The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 9

Lisa the Drama Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2009 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Lisa: I need some candy for our first playdate, but I don't want to come on too strong.
      Bart: M&M's?
      Lisa: Well, if I pick plain she'll think I'm cheap, and if I pick peanut, she may have an allergy. You just killed her, Bart!
      Bart: How about Charleston Chew?
      Lisa: What is this, Brooklyn in the fifties? Don't just say stuff.
      Bart: You asked for my help, then you don't want it.
      Apu: Excuse me, but why not consider an Almond Joy? It looks like you only brought something for yourself, but then you just happen to have two pieces.
      Lisa: Finally, a real suggestion!
      Bart: If she doesn't like coconut, you're screwed!