The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 9

Lisa the Drama Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2009 on FOX

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    I am surprised to see that practically everyone is giving this episode bad reviews (with a 6.4 rating here on, for example), which I don't get. I prefer episodes that are meaningful over those that just try to be funny, and I believe "The Simpsons", altogether, isn't really that much of a funny show, at least not anymore, along with every other comedy on FOX. Which is why this episode stood out among the others: it has a nicely built storyline, some depth, an interesting guest character (finally!), some nice jokes and quotes, and great references to "Heavenly Creatures" and "Bridge to Therabitia". It's really a remarkable episode, for me, anyway. I guess it's one of them "love-em-or-hate-em" shows, there's no middle term whatsoever.
  • Huh?

    Ok, I love Lisa, and I love Emily Blunt, but this wasn't a good idea for an episode of the simpsons, and it wasn't even original in that. This is the plot of the 1994 movie "Heavenly Creatures" starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey(Two and a Half Men) The movie was great, but this episode wasn't great. It wasn't bad. But seriously the only real diffrence between this and that movie is Lisa and Juliet didnt murder anyone!
  • I hate Lisa, and this episode.

    I'm so sick of them making shows about Lisa and all she does is whine about a whole bunch of crap. It almost seems like the producers are trying to promote some political crap. It's so annoying and how would this episode be any better? She creates some fantasy world with some friend of hers (she doesn't have any friends beside this girl) and they go and live in it cuz her life is soooo hard and everyone hates her (I wonder why?). Any way, as a loyal Simpsons fan, I think that they could've done alot better than this.
  • Lisa makes a new friend and they end up creating a whole new world to escape to.

    It's been a while since a new episode of The Simpsons showed up so I jumped at the sight of this one. I figured it would end up being another typical episode, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Lisa ends up making this new friend called Juliet and both them decide to create this whole new world in which they can escape to and create imaginitive stories about their adventures in. It is an obvious spoof of Bridge to Terabithia, but not a sad ending like the book was.

    The humor was great and love this spoof they did, milking the greatness and feel of the original story for all that it is worth. The character Juliet was nicely voiced and would have been cool to see in future episode.

    The biggest disappointment about this episode was the special guest band Fall Out Boy. Being a big fan, I was disappointed that they didn't have an impact in the story. Though their verison of the The Simpsons Theme in the end was pretty cool.

    This is a great episode and probably is the season's best yet. A spoof, a good voice actress, some clever humor, and nice storyline make this one of the most rememberable episode I seen yet.
  • I love how The Simpsons doesn't make episodes for those not-so-few douchebags here on They make them for people-people, and you can feel that.

    I love the attention to detail in this episode... the art design was, as its always been, fantastic, which is what everyone always forgets. While its not as crude, which gave earlier episodes their flair, the perfection and far-away places in newer episodes is just as interesting to look at. Granted there are a few lines that maybe slow down the episode, and those should be noted, but they shouldn't be everything you see about the ep: ex. the visual design!

    There were also just some great little jokes (drawing the circles... as always, the wordplay...), and one tastefully overused convention in recent Simpsons seasons, music montages. Its hard not to feel happy while they sing Josh Groban, those cute Grobanites (as opposed to maybe the easier, more neanderthal 'Grobanians', which another show would have used). Lisa is probably my favourite character, and its great to see new life in her in this Mypod era. (see, they aren't afraid to change things up just a bit more, as we saw when Homer's mother died last season). I always do a stream of consciousness for my reviews... anyway! Like I've had to say before, the Simpsons isn't stupid, you're just being sentimental, as always if you don't find something to like in modern Simpsons. The show is meaningless if it isn't human; and it isn't human if it isn't sometimes meaningless. If they did all the statistically 'appealing' things all the time, they'd paint themselves in a corner. I was really looking forward to this episode, and to me it was worth the wait. I hope The Simpsons never ends... I want to see it go into infinity. As long as they keep finding something fresh, and they're in an era where to me at least, they don't feel derivative. And this episode continues that trend. 9.5
  • wow. how worse can this get .

    Lisa the drama queen has to be the worst episode of the whole Simpsons series. There was no strong story, and it was not even exciting in any part. The story about the Lisa and that girl going to Equalia through their imagination was so weak, that the plot scrapes the bottom floor. Very disappointing. I dont think i laughed at any part or joke in this episode. This is a real letdown for a season. I hope the creators will never make an episode as bad as this for the next seasons, i hope.

    overall, disappointing episode, not recommended
  • A weaker episode then last week. See review for details.

    Lisa meets an equally academic and creative new friend named Juliet (guest voice Emily Blunt), and together they construct a fantasy world that takes them both a little too far from reality. This epsiode IMO was too concentrated on Lisa's friendship and having a happy ending that it forgot the humor that defines the Simpsons. Not to mention the music in this epsiode was dreadful. I can't remember any of the gags that made me laugh. Which is very rare for a Simpsons finatic like me. Even tho this episode was not up to the caliber that we have grown acustemed to when we hear the name: The Simpsons, it was still better than most of the other stuff on TV for the weekend.
  • Season 20, Episode 9.

    The Simpsons really needs to call it quits. This episode was entertaining, don't get me wrong, but not funny. In reality, a comedy series in its 20th season needs to be more than entertaining. However, the fact that it's been on for 20 years is a good excuse. However, that's why not many shows make more than 7 seasons. In this episode, Lisa gets a new best friend, Juliet, and together, the two make up a fantasy world. Eh. The concept was OK, I guess. I just got the lesbian vibe from Juliet though. Also, it seemed as though Lisa and Juliet were high during the whole episode. This could have been much better.
  • Lisa makes a new friend named Juliet. As their friendship grows they start to create their own fantasy world named Equalia in order to escape reality. At first Marge is delighted by Lisa's new friend, but soon begins to worry.

    This episode does have its high points, but they are not enough to give this episode a stronger recommendation. The most obvious reason is we have seen this storyline many times before in movies like "Heavenly Creatures" (as mentioned in the allusions section of this episode) and "Bridge to Terabithia." Some well written dialouge and very clever images that are seen when Lisa and Juliet imagine Equalia are two positive things to say about this episode, but sadly there isn't much more beyond that. "The Simpsons" is once again showing signs of its age. Maybe it's time to say good-bye.
  • Do us a favor. Don't watch this episode

    Lisa finally gets a friend after Homer drops her off at a activity center. At first, I thought the episode would be a story told by someone and Juilet is just a person in the story.

    So, things get more and more awful... thy think they're in there in their own world which was based off Bridge To Teribithia.

    I always think Simpson episodes are the best. But, I was exepting something much better than this. The only thing funny in this episode, is where Dolph attacks Jimbo and Kearney in their made up world, but is get beaten up in the real world
  • Bad music, good episode.

    Lisa and guest star singing Josh Groban together, with Fall Out Boy soundtracking the credits. Sound enticing? It takes an episode as good as this one to counteract such a handicap.

    Lisa meets a smart girl who likes to hold hands in fantasy land. Friend is kind of nuts and runs away with Lisa to avoid the horror of reality. Bullies put the girls in cages. But the power of twonicorns and them dragon things saves the girls from the danger those things originally put them in.

    Story related stuff, of course, is less important than the quality of jokes and dialogue throughout the episode. This episode is delightfully rich with Simpsony goodness and isn't too wacky.

    Take out Josh Groban, Fall Out Boy, Mypod, and Facebook, and it might fit in season 8, or at least 9.
  • A series that once defined the zenith of animated television comedy hits a new low.

    It's a cliche to say it at this point, but there was a time when The Simpsons was really, really good. Every single episode was clever, original, and often laden with timely and sharp-eyed social commentary that added depth to what might otherwise be little more than a bunch of yellow-hued characters running around spouting catch-phrases. You'd never believe The Simpsons ever had any relevance at all after watching this episode. It's also become a bit of a cliche, but I'll say it anyway: Lisa episodes are never funny. She's strident and annoying and, due to the narrative structure of a series that has been going on twenty years involving a family with two pre-pubescent children, there's never any hope that there will be any character development and she's just grow out of it. But at least in the past, the writers TRIED to offset her irritating personality with some jokes (usually involving other characters on the show).

    This episode was devoid of even that. There were no gags, no humour whatsoever, and that was something it direly needed. As it stands, Lisa's new best friend was a creepy spoiled brat, their relationship was unsettling, and the whole escapism-through-collaborated-fantasy was simply painful to sit through. I understand the "Heavenly Creatures" reference but it was stilted and awkward from the get-go. It feels like the show's creators have just given up trying and are phoning it in at this point. And what really gets me is that, besides the lack of comedy (which, you know, is sort of the point of the show), it just didn't make any SENSE. Why, when the episode was focused around an unhealthy fixation with James Blunt, was the closing theme song recorded by Fall Out Boy? Wouldn't that have been better saved for a Bart-centric episode? Why would Lisa and Marge act like Lisa had never had a friend before when this is clearly not the case? Most importantly, why was this episode even made? It takes a lot more effort to make a weekly animated episode than a live-action one, and involves far more people. You would think that one of them, somewhere along the line, would have mentioned what a terrible concept it was. This, if nothing else, is proof that this show has finally gone past the point of no return: If absolutely NO ONE involved in the production has either the sense or the energy to keep it on track, there isn't much hope left for it.
  • Probably the worst ever.

    The funniest moment of the show was when Homer was drinking out a "Ned" coffee mug. That was the best moment. Nothing else even came close. Now I have to figure out another 74 words why that was such an atrocious piece of garbage. Well, Juliet sounded like a guy, with a hideous accent. This was just beyond bad. Not only is Lisa generally unlikable... But we finally found some even MORE unlikable. 27 more words... I don't know, although this is easier to write than to keep my eyes open (and hands off the channel changer). In the words of Comic Book Guy:

    Worst Episode Ever
  • Lisa makes a new friend and the two create an imaginary world, but soon the world becomes too much for Lisa and she realizes that her new friend is not as ideal as she had previously thought.

    Ok so I am a big fan of The Simpsons and I liked this episode, I thought it was clever at times and I loved the guy that was obsessed with John Grisham, but it just seems like this was completely ridiculous story. Emily Blunt as Juliet was great, but when it became obvious that she was a little unhinged, she could have gone a little more crazy.

    At the end the story just kind of fizzled out, Lisa and Juliet went to an abandoned restaurant pretending it to be the castle of their imaginary 'Equalia' and then they were attacked by the bullies and converted one of them to be a dragon and he saved them from the ogres. Lisa realized that Juliet had clearly lost her marbles and instead of being the straight man to her craziness she just played along with the ruse.

    Now maybe I am just getting too old and jaded, and I am missing out on the childlike innocence of this episode, but it was just not a strong way to come back from the break. It has me wondering if after 20 seasons the show is starting to lose it's edge?
  • Worst of the season easily, possibly the worst episode ever made!

    It revolves around Lisa making friends with some super nerd who can't handle reality, so her and Lisa create some stupid fantasy world. Another problem with this episode is that Lisa and her parents act as if she's never had a best friend before. There was that one episode where Lisa made friends with another girl who was new at her school, but their friendship was strained when Lisa couldn't get over her doing slightly better than her at everything. That was a good episode about Lisa having a friend, but this one was horrible! She also had Janie in many previous episodes, including ones where they even played together at one of their houses. Also bad were many of the jokes, like the 20 painting laps in the art class at the beginning, and the fat kid getting tired while doing that. Watching episodes like this one makes me fear for this show's future. I'd beg for this show's cancellation, but the occasional good ones make me optimistic for the future.
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