The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 10

Lisa's First Word

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 1992 on FOX

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  • I can't give this an A+, but it's way above an A-. The excellence of season 4 continues

    One of the best flashback episodes (but, as Strong Sad said, "The Way We Was", "I Married Marge" and "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" beat it out for the top spot). The characterization of toddler Bart is great, and Lisa is cute (well yeah, for a cartoon character) like bmac said. There are some very sweet moments (Lisa saying "Bart", and the final scene). But, the humor may very well be what wins me over on this one. Homer singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" always gets me, Barts antics are great, and the cuts back to the present are always good for a laugh ("You win round 7!"). The ending, Maggie's first word, is probably one of the greatest scenes and endings in the history of the series. In fact, I like that whole run ("The sooner kids talk, the sooner they talk back. I hope you never say a word"), and it's a great ending to a great episode
  • A superb episode of the Simpsons

    As the family gathers around Maggie and tries to encourage her to say her first word, Marge reminisces and tells the story of Lisa's first word. I thought this was a superb episode of the Simpsons. It is one of the few old episodes I've seen from this show. The rest of the episodes from this show I had watched are the newer one. Anyway, I saw this episode on April 3, 2011 as a rerun on FOX. It featured Elizabeth Taylor doing the voice of Maggie's brief dialog at the end (which was daddy). My score is lower because this episode was kinda boring in a couple parts. The family telling the story of Lisa's first word was great. Most of the parts in the flashback were amazing. It was actually funny that Lisa's first word turn out to be Bart. I did the liked the very ending when Maggie said Daddy. Overall, a superb classic Simpsons episode. 9/10
  • The Simpsons are gathered in the living room trying to get Maggie to say her first words, but meet with no success. Marge soon begins telling the story of the time Lisa first spoke.


    The late Elizabeth Taylor makes the first of two appearances on The Simpsons. Despite the fact that Taylor says only one word, it's an appearance worth remembering. This episode works on just about every level. The story, the dialogue and clever sight gags all work well to create one of season four's best. The story of Homer and Marge looking for a new home for their expanding family is another high point. Seeing Bart go through the terrible twos will have you laughing just as much. The episode ends with one of Homer's best lines and a great closing scene.

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons its a flashback ep and it show how lisa was first born and how bart was jealious of lisa when they were younger because he was not the baby anymore and lisa was and they paid more attention to her he sofens up towards lisa when he hears her first words bart and they become good brother and sister and then later in the night there tring to get maggie to say something thing is no one hears her and she says daddy this was a good and emotinal ep that the writters of the simpsons made
  • Daddy

    The family tries to get Maggie to talk, so in flashbacks, we see Bart's first word was "Ay carumba!" when seeing Marge and Homer snuggling, and we are told in a long flashback that Lisa's first word was none other then Bart. Homer wanted it to be Daddy but it wasn't. After the flashbacks Homer puts Maggie to bed, saying how it is OK she doesn't talk yet. When he walks out she says "Daddy".

    A very good episode, full of hilarious scenes and the end is one of my all-time favorites, very emotional way to end the episode, it didn't feel tacked on emotion but genuine emotion
  • Very emotional to be a Simpsons episode; all fathers and children should see this very touching and heart-warming episode...

    While trying to get Maggie to say her first words, Marge tells Bart and Lisa about what they were like as babies. In flashback, we see that Bart's first words were "aye carumba." When Lisa was born, Homer hoped that her first word would be "daddy," but instead she said "Bart," which always secretly broke Homer's heart. Back in the present, as Homer puts Maggie to bed, he tells her that it's okay that she doesn't speak yet. Just then, she looks up at him and says the word he's been waiting to hear, "Daddy." A very touching episode to say the least all Father's and Children should see this very emotional Simpsons episode...
  • Love it!

    I absolutely love this episode! In this episode they talk about what Lisa's first word was! (which was Bart by the way) Bart being a baby was hilarious! He was like storming through the house going "Everybody loves me!" and Barts first word was "aye carumba!" the reason he said it was funny. (if you watched this episode you would know!) funny, funny, funny. and it showed where bart watched his first itchy and scratchy cartoon! it was the one where scratchy was getting ready to run track and itchy nailed his tail to the ground! that was really funny. this episdoe was hilarious!
  • Bart a baby!

    This episode is about Homer and Marge trying to teach Maggie her first words. Then they start telling stories about their earlier years before Maggie was born and we see Homer with a full head of hair and lisa and Bart as babies and we figure out Bart had a bed he was afraid of , Bart hates lisa as a baby, Bart's first words were Hey curamba, Lisa's first words were Bart, and Maggie's first word was daddy. I thought was a very good episode because I like the Simpsons when they were young. I really liked this episode.
  • WOW! Lisa is a baby.

    Lisa's First Word.

    I like this show. Bart is a toddler. Lisa is a baby. Lisa cried. Bart is one year. This episode centers around Lisa. She is so so so cute. Her skin is soft. She grew now. She is now 9. I can't wait to see it again. Do you want to see Baby Lisa?
    Watch it.
  • this is what the simpsons is all about! a fantastic episode!!! so good.

    Oh hoo Ha Ha ha!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha ha ha!!! oh my my.

    This is such a good episode! honastly a just don't know where to start! Okay Here I go...

    Well the beginning of the flashback was most funny when, bart dived on homer, spilt spagetti every where and swung on the clothes line...NAKED!!

    (he he he...)

    And when bart flushed homer wallet down the toilet was a supa dupa funny thing! and then he flushed homer's car keys down the toilet I coulda killed my self laughing hoo hoo hoo!! he he ha!!

    ("can't sleep. clown'll eat me, Can't sleep clown'll eat me")

    ("I will personaly spit in every fifteeth burger") ("...and that little while is now eight years and counting")

    I think this just might be one of the greatest, bestest, funnist, simpsoniest epidode ever! EVER!!!!!!
  • The Simpsons stumble down memory lane in this flashback-flashforward episode where we learn the origin of Lisa's (and Maggie's) first words.

    A spot on montage of the early 80's at its dopiest, Bart at his best and worse, Lisa being precious Lisa, and even Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie's first word, this episode was magnificient. "It wasn't easy jugglin' a wife and a troubled child, but someone I managed to fit in 8 hours of TV a day." Classic Homer. A classic episode that has so much heart and soul in it, you almost forget that it is also one of the funniest Simpson episodes ever. I have seen every episode, some as many as 50 times probably, and "Lisa's First Word" is the most endearing and memorable episode in a series unmatched on television, past or present.
  • Lisa's first word.

    Lisa learns her first word, as well as Maggie. Lisa being born, Bart being jealous, and the 1984 Olympics.How the American team was beating all of the foreign teams. We all find out what Bart, Lisa, and Maggie's first words were. Bart's is Ay Carumba, Lisa's is Bart, and Maggie's is Daddy.
  • Marge tells how they moved into their house and Lisa's first word.

    The Simpsons are trying to get Maggie to say her first word, when Bart asks what his was. Marge remembers it was "aye carumba," but says she only remembers Lisa's first words. Marge flashbacks to 1983, when Marge was pregant with Lisa. *With a second baby on the way, Homer and Marge search for a bigger house. The year 1983 becomes 1984 and the Summer Oympics begin. Krusty Burger gives away free burgers to customers who pick Olympic events won by the U.S. on their game cards. However, all the games included have been won by the Russians. When the Russians boycott, the U.S. wins every event, and Homer gets a steady supply of free Krusty burgers. When Lisa finally is born, Bart is jealous. He decides to run away. However, before he runs away, Lisa comes into his room and says her first word- "Bart." Bart changes his mind and tells Marge and Homer that she can talk. Homer tries to get her to say "Daddy," but she would only say "Homer," just like Bart.* Back to the present, Homer takes Maggie to her bed and tucks her in. After he leaves, Maggie says her first word, "Daddy."
  • Good episode!

    We finally learn the story of how did Lisa give out her first word, and I think that is pretty interesting and I think that is really cool the way the things were before, Lisa finally is brought into the world and that makes Bart jealous he tries every thing he can to maker her go, but nothing does, Bart is about to leave the Simpsons forever but Lisa's first word turns out to be Bart and I think that it was a pretty good episode!
  • So emotional for a simpsons episode

    This is an incredibly good flashback Simpsons episode. Most of these bore me a bit, but there was the right amount of emotion and laughter put together in this one.

    Watching Bart and Lisa hug in the past and then seeing them fighting was the perfect example of how up and down their relationship is.

    The final scene is the clincher. Its what makes a great simpsons episode into a series classic.

    Maggie says "Daddy" and no-one is there to hear it.

    This is a wonderful flashback of how life was difficult for Bart with a new baby on the scene and the "free Krusty burgers" side plot was the comedic touch to it.
  • Lisa's First Word

    This is my favourite flashback episode of all time because this flashback one is really really funny just like the part in it where baby Bart is swinging on the washing line through the day and the night and this is the only episode that Maggie actually speaks by a saying "Daddy".
  • All simpson children's first words revealed!

    established early on in the episode, but not told to the children was that bart's first words were, surprisingly enough "Aye Carumba". towards the end of the episode, after countless gags including homer singing "girls just wanna have fun" and bart swinging on the clothesline aswell as the important birth of lisa, it is revealed that, although bart hates lisa, her first word was "bart" and she also starts calling the father "homer". of course, zoom into the present and bart and lisa are fighting which causes homer to wish maggie never says a word. however maggie speaks for the first (and only) time in the series, ending the episode on a sweet note, saying "daddy". this was a very well written flashback, making the total of major plot flashbacks (in other words, flashbacks that reveal something important from the fairly distant past) three.
  • Most likely my favorite episode.

    In this episode the family is telling Maggie different words to say when Marge starts to talk about Lisa’s first word. They have a flashback of 1983 when Lisa was being born and showing Bart as a baby. Bart is being bad as usual and annoying his family as Marge awaits the arrival of their new baby. Lisa is finally given birth and Bart doesn’t like her one bit. As Bart said to Lisa in this episode “This family was better as just me, mom, and Homer”, and he threatens to leave but upon going out his bedroom door he hears Lisa calls out Bart’s name and Bart becomes very happy. Bart picks Lisa up and brings her to Marge and Homer to tell them the news and let her learn to say mommy and Homer. After the flashback is over Homers brings Maggie to her room for bed and tells her “The faster kids talk the faster they talk back, I hope you never talk”, and when the door closes Maggie clears her mouth and says “Daddy.”
  • Maggie Speaks for the first time.

    Another Flashback episode as homer tells Bart his first word and Lisas. Then Maggie talks. But first Burps. As we know there first words and we know a knew fact about the simpsons. Now add this to memery, but not favorates! Good, but to Romantic in areas, but is woth type.