The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 5

Lisa the Vegetarian

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1995 on FOX

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  • I am Lisa Simpson

    A few years ago, I had a Lisa Simpson experience straight out of this episode at my (former) job. We were having an optional meeting about how healthcare reform was going to affect our company. I was already skeptical. They started out with a political cartoon. They speculated on things that hadn't been confirmed. (This was They called it socialism. They literally said, "why should you have to pay for the sick and the old?" Everyone was gasping and eating it up. (People who hadn't paid attention to the issue at all were parroting exactly what was being said. I interrupted, saying the information was biased, that they weren't telling the whole story. It was just like the incident with the pro-meat film the students watch. I felt just like Lisa Simpson in this episode! I think that's why this episode is so popular. We've all had Lisa Simpson moments, when you have to stand up for your unpopular beliefs and the whole world seems to have gone mad. Some reviews have pegged this episode as anti-meat, but really it's about holding on to your beliefs and standing up for them when everyone is against you.
  • Lisa becomes a vegetarian, in this series classic.

    One of Lisa's most known character traits is introduced in this episode, as she becomes a vegetarian.Lisa being a vegetarian as stuck throughout the whole series. When I first saw this episode I wasn't very impressed but after watching it again and again, I find it to be an awesome installment by The Simpsons. And one of the most loved guest satrs and that did a heck of a job in this episode, Paul and Linda McCartney. A lot of memorable moments as we see a flying pig, the cutest lamb you ever did see, and a sweet moment between Lisa and Homer. Another one of those Lisa episodes where she stands up for what she believes in.

    This episode also includes my favorite film with Troy McClure on why you should eat meat. Great quote "If a cow had a chance, Jimmy. He'd eat you too" or something along those lines.

    Great episode! Hope you enjoy the review!
  • I could write a Much better story then this! :idea:

    I don't know why so many people like this episode, all it shows is Lisa giving up the life of being able to eat real food and becoming even preachier and having a more holier-than-thou attitude than she did before. The only Good thing about this episode is that Paul McCartney appears in it, and even He's over-rated! This is by far Not the Best Simpsons episode ever made! There are tons of episodes better than this, but then again, nearly every episode that doesn't revolve around Lisa Simpson is better than this. My advice, watch "Camp Lazlo" on Cartoon Network, it's much better than this show! :idea: Enough said!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons lisa goes on trip to the pedding zoo and she seems that she does not want to eat meat afte what she seen has happen to the animals and she start to protest in school and the princeabl gets mad and so he show them a movie with troy maclor in it about meat and homer and his friends are having a barque with a pig roast and so lisa ruins it and lisa goes to see apu and turns out that he is a vegitarn and that apu has a garden up stairs above the kwik mart with linda and paul . this was a good ep i thought.
  • is eating meat wrong?

    This episode shows Lisa questioning eating meat. She thinks it is wrong, so several people {mostly at school} try to prove it is OK to eat meat. But she still doesn't think so. So, Homer throws a barbecue, and she steals a pig that everyone was going to eat. Homer and Lisa have a fight and she runs to the Quik-E-Mart, where she meets Linda and Paul MacCartney. They tell her that it is OK that she is a vegetarian. So, Lisa stays one.

    This is a very funny episode with a good lesson, and a {somewhat} big change for Lisa
  • After visiting a petting zoo, Lisa realises that eating animals is wrong and therefore becomes a vegetarian. So when Homer throws a barbeque, Lisa ruins it. Her and Homer fall out, but after some persuasion from the McCartneys, Lisa and Homer make up.

    This is a great example of a Simpsons episode. There are very few funny parts, but these parts are incredibly funny. This episode also revealed that Apu is a vegetarian and guest starred Paul and Linda McCartney, as themselves. Unfortunately, this episode has hardly any allusions and this is a shame because more allusions would improve the standard of this episode greatly for me. The funniest parts are Homer, bart and Marge's chant, how Lisa ruins the barbeque, and the cafeterias vegetarian alternative. Overall, this episode is very good, very funny and so far, the best episode out of season seven.
  • My favorite episode. Also- rated the #2 episode of the simpsons all time by MSNBC

    So many funny moments it's hard to narrow them down. The "educational video" on eating meat is classic. "If that cow had the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you love!" Ralph saying: "When I grow up, I want to go to Bovine University!" Homer not believing Lisa when she tells him Ham, Pork Chops, and Bacon all come from the same animal- "Oh sure Lisa, a wonderful, magical animal!" The quotes go on and on. Someone commented that Camp Lazlo is better (?!)- Camp Lazlo is only watched by pre-pubescent kids- it doesn't even compare.
  • A revolutionary is born

    Lisa starts to speak his mind in the series as we will later continue to see in this show. Being a vegetarian I think it is fine, it helps you to live a healthier life and to be part of a movement that is connected to world peace, love and many other things that are good for the planet earth. The reason why Lisa becomes a vegeterian is rather silly I think that a person like Lisa will have stronger reasons than just feeling bad for a cute lamb.

    Once again Homber gives up in the end and accepts that his daughter is a bit different. Still a pretty strong episode full of gags.
  • I don't like the idea of Lisa becoming a vegitarian, but a good episode none the less

    Lisa realizes that it's wrong to eat animals after a long petting session with a baby lamb at a local zoo. Swearing off meat turns out to be a controversial decision for Lisa, since everyone around her seems to support the eating of flesh. At school, Lisa must sit through a politically slanted pro-meat film and eat only hotdog buns for lunch; at home, she has to put up with Homer's plans for a meaty barbecue party. After fighting about her beliefs with her family, Lisa runs away to the Kwik-E-Mart, where she discovers a kindred spirit in Apu, who is not only a strict vegetarian, but a vegan as well. Lisa also meets two other vegetarians, Paul and Linda McCartney, who explain that while it's important to stick to her convictions about vegetarianism, she must also tolerate the beliefs of others. Knowing that Paul and Linda are right, Lisa makes up with Homer and they accept each other's different points of view. Guest Stars: Paul and Linda McCartney as themselves.
  • Lisa the Vegetarian

    Lisa becomes a vegetarian in this episode. Well, you can obviously tell by the title of this episode. I thought, when I first saw it, she was gonna stop being a vegetarian at the end of the episode. But, I was wrong. She actually stayed being a vegetarian.

    My favorite part is when they were at that fair-type thing. Marge said they needed to do stuff for Maggie, and Lisa and Bart complain it's all for little kids. Marge disagrees and says that there's sure to be something for older kids. Then, they see the sign and it says, "For Ages 1-7 and a half" Some people might not get this, but it's because Lisa is 8 years old. That was my favorite part. Plus, when Bart was on that train-ride thing was funny, too.
  • It wasnt the best storyline, but it was still a good episode.

    Lisa becomes a vegetarian after seeing a baby lamb at a zoo. Lisa becomes ridaculted for not eating meat. Then Homer decides to throw a BBQ after not being invited to Flanders. Lisa tries to get everyone at the BBQ to not eat meat and is laughed at. Lisa uses the lawn mower to steal the roast before people can eat it. Lisa finally goes to the Kwik-E-Mart and eats a hot dog, and Aput tells her its tofu. Lisa sees the back of the Kwik-E-Mart has all kinds of tofu meat. Lisa and Homer apoligize to eachother and make up.
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  • This is the episode where Lisa stops eating meat.

    Here is my review for this great episode of "The Simpsons". It is called "Lisa The Vegetarian". I decided to make a review for this classic episode because it was on my mind today. Anyway, it is about The Simpsons going to an amusement park for toddlers and they (all but Maggie) get bored there until they visit the petting zoo at the park. At dinner, Lisa decides to not eat another lambchop because it reminded her too much of the cute little lamb she befriended at the park. Afterwards, she decides to not eat anymore meat because she thinks it's wrong; she even has a really hard time letting everyone understand how she feels. Meanwhile, Homer throws a barbecue cookout just to show off in front of Ned Flanders, who recently threw one at his house (but, ironically, he ends up inviting him). Everyone at the cookout has a good time except for Lisa; she decides to ruin it on purpose by pushing the roasted pig in the rotisserie grill with a lawnmower. Bart and Homer go after it, but they end up losing it when it plugs up the dam it falls into and the water pressure propels it sky-high. Homer is very mad at Lisa afterwards, and they decide to not talk to each other again. After she walks away, she learns that Apu is also a vegetarian, and he shows her to his secret garden (which is found atop the roof of The Kwik-E-Mart, by the way). There, she also meets Paul and Linda McCartney, and they tell Lisa about what it really takes to become vegetarian. After she leaves, she decides to apologize to Homer for what happened. This episode was really good the first time I saw it on TV a long time ago; I still remember the scene with Homer and Bart going after the pig and I crack up each time I see it. One of the best Simpsons episodes ever made!
  • You don't win friends with salad

    This is a very good episode and one of the rare moments of contiunity that has stayed with the Simpsons. The family visit a petting zoo and lisa falls in love with a lamb. later as the family are having dinner lisa declares she isn't eating meat ever again, much to Homer and Bart's amusement. she doesnt have any luck at school either and soon becomes bitter with the meat-eating World. she then destroys Homer's barbeque and runs away from home, but Paul and Linda McCartney show her the way home, with Apu as well. Lisa and Homer then make upa and ride into the sunset. A great episode and a happy ending - Homer is a great Dad!
  • The best Lisa episode and one of the best overall episodes of the series

    This episode has to be one of the funniest half-hours of primetime comedy ever. Although the third act is slower than the first two, the episode is still hilarious. The laughs just roll in non-stop, from Homer's barbecue to one of my favorite Simpsons bits in the entire series, Troy McClure's "Meat and You" video:

    BILLY: I have a CRAZY friend who says it's wrong to eat meat? Is he crazy?
    TROY: No, just ignorant. You see, your friend never heard of the food chain.
    (Cuts to a picture of a bunch of animal figures pointing into a human figure)
    TROY: Just ask this scientician.
    (Cuts to a scientist)
    (Cuts back to Troy and Billy)

    Other funny bits:

    PRINCIPAL SKINNER: It seems there's a student in here, for privacy's sake, let's call her "Lisa S." No, that's too obvious. How about "L. Simpson."

    (After watching the Meat video)
    LISA: You can't expect us to swallow that tripe?
    SKINNER: Now, courtesy of the meat counsil, please help yourself to this tripe (points to a bowl of tripe).

    (Homer's Barbecue invitation)
    LISA: (reading) "Come to Homer's BBBQ. The extra 'B' is for 'BYOBB'." What's that extra 'B' for?
    HOMER: That's a typo.

    In conclusion, Lisa the Vegetarian is a great example of The Simpsons in their prime and at their very best.
  • One of my favorite episodes of season 7

    I liked this episode alot. The trip to Storytown Village was funny, especially the scene with Abe sleeping in one of the beds in that Goldilocks part. The "You don't win friends with salad" song/dance was also a classic moment, and there were plenty of other laughs to be had. I thought the way Lisa became a vegetarian was well plotted, and the plot itself was just plain fun. I can't help but feel Lisa was too mean at times, trying to force her beliefs onto others, but I'm glad she learned her lesson about that at the end of the episode. Overall, quite a fun episode, and one of my favorites of season 7.
  • after 7 seasons, lisa finally becomes a vegetarian

    this episode shows the pivotal part in lisa's life where she goes from meat-eater to meat-hater. this episode succeeded in being humourous and special, with scenes such as lisa ruining homer's "it's still good" excuses and burns' when pigs fly remark. this episode seemed almost natural, lisa finally discovering the side of her that is against the slaughtering of animals for food. linda and paul mccartney guest starring was a great touch as well as revealing that apu is also a vegeterian (don't have a cow). this is definitely one of the top 3 favourite lisa-central episodes as it is not only revealing but you can also never stop laughing.
  • This is the best Simpsons episodes ever! Every single line on this show is well written and hilarious. The special apperance by Paual and Linda McCartney was only the icing on the very delicious cake. Since they were making changes to Lisa character by ma

    This is the best Simpsons episodes ever! Every single line on this show is well written and hilarious. The special apperance by Paul and Linda McCartney was only the icing on the very delicious cake. Since they were making changes to Lisa character by making her a vegetarian, they had to make the episode extra special so the fact that Lisa is vegetarian for good sticks in, and they made it special with flying colours! This episode is definitley a classic. i've been watching Simpsons since I was 2 years old (when the series started) and this episode is my favourite. I must have watched this episode over 30 times, I love it THAT much! Haha
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