The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 14

Lisa the Greek

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 1992 on FOX

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  • Urgh.... Hate this ep

    It proves lisa is acting about 3 or 4 in this ep she's a spoiled brat in this ep like Angelica Pickles from Rugrats they both have simarlarities they both call their dad daddy and they both are brats spoiled ones.
    She is exactly like Angelica Pickles even when she is mad they both look the same
    lisa is acting about 2 in this ep.
    and tuck in her blanket. it proves that lisa is actually not 8 she's just a pathetic 4 year old who swears.
  • perfect


    Homer discovers that Lisa has the uncanny ability of correctly picking the winners of pro football games 100% of the time and uses this knowledge to make some money by placing wagers on the games.

    Overall, a ten out of ten


  • perfect


    This was a really good episode. On top of jokes, it was a good episode that shows Homer and Lisa's relationship. Homer finds out Lisa is good at betting on who will win football games and uses this to make some extra money and treat Lisa better. But when he wants her to make a bet on the superbowl game, she feels hurt because she realizes Homer only wanted to be around her because she was always right. How will Homer make this up to Lisa and prove he really does love her? Watch this humorous and sweet father/daughter episode of The Simpsons and find out.

    This was pretty good. I can't remember a lot of laughs but I do know that the plot is good and the execution of it is even better.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons homer is watching a football game and lisa pickes the winner of the game and homer starts to realize that she can pick the winners correctly and then askes her opion on each time they watch a game and he starts to use lisa to bet on the games by using moe the bookie and homer starts to doubt that lisa loves him and then homer makes a bet on the superbowl after a typical half time show he realizes lisas pick is on the money and that she really loves him this was a good ep
  • Go football one of my favorites of the whole season

    Ignored by Homer when she tries to show him a shoebox apartment she made for her Malibu Stacy dolls while he is watching football, Lisa complains to Marge, who suggests spending some "quality time" with Homer by taking up his interests. Lisa decides to join her father on the couch, and an annoyed Homer reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Homer loses his bet on Denver.

    After being ripped off by 1-900 betting advice hotlines, a desperate Homer turns to Lisa to pick a winner, and she picks the Miami Dolphins, prompting Homer to call Moe's Tavern to place his $50 wager, in spite of Lisa's moral concerns. In the end, the Dolphins win, and Homer and Lisa celebrate. Meanwhile, Marge has taken Bart shopping for new (dorky) clothes, but the bullies taunt him.

    Lisa becomes very adept at choosing winners of football games, and Homer declares every Sunday "Daddy-Daughter Day." With his new money, he starts buying expensive presents for the family and treating them to fine dining. Marge eventually wants to know where Homer's extra income is coming from and gets the truth, but Homer says it is not really a big deal. Eventually, Lisa realizes all Homer wanted was to exploit her prognostic abilities to help him gamble. Completely heartbroken, Lisa then gives up all the Malibu Stacy toys that Homer bought for her.

    Homer realizes he needs to make amends with Lisa, but she is too hurt to even talk with him. In fact, she makes a cryptic prediction as to the winner of the game: If she still loves Homer, Washington will win; if she does not, Buffalo. Homer becomes even more anxious over his relationship with Lisa as Super Bowl Sunday approaches.

    Homer mopes throughout the game as he watches it at Moe's Tavern, especially after Buffalo gets a 14-7 halftime lead. In the end, Washington rallies in the second half and scores at the last second to win the game. Homer becomes happy and Bart proudly says to Lisa that she still loves Homer, in which she agrees. Homer cancels his bowling date with Barney and – on the Sunday after the Super Bowl – makes good on his promise to go hiking up Mount Springfield with Lisa.
  • this is evrything really funny , revealing , and feelgood great episode

    what a great episode this was ! probably one of my favoirte season 3 episdoes. this is the hallmark of homer-lisa episodes. this is the best homer - lisa episode no doubt about it. well , for those who haven't seen i'll give you a brief summary. homer and lisa start to watch watch sunday night football , homer desprately needs to know who to bet on , lisa says dolphins and they win ! homer and lisa start to bond more now after lisa's gift however things get out of hand . anyways , it's a good episode , a must see all the way.
  • HELLO! One of the best episode in The Simpson's history.

    Homer finds out Lisa has an unbelievable ability to predict and get correct scores to football games. Homer ends up making a lot of money for this reason. At the end of the football season, Lisa finds out that he only used her for making money. For Daddy/Daughter day, Lisa asks Homer to watch the sunset.

    I loved this episode. I don't think it gets enough recognition. I'd say it's one of, if not the most, underrated episodes of the season, and even the series. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do. Definitely a classic episode.
  • Lisa decides to spend more time with Homer resulting Sundays in football season to become Father-Daughter Day.

    Lisa complains to Marge that Homer never gets involved with her intrests. Marge suggets Lisa should take a intrest in something that Homer likes. Lisa watches a football game with Homer, who asks her to pick a team for a $50.00 bet. The team that Lisa picks wins, and Homer makes every Saturday during football season Dadd-Daughter Day. Lisa studies the game and picks the right team for eight more weeks earning Homer more and more money as the Superbowl approaches. When Lisa asks Homer if they could go hiking the week after the Superbowl Homer says that Daddy-Daughter Day is going to end after the Superbowl. Lisa is sad, and Homer says he is sorry for taking advantage of her. Still sad, Lisa makes a Superbowl bet. If Washington wins, she'll love Homer, but if Buggalo wins, she won't. Homer is nervous as he watches the game at Moe's. Washington comes from behind to win and the next weekend Homer and Lisa go hiking.
  • Homer and Lisa grow closer through gambling.

    Homer hates spending time with Lisa because he finds Lisa and her interests extremely boring and pointless. So one day, he and Lisa watch football together. Homer is previosuly gambling and losing majorly. Then, Lisa picks the teams and is right on every single game. Sunday soon becomes their "Daddy-Daughter" day. Homer teaches a new view on gambling. Lisa originally believes him and enjoys all the time she is spending with Homer. Soon, Lisa catches on and realizes she is being used so Homer can earn money. Homer needs help with the Super Bowl pick but Lisa refuses and tells him that her love is more important than the big game. This is a good episode that explores Homer and Lisa's relationship and bond.
  • Hoomer and Lisa become closer.

    In this episode Homer uses Lisa's uncanny ability to pick football game winners to make some cash.

    Lisa thinks he's doing it to spend time with her, but when the truth comes out Lisa is obviously furious and disappointed in her father.

    I was disappointed to see how the conflict was resolved in the end. With Washington beating Buffalo in the Super Bowl.

    Having a relationship thats on the line decided by the result of a football game is just ridiculous.

    But I still liked this episode. Some of my favouites are the ones where Homer and Lisa bond and spend time together.
  • the best homer-lisa relationship episode

    in this episode, homer is not exactly the best role-model for lisa as he teaches her that gambling makes a good thing even better. however the episode does give them a chance to explore their relationship with daddy-daughter day. but when lisa finds out that homer was just using her she gets really mad and homer thinks he realises what he did was wrong and apologises but makes the mistake for asking her thoughts on the superbowl. the fact that if lisa loved homer would be decided on whether washington won the superbowl was a great choice by the writers and worked very well. this had some very good gambling jokes and was a great episode