The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 22

Lisa Goes Gaga

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • compared to shows that suffer from seasonal rot the simpsons still have acceptable episode

    I noticed something on Simpsons episodes post 8th season: All the characters have just become mere unlikable and unsympathetic shells of their former likable and sympathetic selves. I hate when shows, cartoons or live action, goes not only the non-character development route, but take their characters and put them through character regression and character de-evolution (which I think, IMHO is the complete opposite of character development). That right there is what kills a series

    please Simpsons just die already... Between the uninspired parodies (and they have enough money to directly use the music/name or characters they are parodying which is even more uninspired) the fucking commercials for whatever artist is popular right now, the Simpsons sucks ass. Not to mention everyone being flanderized and the constant nods to modern technologies and cultures, even though the early Simpsons were pretty timeless. (Frinks saying Nelson tweeted him? Homer and Moe talking through Skype? Fuck this

    I hate The New Simpsons episodes. What was once a beautifully made American classic that all ages around the world could love for its brilliant humor and amazing characters is now a cartoon hipster. It just talks about what's semi-popular amongst its own definition of "cool and pop-culture-based", when really it just comes off as obnoxious, talking about 'foodies', 'organic plastic-free food', and other stupid shit that it makes seem worse by using to make itself seem unique and interesting. POP CULTURE REFERENCES DOES NOT A GOOD SHOW MAKE. My god, how DATED can a show get
  • Great episode

    Love it
  • Worst Simpsons Episode Ever.

    I've enjoyed the whole Simpsons franchise, but this was the worst I have seen out of this as a whole. As Tvteen said, it's just a 22-minute advertisement to Lady Gaga
  • Just shows how desperate the simpsons is.

    This episode is just a 20 minute advert for lady gaga. It isn't even funny. what were the writers thinking? I even left the room, I was that disgusted by it
  • the simpsons lisa goes gaga

    this episode wasn't as bad as i thought the scenes that made me laugh was when homer was warming up lady gaga's meat and eating it and the scene when lady gaga is performing and she releases glitter and one of them lands on mr burns's head and he just falls over the only scene that i cringed at was when lady gaga and lisa simpson sang together so i was with millhouse when he said stop the song anyway apart from that a good episode
  • I need help

    I'm new,how do I watch the episode
  • painfully unfunny...

    Worst episode of season 23. And it focuses on my least favorite character, Lisa Simpson. Overall Simpsons is going downhill for sure.
  • Probably the least funny in season 23.

    By far the best part was homer singing "Homer Face" in the outro. The rest was just a gaga vehicle, not that funny.
  • Seriously???

    If you like this episode you are either daft, a pitifully mindless Gaga fan (same as daft) or blind and deaf. Not only did we have to endure one of the worst sitcom episodes in history but MOE MAY BE DEAD!

    This episode loses in every way possible...and in 20-30 ways that haven't been invented yet.
  • Is This The End of Moe Szyslak?

    While Lady Gaga looked great as usual in her feel-good underwear, the question must be asked on whether fans have seen the last of Moe, the lovable lowlife tavern owner. It would be very difficult for "The Simpsons" to continue without one of its main supporting characters. What's Homer gonna do now--go back to that other tavern, where the owner treated him like dog doo and gave him beer in a dirty mug?
  • lady gaga comes to springfield

    i think this episode is really underated i loved it. it know the idea of lady gaga coming to springfield is stupid but is pulled off really well and of course its absolutly hilarious overall awsome episode 9.5/10
  • The twenty-third season ends with Lisa suffering from major self-esteem issues just as pop superstar Lady Gaga comes through town.

    "Lisa Goes Gaga" turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought. I am not on the Lady Gaga bandwagon. I don't dislike her, I just don't care for her all that much. However I think she was quite good in her guest appearance on this episode. With somebody as flashy as her there was good opportunity for some good sight gags and this episode certainly did deliver in that category. The musical numbers were not bad either. The funniest moment in my opinion was watching Lady Gaga lift Marge's spirits. That was certainly an unexpexcted (Especially for Marge!) moment even for somebody like Lady Gaga. "Lisa Goes Gaga" is not as good as last year's excellent season finale, but it is still a lot of fun in my opinion. See you at season twenty-four.

    Who would think, this is funny????
  • Lady Gaga? on The Simpsons? Okay, let's see how this goes

    Lisa tries to reverse her status as one of the least popular girls in school by ghostwriting positive things about herself on the school blog. When her plan backfires, her social ranking plummets to a new low until a psychic force tells Lady Gaga that Lisa needs her help. With Gaga's assistance, Lisa and the entire town of Springfield realize that being yourself is better than being like anyone else. I'm not gonna lie, I actually had mixed feelings about this episode when I first saw the promo. One, it guest stars Lady Gaga and I can't stand her but I do admit that she has a couple of catchy songs. Second, the premise for the episode didn't look that great to me. I watched this episode since I LOVE The Simpsons and I turned out to love this episode. This episode could've used more Homer but that's okay though. Homer's role in this episode wasn't too huge in this episode but whenever he did make an appearance in this episode, he was funny. Same ol' Homer Simpsons, a stupid yet enjoyable character since Season 1 and I see no change in that character. But yeah and Lady Gaga guest starring in this episode was actually not that bad. People need to stop being so bashful to The Simpsons though like come on, it's impossible for a show to run with 23 seasons so at least be grateful and this show honestly could've been worse. For one thing, the characters could've COMPLETELY changed if the writers had to and the storylines aren't too bad. Sure, once in a blue moon there will be an episode that I consider to be average or lower but that doesn't change how much I love the show though. This episode didn't make me laugh much but the parts did make me laugh would have to the scenes that have Homer in them, Grandpa's two cameo appearances which was when he said "I love you Lady Gaga" during her concert and the very ending of the episode, Bart winning Class Clown award at his school along with his pranks on Principal Skinner at the auditorium.. man, Bart will never stop being a prankster haha, and maybe a few more funny moments. I also enjoyed seeing Homer giving Lisa advice and made her feel better towards the end of the episode. I really felt bad for Lisa in this episode because of how the kids were treating her and I wanted to hug her when she was crying. :( poor Lisa. Oh yeah, Ned Flanders talking to Lady Gaga as his cameo appearance would probably be the highlight of the episode though. I also enjoyed seeing Lisa singing with Lady Gaga at the end of the episode and I enjoyed how Lady Gaga was trying to help Lisa. Overall, this was a fantastic Season 23 finale of "The Simpsons"... this episode ended on a very excellent and not disappointing note and all I can say is that I look forward to Season 24. 10/10
  • I'm so disappointed at you people

    Alright, I agree, the simpsons are not what they used to be. The only classic episode in this season is the Christmas, it was a golden episode but I gotta admit, this episode wasn't as bad. Now it isn't as close compared to the christmas one but I thought it was still hilarious! Why would anyone think of this episode differently. I was so happy to see good reviews on this but I guess it isnt going to happen. Whatever.

    I'm still excited for the 24th season of the simpsons! Woohoo
  • Greatest SEpisode EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had to make an acount on this site just to tell you people off and give Gaga the review she deserves. Mother Monster was amazing. If your not a Little Monster then dont talk shit about Gaga. She did amazing, she is doing more good to the world then you will ever you. She doesnt talk bad about people and talk shit like you guys are doing, and if you have a problem with the episode blame the writters, not Gaga she jsut read what she was suppose to. She is amazing. I Love You Mother Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • So Lady Gaga is Jesus?

    This is like that episode with Mel Gibson; they're basically giving a BJ to the guest star. Except the Gibson episode had a numerous funny moments with Homer while this didn't make me laugh once. I actually really liked the recent episodes and thought simpsons may be on a comeback but this is not just a badly written episode, it's just pandering to Gaga fans. Hey everyone look! Lady Gaga! You know she's like eccentric and everything?! Please watch us...
  • What happened to this show?

    I'm not sure what that episode was but it definitely was not a comedy. This was the worst episode of The Simpsons in years (which isn't saying much) and I'm scared to know how much money Fox wasted on getting Lady Gaga to appear. The Simpsons has tried to have all these guest appearances lately but they all flop and none of them are actually funny. Also, what's with all the hipster crap and every episode being about artists lately? I loved The Simpsons through the 90's and early 2000's and it's tough to see it heading this direction.
  • Take this series behind the shed and shoot it

    JUST when I though the Simpsons couldn't sink any lower THIS episode happens. I love Lady Gaga. BUT THIS? I don't even know what this was other than the most poorly written stupid weird, and out right contrived episode of the Simpsons ever. This is it. This is the episode that proves to me the Simpsons needs to end before it becomes a total embarrassment to it's legacy.