The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 9

Lisa the Drama Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2009 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Lisa: You can't keep Juliet and me apart! I'll... I'll disobey!
      Marge: I'm Bart Simpson's mother, do you think you've got any tricks I haven't seen. ((Leaves the room)
      ((Lisa climbs out the window and slides down the tree only to land in a laundry basket being held by Marge)
      Marge: Bart Simpson: Age 3. (Both go back inside)
      (Bart comes out of a hidden door in the tree dressed in black)
      Bart Simpson: Age 10. Mhwahahahaha!

    • Lisa: I need some candy for our first playdate, but I don't want to come on too strong.
      Bart: M&M's?
      Lisa: Well, if I pick plain she'll think I'm cheap, and if I pick peanut, she may have an allergy. You just killed her, Bart!
      Bart: How about Charleston Chew?
      Lisa: What is this, Brooklyn in the fifties? Don't just say stuff.
      Bart: You asked for my help, then you don't want it.
      Apu: Excuse me, but why not consider an Almond Joy? It looks like you only brought something for yourself, but then you just happen to have two pieces.
      Lisa: Finally, a real suggestion!
      Bart: If she doesn't like coconut, you're screwed!

  • Notes

    • This is the last episode of the series to be broadcast in Standard Definition.

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not use permanent ink on the chalkboard.
      Couch Gag: The family sits down on the couch and the camera pans back to reveal that the scene is actually the family packaged as a bunch of figurines on a couch. The package is labeled "The Simpsons Couch Gag #429." Comic Book Guy slaps a $19.99 price sticker on it and declares, "Worst. Couch gag. Ever."

  • Allusions

    • This episode is spoofed from Heavenly Creatures, a movie with Kate Winslet, where two girls in an all girls school live in their own fantasy world, similar to that of Juliet and Lisa's.

    • The Chronicles Of Narnia
      The creatures, the castle, and the name The Chronicles Of Equailia is a parody name of the books by C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia.

    • Wipeout
      When Juliet and Lisa are running through the folk art museum, the song played in the background is a version of the Beach Boys song "Wipeout." The real song starts out "Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!" In the museum scene the song starts with "Heheheheheheee, folk art!"

    • Heavenly Creatures
      The plot of this episode bears a strong resemblance to the 1994 Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures which focused on the true story about the unhealthy relationship between two young women living in their own fantasy world. This movie was inspired by the notorious 1954 Parker-Hulme murder committed by two teenage girls.