The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 17

Lisa the Simpson

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 1998 on FOX

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  • At school, Lisa is presented with a brain teaser, which she is unable to solve (despite the relative ease with which her peers, even Ralph, are able to do it). Following this incident, Lisa is unable to perfrom simple tasks. at the end she's smart

    The episode is amazing definately in my top ten because it has everything a simpsons episode should have heart witch lisa's plot provides and the episode should be funny witch the b plot with apu provides i think it has heart because homer sees lisa's difficulty and try's to help her and lisa's story is something that a lot of people go through where they think that there loosing it thank god at the end lisa figures out that the guy side of the family is only dumb and the girl side is actually smart and its funny because apu makes the kwik-E-Mart in a weird funny store called thge Freak-E-Mart
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show lisa is having a problem she thinks she is losing her intellgence when she cant solve a puzzle on the back of food prodoct. and everyone around her sovled it. and so she goes home and askes marge and asks grampa and they both said they were smart at one time marge was really good at math and grampa shows barts and homer scores in school and they both were really good . and how it went down hill. thing is homer gathers everyone that is around from the simpsons family and she learns that the men are not really smart they lose there intelligence and that the women in the simpsons family tree are the smart one like doctors and other jobs. this was a good and funny ep
  • Lisa the Simpson

    Lisa fears she is losing her intelligence, and learns from Grampa that eventually all Simpsons lose their intelligence. So, throughout the episode, Lisa struggles to accept this. In the end however, we learn that this Simpsons gene only affects men, making the Simpson men of the family stupid, not females. So now Lisa is happy because she knows she will grow up to be an intelligent lady.

    A good episode, but I don't like it as much as some other fans. I find some of it boring. My overall grade for this episode would be about a B- or so
  • Lisa the genetic racist

    it is one again that time of the year in which we have a episode of the Simpsons based on their most intelligent subject, Lisa Simpson. As you all now, I am not a fan of storylines that revolve around her and this one is not the exception. We all know she wants to always be the smartest person around and has showed us this in many different ways and episodes. I suppose this story contradicts a previous espiode in which Homer's brother is a millionaire. As for the episode iteself, it is enterteinaing just like most of the outings this season. This one isn't very funny though.
  • Another episode centered around Lisa, but it was very funny and good

    When Lisa is unable to figure out a simple brain teaser, she begins to fear that she is losing her gift of intelligence. Soon, she is noticing tons of clues that suggest her intellectual decline. Listening to Lisa's complaints, Grandpa explains to her that all Simpsons--himself, Homer, and others--started out smart and gradually experienced a "dumbening" that left them thick as bricks. Lisa decides to give over to the dumbening, emulating Homer and Bart and their brainless ways. But this makes Lisa unhappy, so to cheer her up, Homer gathers all the Simpson relatives he can find and tries to show her that they're not all idiots. Sadly, Lisa realizes that a lot of them are, in fact, stupid. But when she meets some of her female relatives, she is pleased to discover that many of them are doctors and businesswomen. With renewed confidence in her own intelligence, Lisa looks at the brain teaser again and figures it out immediately.
  • Oh no, is Lisa getting dumber?

    When Lisa can't solve an easy brain teaser and can't play very well on the saxophone, she fears that she will become like Homer and Bart. When all hope seems lost, Lisa discovers that the Simpson gene only affects the males and not the females. What a relief! This is one of the sadder episodes in this season because I would be frightened too if I knew I was going to end up being as dumb as Homer. The humor in this episode is very consistent but not too memorable. However, this is one of the best plots in this season (Oh, and did I forget to mention the "Freezer Geezer?")

    Grade: B
  • Lisa gets dumb. Or does she?

    So basically Lisa starts to worry that she is getting dumb because of all this evidence, and then her grandpa tells her about the simpson gene that makes all simpsons stupid. She worrys a lot, but in the end the gene only affects the male simpsons and the women turn out ok. Also while this is happening Apu pretends he has a frozen caveman inside the "Freak-E-Mart". So it was a great episode. Also it's funny when the male simpsons always run into each other with helments on. Nothing else to say, so it was a great episode. That's my review.
  • Lisa thinks she's losing it in another Lisa episode.

    It's pretty good. Lisa thinks: "If the family is stupid why a I so smart?" then thinks she's going to lose her intelligence. So she learns DNA and goes crazy thinking it, and tries to think smart but can't help it. Meanhiel, Jasper has frozen himself in a freezer at the Kwik-E-Mart in an attempt to awake in the future. Apu decides to turn it into the 'Frak-E-Mart' in order to make money. Of course he awakes the next day and his gimmick is lost.

    Halirious episode and quite a good idea. I see the idea of Lisa being the smart one because she is very smart, unlike Bart, Homer and Marge. (Marge is the second-smartest of course!) Anyway I loved the idea fo Jasper freezng himself and the "Freak-E-Mart" thingy. And the video on DNA was halirious. Yes, another Lisa episode I enjoyed.
  • the stupid gene causes all male simpsons to be stupid.

    this episode, although hilarious, bothers me now because of the plotholes. herb powell, homer's half brother should be affected by the y chromosone but he is successful and smart. homer's stupidity is later revealed to be caused by the crayon in his brain so the gene obviously doesn't affect him so i have come to the conclusion that the simpson gene must skip a generation. on to the episode, lisa being afraid of losing her intelligence is a great plot as is the ridiculous idea of the simpson gene. the humour in this is great and if not for the plotholesthis episode would definitely be in the lat 9.somethings.