad luck in the front, which ultimately leads to her getting a cold. The next morning, of course when Marge calls the school to inform them of Lisa's illness, Lisa tries to stop her but her effort is in vain. I love the idea that she eventually gets hooked to video games and shirks her homework for once. And of course when she returns to school she hasn't read the book which is the subject of a quiz that day. The next scene has one of the funniest lines when Bart tells Lisa "there's nothing you didn't see when Dad boycotted pants" Then of course, Nelson gives her the answers to the test. Because of this she passes with an A+++. And that brings Springfield's grade average to the minimum for additional funding. The dilemma she faces (either telling them the truth or keep quiet and help the whole school with the grant) is one of the greatest I've seen. And of course the "B plot" with Homer getting emotionally attached to his lobster, which he names "Pinchy" is cool too and adds to the plot. Even the ending is funny, with Homer accidentally boiling Pinchy alive, and Homer saddened by this, but of course he still eats him anyway. Overall, this episode is one of the best I have seen. I would give it a 10 out of 10
  • I mourn Pinchy

    This is probably the only time I have felt bad watching a Simpson episode. Although the main story in this episode is Lisa's fraudulent test, Homer's adventure with his beloved lobster is just better. This should have gotten its own episode. I felt as if I were losing a very close relative when this episode ended thanks to Homer's stupidty, once again. As for lisa, I was somewhat bothered by her attitude, after all, she is the beacon of wisdom, truth and rational thinking the Simpson's universe. So many good jokes in this episode that I can't believe it is from the tenth season.
  • Lisa's a cheater.

    The Simpsons enter a supermarket. Homer and Bart start eating everything for free because they are sticking toothpicks in them. Homer wants to get some ice cream but he wants different flavors but they are on a higer shelf so he picks up Lisa and pushes her inside the ice cream cabinet so she freezes and she gets sick so her mother forces her to stay home. Lisa was watching the learning channel but Marge wants her to relax so she gives her a video game that Bart always plays and Lisa gets hooked to it so she misses four days of school and dosen't do any of the reading homework that her friend drops off for her so then she is forced to go to school. In school she had to take a test about the reading she had to do but she didn't so she was going to fail the test. Lisa then gets help from Nelson and ends up cheating on the test. Lisa gets an A+++. The school gets grant money because Lisa achieved a high GPA which benifeted her school. Lisa admits that she was cheating but the principal denies it so that the school can keep the grant money. Also in this episode Homer brings home a small lobster which he feeds so that the lobster can get bigger and become a very tasty treat for Homer but Homer develops feelings for the lobster and dosen't want to eat it. Even though Homer cared for the lobster Marge cooked him anyway. Great episode !!! Again with the personality changes. Lisa cheating and Homer not wanting to eat the lobster, that's just not who they were before but it's fun to watch the characters transform into different people. Funniest three parts in my oponion : When Homer added salt to the small aquarium at his house which caused the fish to die. When Homer put a toothpick into a chicken which in his oponion made it free in the supermarket and when Homer was eating the lobster and crying at the same time. Favorite character from this episode : The lobster Pinchy !!! Good stuff !!
  • Lisa plays video games... Loved Pinchy the most!!!!!

    A sick-day puts Lisa in a difficult academic predicament: She wants to do her best on a reading test, but didn't study at all when she was home. After consulting with Bart, she reluctantly decides to buy the test answers from Nelson and scores a perfect A+++. But when her high test score raises Springfield Elementary School's average and earns the troubled school a huge state grant, Lisa is plagued with guilt. Meanwhile, Homer grows attached to a lobster that he brought home for dinner, naming it Mr. Pinchy. When Lisa admits that she cheated to Principal Skinner, he is disheartened but still wants to keep the grant money. Skinner and Chalmers trick Lisa into thinking that she's turned down the school's grant, but secretly keep the cash. Back at home, Homer loses his beloved new pet when he gives it a hot bath. Heartbroken but hungry, Homer bids farewell to his crustacean friend by eating it.
  • I liked Homer's plot a little bit better.

    Oh, my, gosh, I love that lobster! He is so funny! I wish they kept Pinchy a regular, though. (Can' remember the name, but I'm 95% sure it's Pinchy)When Homer said, "I gave Pinchy a nice, hot, bath) I cracked up so much! Too funny! I loved it. Too bad he went away, though. I think this is the B plot, because Lisa's plot had a little more time. So, I liked the B plot better than the A Plot.

    The A Plot. Lisa gets sick and gets addicted to a video game. Then, she pretends to be sick, because of the video game. When Marge forces her to go to school and she forgot to tread the book, she cheats on a test. When Skinner said, "Put your hands together for the REAL" I forgot what that guy was, but I laughed so much. Watch this episode. It's really good.
  • Please study if you have a test so you will pass and never cheat on a test!

    Homer sticks Lisa in a freezer to search for an ice cream in the grocery store after church. As a result, Lisa comes down with a cold and she has to stay home from school a few days. Her friend Ralph brings over a book that they are going to do a test on when she comes back to school. Ralph asked if it was his house and Lisa told him that he lives in a different house. Lisa plays video games and forgets to read the book that Ralph brought over for her. Lisa got sleepy during the test and Bart saw her in the hall. Bart has Lisa come to the boys room and Lisa tells him that she can't go in there, but she does anyway. Bart takes her to Nelson who has the test answers. Lisa buys it and she cheated and she got an A. She told Principal Skinner the next day that she cheated. The prinicpal asked Lisa why didn't Miss Hoover tell him and she told him that she doesn't know. When I was in 5th grade, I didn't want to do an assignment to graduate from the D.A.R.E Program and my teacher told me that if I didn't do it, I wouldn't participate in the D.A.R.E Graduation. I didn't care what she told me. When I got back to her room from one of the classrooms that I went to, I threw it into the wastebasket and I got away with it. My teacher didn't ask what I dropped ito the wastebasket when I walked into her room. She doesn't know what I did is why she didn't tell my mom.
  • i still like pinchy better than spiderpig

    yes yes spiderpig is probably the most famous of homer's pets i like him but to me pinchy is way better ( i like the part when homer accidentally cooks him) not only was pinchy great the plot was incredible ! when lisa confesses to skinner tat she cheated on her test and goes to commercial just makes you think in your head " what will happen to lisa" " will she be totally disgraced by the school" so if you like pinchy and plot that keeps you hangin to the edge of your seat this episode is for you no doubt about it
  • Funny!

    I liked this episode. It wasn't the best of the best, but it was superb. Lisa gets an A, at first I was like well duh Lisa would get an A and then she cheats wow. It was also funny that she got obsessed with Bart's videogames. In the end she told the truth. But it was so funny because everyone tricked her and it was the fake check person and audience and I laughed so hard at that. Homer's story was so funny to when at the end he was crying and eating his lobster at the same time ah usual Homer. Well, nice episode, end of review.
  • Lisa takes a huge step out of character and cheats on a test. Soon her guilty conscience eats away at her and she admits to cheating, but since her passing grade has caused Springfield Elementary to get some much needed grant money, nobody cares.

    What I like about this episode is that it takes a predictable storyline (Who didn't think Lisa would admit to cheating?) and did something new with it to keep the viewer entertained. The scenes where the grant money is presented is very well done and very funny. Just when you thought the story reached it's predictable climax... The secondary storyline about Homer and his new pet has its moments. That too kept the viewer's interest. However the real heart of this episode is Lisa's story. Lisa gets an "A" and so does this episode. You will certainly not be disappointed.
  • Lisa cheats on a test?

    This is probably the best episode from this season. Lisa gets sick after Homer sticks her in a freezer at the grocery store and must stay home. She gets addicted to a video game and refuses to go to school. When she does go to school, she is faced with a test and must cheat to pass. After Lisa passes the test (through cheating), the school is offered a grant and they recieve it despite Lisa's protest. Meanwhile, Homer raises and looks after a pet lobster and giving it more attention than he does his biological children. One fateful day he accidentally boils the lobster to death and eats it, while being sympathetic. This episode has so many funny moments, but they mostly reside in the subplot.

    Grade: A-
  • Lisa cheats and Homers obsession.

    Lisa gets an A is a real point outer of season 10. This episode started out Lisa getting sick and staying home from school to play videogames when she is in bed all day. Lisa winds up getting the anwers from Nelson who has all the files. She winds up confessing which the school really didnt care. The second plot is Homer getting a losbster which he gets to attrected to to eat. It winds up dieing which Marge later cooks and Homer eats alone. This goes down in one of Ian Maxtone Grahams best episodes and he has wrote a lot of them. Overall a really great episode.
  • The side story is better than the main one.

    I found that the plot involving Lisa and cheating was a little bit too soppy and predictable

    Homer's l;obster plot on the other hand was hilarious. There were many great moments from it.

    - Trying to toothpick the lobster in the tank
    - When he fed pinchy some rissotto and the rest of the family had to look on in disgust!
    - and finally when he ate pinchy and wished he was here to see this!

    When Pinchy gets a pet (the other being mojo the monkey) Its fantastic because Homer and an animal are so evenly matched!
  • great lisa episode

    the A+++ was hilarious aswell as lisa's obsession with the video game, neglecting to study, very unlike her and cheating aswell. the fact that lisa cheating caused a chain reaction in getting skinner a game board was a good addition to the story aswell.
    i also loved the B story with pinchy the lobster that homer plans to cook but becomes friends with. both marge and homer's view of the animal was hilarious but my favourite joke was the ending where homer sobs saying "this tastes so good. i wish pinchy were here to enjoy this!"
    the whole episode was classic and pinchy is one of my favourite animals to appear on the cartoon.
  • Another Lisa episode that's too good for words, like 'Lisa's Rival'.

    I saw this when I was in hospital on Wednesday and to be honest this was very enjoyable. It was funny seeing Lisa plsy videogames and not studying, and evnetually when it's time she has to cheat by getting help from Nelson. I believe he is kind in this episode, as he also offered Lisa fraction answers (Numerators free, denominators will cost ya!) Lol. And of course, Lisa can't help feeling guilty, and eventually lets it all out. So this is a great episode starring Lisa and I hope I will get to own it soon.