The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 16

Lisa the Iconoclast

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

As Springfield prepares for it's bicentennial anniversary/celebration, the town is filled with love for the town's fabled founder, Jebediah Springfield. Lisa's class is soon assigned to write an essay on Jebediah and his life's impact on Springfield. She soon goes to a museum to learn more, but upon closer inspection of a fife, Lisa sees a private confession from Jebediah about his life. In it, Jebediah explains that before 1796 (when he came to Springfield and settled the land) he was actually an infamous pirate named Huns Sprungfeld, who had lost his tongue in a battle with George Washington and replaced it with a prosthetic silver one. Lisa makes this her report, however no one believes her, and she earns an F on her essay, not mention the hate of the town. The only person who believes her is Homer, as he thinks she is always right in these kinds of situations. Finally, Mayor Quimby decides to look for the silver tongue in the body of Jebediah Springfield. They look and it is not there, so Lisa is told to stop talking about it, and Homer loses his position in the parade as town crier. Then Lisa is told through a dream to keep searching for the truth. So the next day, she returns to the museum and figures out that the scroll that Jebediah wrote on was actually part of the portrait of George Washington hanging in the museum. The curator finally admits that he knew the truth the whole time, and reveals that the silver tongue is part of the display. They then go to the parade, but instead of revealing the truth, she says she loves Jebediah and was wrong for doubting him.