The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 9

Lisa the Drama Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2009 on FOX

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  • I love how The Simpsons doesn't make episodes for those not-so-few douchebags here on They make them for people-people, and you can feel that.

    I love the attention to detail in this episode... the art design was, as its always been, fantastic, which is what everyone always forgets. While its not as crude, which gave earlier episodes their flair, the perfection and far-away places in newer episodes is just as interesting to look at. Granted there are a few lines that maybe slow down the episode, and those should be noted, but they shouldn't be everything you see about the ep: ex. the visual design!

    There were also just some great little jokes (drawing the circles... as always, the wordplay...), and one tastefully overused convention in recent Simpsons seasons, music montages. Its hard not to feel happy while they sing Josh Groban, those cute Grobanites (as opposed to maybe the easier, more neanderthal 'Grobanians', which another show would have used). Lisa is probably my favourite character, and its great to see new life in her in this Mypod era. (see, they aren't afraid to change things up just a bit more, as we saw when Homer's mother died last season). I always do a stream of consciousness for my reviews... anyway! Like I've had to say before, the Simpsons isn't stupid, you're just being sentimental, as always if you don't find something to like in modern Simpsons. The show is meaningless if it isn't human; and it isn't human if it isn't sometimes meaningless. If they did all the statistically 'appealing' things all the time, they'd paint themselves in a corner. I was really looking forward to this episode, and to me it was worth the wait. I hope The Simpsons never ends... I want to see it go into infinity. As long as they keep finding something fresh, and they're in an era where to me at least, they don't feel derivative. And this episode continues that trend. 9.5
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