The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 14

Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1994 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- homer playing the foot keyboard and annoying everyone else there, the end of act 1 with the kid getting his frisbee and then losing it again, bart's suggestions for names for the doll, "you all have hideous hair!", the ending with the foot keyboard, smither's appearance with burns on his keyboard, grampa's scenes, amongst other things.

    funny episode. good plot. A+

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show lisa gets upset when a new batch of mablu stacy dolls comes out and she has a problem with the new doll it displays sexism and show she is angrey about that and she goes to smithers to see if he can help since he has a huge collection of the doll and he helps her track her down and they talk about the new doll that came out and so the creater makes a new doll that moddles lisa the smart and caring person thing is that is not a seller to the public and they dont like it . this was a good ep
  • Decent episode: Homer vs Piano Keyboard

    After years of loving her Malibu Stacy doll, it begins to dawn on Lisa that her favorite toy sets a bad example for little girls. Lisa tracks down Stacy Lovell, the original creator of the Malibu Stacy doll, and together they design and market a positive, pro-girl doll named Lisa Lionheart. The toy is almost a breakout success, but the sneaky corporate henchmen and women behind Malibu Stacy quickly create a new Malibu Stacy that knocks Lisa Lionheart out of commission. Guest Star: Kathleen Turner as Stacy Lovell.
    Decent episode, but the Homer vs the keyboard bit was priceless, and will be remembered as one of Homer's best moments! Ok maybe I'm getting a little too crazy..
  • A good episode... but not perfect.

    Season 5 was probably the best season of The Simpsons(with season 8). I liked this episode but I didn't love it. It was just in my opinion one of those filler episodes to make the season complete. It had some good, funny parts, but it was ultimately a bit of a drag. It just features Lisa trying to show other Malibu-Stacy fanatics that they are wasting their parent's money on a politically incorrect talking doll. Lisa tries to persuade the inventor of Malibu-Stacy that Malibu-Stacy is a bad influence on little girls, and wins her interest. Lisa markets the new, positive Lisa Lionheart doll but fails to succeed, but learns to enjoy her toys. So anyways, it was an okay, modestly funny episode but could have been better. At least it better than the much newer Simpsons episodes.
  • This is the episode where Lisa complains about how the Talking Malibu Stacy is made. Pretty good to watch.

    This is the episode of "The Simpsons" where Lisa buys a Talking Malibu Stacy with her own money. When she tries it out for the first time, she is outraged, because the doll talks like a sexist. Things the doll says include "Don't ask me; I'm just a girl. (giggles)" and "My name is Stacy, but you can call me (wolf whistle)." She goes on a tour around the factory and decides to see the creator of Malibu Stacy dolls with the help of Waylon Smithers. Lisa then decides to create her own talking doll named Lisa Lionheart, which doesn't sell well because of a new kind of Malibu Stacy that gets the girls' (and Smithers') attention. A really good episode to watch.
  • One of the best Simpson episodes.

    This episode definately goes on my list of the best Simpson episodes ever. I am incredibly surprised at its low rating. I would have to credit this to the fact that it centers on Lisa and Grandpa. While this gives it a unique charm, I could see it being seen as boring to the viewers who want Homer and Bart non-stop. The episode also has some of the best Grandpa ranting in the entire series. Yeardley Smith does a great job with Lisa. Marge, Bart, and Homer all get air-time, each have some good jokes. There is a great Smithers and Burns moment. Plus, Kathleen Turner does a top notch voice over. Her portrail of Malibu Stacy is inspired, you can almost smell the booze. If you like Kathleen Turner, Lisa heavy episodes, dolls, or Grandpa's stories this episode is for you.
  • The part where Grampa complained about the rotten smell was quite funny

    This seems quite a nice episode mainly about Malibu Stacey and reflects about gender stereotype.Why does Smithers like girl dolls when he know.Malibu Stacey is immensly like Barbie.It was made in 1959,has been around the world and beyond and gone back in time too!But I\'m not sure Malibu Stacey is made of plastic,and how the creator of Malibu Stacey was sacked opens us up to the harsh reality of buisness.And why according to Buddha would girls and Smithers go mad over a hat?It dosen\'t make sense.And if Malibu Stacey dolls now talk,why not Barbie?And how on Earth does Homer know the Simpson theme song?
  • Decent episode - Homer stole it with his battle with the keyboard.

    There were 2 moments when I was lying on the floor with laughter in this episode. They were the two occasions when Homer was in the Toy story playing the keyboard on the ground with his feet.

    The first occasion was a dreadful rendition of the Happy Days theme song - Rock around the Clock! On that occasion he broke the keyboard.

    The second occasion was the Simpsons theme song - which he played with ease and in a spectacular finale he broke the keyboard itself.

    Now thats the good bit out of the way, the episode itself was pretty average by Simpsons standards.

    Its a Lisa central episode where she wants to make a doll that doesn't give off the impression that woman are objects.

    Lisa is a fantastic character, but I like it when she and Bart are solving mysteries or when she is having complications with her relationship with Homer, but here she is carrying the plot by herself and to me it isn't that strong compared to when there is a stong involvement from either Homer or Bart.

    A so-so episode, but Homer was classic as usual!!!
  • Good, but not exactly the best!

    A good episode but a bit silly IMO! Probably the weakest season 5 episode. Anyway, Lisa wanted to make her own doll 'Lisa Lionheart' against the new 'Malibu Stacey' product! Why on earth would Lisa go crazy over a stupid doll? I thought she was supposed to be intelligent! The storyline was a bit stupid and too girly for my liking, but I enjoyed it a little bit.
  • okay but not great

    considering the great episodes in season 5, for instance $pringfield, Cape Feare, Homer the Vigilante, Bart gets an elephant and Deep Space Homer, this episode doesn't quite live up to those standards despite a few good gags at old people's expense. the storyline was an okay one but not as strong as most of the others in this season. the jokes were not as good either but it had been a while since a lisa plot had been done so it was important for the series that something happen to lisa. since lisa loves malibu stacy, this was a good move by the writers but there could have been a few improvements on the plot. unfortunately, this may be the worst episode in season 5.