The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 7

Lisa's Date with Density

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 1996 on FOX

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  • The best of Season 8

    Lisa devlops a crush on the bully Nelson Muntz. They start to date, Also Lisa has a goal of changing Nelson from a bully to a nice guy. However the other bullies, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph respond rather negative to this and invite Nelson to egg Skinners house, Despite Lisa thinking Nelson has changed. Nelson takes up on the offer and Lisa finds out and its over between them. This episode had funny parts like Mr. Largo screaming "No body likes MIlhouse!" Also Mr. Largo asking Lisa if she finds the word Tromboner funny, their are more funny parts in this ep as well. I didnt really care for Homer's plot in this episode though
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show lisa starts to fall in love with nelson and she tries to change him and tries to send him a letter during class and nelson thought it was milshous and puched out his eyes that was hilrious i thought. and then she makes him change thing is the bullys think he is becoming woose and nelson lies to her about egging the princeable house . also homer finds auto dialer and he uses it to make money and then the police come and take it away when he breaks the law and its waking everyone up in springfield.
  • Lisa's Date With Density

    Lisa finds herself infatuated with Nelson. She starts to "Date" him, and soon tries to change his image and personality. She is convinced it works, until he and his friends egg Skinner's house. Lisa and him break-up in the end. Homer gets a new hobby- panhandling with a voice recorder of himself. But it seems to be more annoying then anything. Now he must apologize to everyone.

    Great episode with some genuine sweet emotion, such as when Nelson and Lisa break up. Also had some really funny parts, especially in the sub plot. My overall grade is of course an A+
  • Lisa and Nelson date each other.

    Homer finds an autodialer in the trash and uses it for telemarketing. Principal Skinner meanwhile finds proof that Nelson vandilized Chalmers's car. His punishment is to help Willie around the yard. Lisa watches Nelson torment Willie and develops a crush on him. She decides to change Nelson into a good person. They go on a date to the observatory where they kiss. Nelson is soon after dragged to Skinner's house to throw expired coleslaw at it. He is immediately accused of the attack, and seeks refuge at the Simpson house. Nelson tells Lisa he was framed but reveals the truth later. Lisa realizes that he is still a liar and drops him. Meanwhile, Homer's phone scam is revealed and he is ordered by the court to apologize. A pretty good episode, but I just dont think its as good as the rest of this magical season. Not a must see but give it a watch.
  • Opposites collide!

    Another Lisa centered episode and of course, it is not going to be in my favorite's list. Lisa is a rather boring person most of the times, always talking about perfection and how everyone is so ignorant. In this episode, we find that she is being rather a hypocrite, because she has a crush on Nelson who is by the way, completely different to Lisa. Homer using reading glasses is the best part of this episode for me. He looks so awkward. We know he is not smart but when he wears the glasses, looks as if he was smart, but at the same time our brains reminds us that he is not.
  • Great

    Chalmers buys his dream car…a Honda. Someone has stolen the H from the insignia on its hood, making Chalmers cry like a little girl. Skinner tries to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Homer obtains a telemarketing machine. Skinner conducts a search of the students' lockers and discovers that the usual suspect, Nelson, had stolen it. Nelson gets detention, but also the admiration of Lisa. She falls for his rebellious ways and tells him how much she likes him. Homer's telemarketing machine calls for people in Springfield to send one dollar to "Happy Dude at 742 Evergreen Terrace Springfield." Nelson disgusts Lisa, but Marge tells her to try to change him. Her subsequent attempt leads to her first kiss. Nelson's friends are mad at him for having a girlfriend. They want to attack Skinner's house but Nelson will only join them later. Homer's auto-dialer gets him in trouble with the cops. Nelson gets in trouble for his prank on Skinner. Lisa decides to break up with Nelson, leaving an open window for Milhouse. Homer rigs the telemarketing machine to dial an apology to everybody in town
  • Lisa finds love... In Nelson!

    What a funny and interesting plot. So Nelson is the one who has been stealing things from kids at the school. The best part is when everyone is picking up the stuff he stole and he´s telling them names and phrases.

    Lisa, she´s so naive. She falls for Nelson but I think she did it because maybe she thought she could change him? Who knows. I think Nelson really liked Lisa...The thing is that Nelson respected her in his own way and listened to what Lisa said but at the end he went back to be Nelson Moontz. Being bad was way better than being a dork. Homer... He´s so dumb but I love him! His ways of making money are always hilarious and this wasn´t the exception.

  • Perfect episode!

    This episode of The Simpsons is really funney! I liked the part were Nelson said to Lisa this ought to shut here up. That part brought me on for sure. This episode was one of the funniest Simpsons episode I'v ever seen on telivision. Nelson is quite funney. Lisa was talking to much to Nelson that he kissed her and said in his head what I just said!
  • Happy dude wants a dollar!

    Nelson's back in the spotlight again, this time the troublemaker has the attention of Lisa who falls for him. The scenes between Lisa and Nelson are fun but at the end, they had to break up. Meanwhile, Homer got into the telemarking business with a machine he found in the garbage. he used the machine to tell everybody to send one dollar to happy dude. Like Lisa's relationship Nelson, this one too has gone done the tubes, making poor Homer saying sorry to everyone who fell fo his telemarking blunder. The theme of this epsiode: Nothing last forever. Dude! Smell You Later!
  • Lisa develops a crush on Nelson, the school bully and Homer uses a autodialer to try and scam the people of Springfield (Big Spoilers)

    Homer finds a phone autodialer and takes it home to use for panhandling. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner has found proof that Nelson Muntz has vandilized Superintendent Chalmer's car. As punishment, Nelson must help Willie around the school yard. As Lisa watched Nelson "help" Willie, she gets a crush on him. Lisa decides to try and change Nelson into a good person. They go on a date, where they kiss. After that, Nelson is convinced by Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney to join them in throwing stuf at Principal Skinner's house. Nelson is accused of the attack, and seeks refuge with Lisa. He tells her that he didn't do it, but later tells her he did. Lisa looses her crush on him. Meanwhile, Homer is caught trying to scam his friends and by court, must apoligize. He uses the autodialer to apoligize, but also uses it to ask for money.
  • Another awesome season 8 episode

    This episode was excellent. While the premise of Lisa falling for Nelson seems a little silly, it was definitely well-executed, and made for an interesting character study of both Lisa and Nelson. And Homer's subplot with the auto-dialer was pretty funny. Especially the part where it kept waking up Ned to answer the phone. XD. As for the main plot, it wasn't super high on humor, but still had some decent laughs, such as "Superintendent chalmers is crying like a little girl." Overall, an excellent episode, with a good plot, and good character development. I actually enjoyed the stuff between Nelson and Lisa, as silly as that sounds. Yep. Awesomeness.
  • great

    This is one of my favorite season 8 episodes. They go on a wild premise (Lisa liking Nelson) and make it work. Nelson somewhat changes (Back off, JAMES!) but never goes out of character. Milhouse is great as usual (What's a big sister for?...Aww, I shouldn't have said that) and we finally realize he likes Lisa. But even better than the main plot is the subplot. Seeing Ned repeatedly answer the phone makes me laugh every time, the auto dialer was a great idea, and having the cops come in and blow it away was great. But back to the main plot, Nelson never really changed, he just wanted to be himself and still get the girl, and which guy can't relate to that? And I actually feel a little sorry for Lisa at the end, she tried to change someone which isn't a good idea, and she learned her first lesson on love, and I like episodes that evoke a little emotion without getting sappy...I think that's one thing missing from these newer cartoons today (which I still enjoy, just not on the same level)...and she gave Milhouse a flicker of hope at the end.
  • Nelson loves Lisa and turns good... for a few hours. Read on.

    Halirious. And I was happy for Lisa, getting her first kiss. Nelson turning good too was great. All this crush stuff was funny and cute, and I thought Nelson had a great and very funny role.
    And Homer's story for the automatic dialer? Classic scheme. Classic. He was halirous, getting loads fo money just by phoning everyone, and we find out it orginally used to be Professor Frink's, and he can make it grow legs to coem back to him! Homer stops it of course. I love this episode. Why can't the Complete Eighth Season Box Set be released already!? I can't wait! I love the story in this ep, Nelson is halirious and Homer does a classic scheme, while Lisa has fallen in love. And Nelson steailing that Honda bagde from Super Intendent Chalmers's car was an excellent start! Great episode!
  • one of my favourite lisa episodes

    the pranks in this episode keep piling up from nelson stealing the H symbol of superintendant chalmers' honda to throwing the "football" beehive at willie and, of course, the whole B story of homer's Happy Dude scam with hilarious scenes of ned flanders and professor frink, burns and, of course, chief wiggum. the last twist where he was shooting the auto-dialler and not nelson was hilarious as was the rest of this episode. of course it reveals lisa's first crush and ends up getting crushed after nelson goes too far by lying to her continuously. the whole episode was well written, not going five seconds without a side-splitting joke.