The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 3

Lisa's Sax

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1997 on FOX

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  • Lisa's saxophone is accidentally destroyed by Bart. Which leads to a retelling of just how Lisa received her most prized posession.

    Right after Simpsons fans were given the worst episode of the series, they were given one of its best. There is a lot to like about "Lisa's Sax". The episode contains some of the best jokes and sight gags of the entire series. Just when you think the episode has run out of ideas they hit you with another very clever joke. Also, how can you not like an episode which features the rock classic "Baker Street" by the late Gerry Rafferty? "The Simpsons" always uses the best songs for their episodes and this is certainly no exception. This review would not be complete without mentioning the excellent parody of the classic 1970s sitcom "All in the Family". Priceless. This episode is just as good today as it was when it premiered in 1997. If you have not seen it already, do so by all means.
  • Best. Episode. Ever.

    This HAS to be my favorite episode of The Simpsons. I love the thought put in, how cute Lisa was back then, and some of the jokes like the 'Funky Grandpa' joke. "Oh I'm the... [Snoring].
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons lisa sax gets broken and she is really sad and then the simpsons sit down on the couch and homer tells her how she got her sax. and its a warm day and he must choose to either buy a sax to replace lisas old one or but air conditioner and live with the fact lisa is upset and then buy her one later on . this was a good story and it was warm story how she got her first one . and that is why i gave it 8.5 and it had some funny parts in it.
  • Origins

    In this episode, after Bart destroys Lisa's sax {she should've stopped playing when they told her to ;)} Homer reveals the origin of how they bought the sax.

    After the origin, Homer buys her a new one to make her feel better.

    This episode, like Mom and Pop Art, it seems, try to be funnier then most other episodes. This episode has a lot of humor ,and most of the jokes worked. At times, to me, it felt a bit corny, but it was still pretty funny. This was a good episode for a somewhat good of a season. Perfect score
  • Those were the days...

    Once again, an episode that brings us a little bit more information about why things are the way they are in the Simpson's house. This time, it is how Lisa got her Sax. An ok story and what makes it really great for me, is to see the kids as much younger versions of themselves, they are actually cute, even Bart with that mama boy's hairdo. Homer used to be as stupid as he is now and that's odd, because Homer was not that dumb in the first season. The best part: Grampa dn the dog. Haha, that is one of the best scenes in the whole series.
  • Loved it!

    Way back when, when the writers, producers, directors were working on this episode, it showed they can do an episode in the past really well. But, now, not so well. I stil like the episodes nowadays, alot.

    So, the jokes in this were great. Just the plot of Lisa getting her saxophone was great and interesting, and I've watched this episode about 3, maybe 4, or maybe even 5 times!

    So, this episode, watch it! It's pretty good, and it should be the higher rated episodes on Seriously, if you havent watched this ep yet, watch it, and you won't regret it.

    But, if you are a first-time viewer of the Simpsons, try to watch an episode from the 5 or 6 season.

    10 out of 10, but it's a low 10.
  • When Lisa's sax is run over by a truck she gets extremely upset and says that she's had it as long as she can remember. Homer is shocked that she doesn't remember how she got it and precedes to tell the tale.

    This is definatley in my top 5 all time favorite episodes, it is extremely under rated. I love Homer and Marge's song it's one of my favorite musical moments of the Simpsons. "Boy The Way The Bee Gees played, Movies John Travolta made, Disco Duck and Fleetwood Mac, Comin' out of my 8 track" Awesome. And the montage of Lisa playing her saxaphone actually made me tear up a little (I know sop) Yeardley Smith's performance was especially great this episode. Lisa themed episodes are usually some of my favorite. Another knock-out from season 9 a shared #1 of season nine.
  • Maybe its just that I need to watch this episode again, but this episode was just not what I expected it to be...

    A walk down memory lane reveals the sad story of Bart's first days in kindergarten. His dislike for school and problems making friends are exacerbated by the presence of his little sister, Lisa. While meeting with J. Loren Pryor, the Springfield Elementary School psychologist, few of Bart's problems are resolved, but Homer and Marge discover that Lisa is a gifted child. Trying to foster her gift, they try to get her into a special school but can't afford it. They decide to buy Lisa a musical instrument instead, thus beginning the girl's eight-year love affair with the saxophone. Not what I expected it to be..
  • Probably my favorite flashback episode. Lisa is a gifted child alright.

    So this episode begins when Lisa(or Bart) destorys her Saxaphone when she(or he) had a fight with Bart(or Lisa). So Homer ends up telling them how they first both entered school, and how Lisa got her Saxaphone. Bart didn't like school at first because of the bully, but Millhouse became his friend and he became the class clown. Lisa on the otherhand, before she even got to preschool was recognized as a gifted child. The family could not afford to send her to a good school though, so they end up using thier air conditioning money to buy her a Saxaphone. They end up doing this again when Lisa breaks her Saxaphone. So I thought it was a great episode.
  • Lisa's Sax

    As flashback epsiodes go, I have to admit, this is one of the better ones. The crack at the very beginning about \"The Simpsons being filmed before a live studio audience\" was a little much, but I understand that it was a continuation of the allusion to \"All in the Family\". The rest of the episode definitely has its funny moments, and one can almost see the humor akin to the earlier seasons of \"The Simpsons\" shine through. I always enjoyed flashback episodes on \"The Simpsons\", and I\'m glad that this one didn\'t stray from their standard mold. All in all, \"Lisa\'s Sax\" is an epsiode worth watching, even if you\'re a fan of the first eight seasons.
  • one of my favourite flashback episodes

    this flashback revealed 2 things pivotal to the simpsons' past: bart's first day of school and when lisa got her saxaphone. i loved the "those were the days" song that marge and homer sing ("bart was feeling mighty blue, it's a shame what school can do, for no reason here's apu, those were the days"). homer concluding the story by saying "and that's the story of bart's first day of school" and lisa points out that he was supposed to be telling the story of how she got her saxaphone. this episode also reveals the first time homer says "saxamaphone" in the music shop and bart's first "eat my shorts" remark in the school grounds. despite the constant hilarious gags throughout the episode, the episode still managed to have a terrific plot and sweet scenes like homer giving up his chance to get an air conditioner to survive the summer to buy lisa's saxaphone which still managed to be funny with the inscription including the word d'oh.
  • One of my favourites for sure!

    The best Simpsons episodes are the ones that are able to stay funny while having a great plot at the same time.

    The story of the origins of Lisa's Sax was both funny and well plotted. The way they were able to tie it in with Barts 1st day of school and Homer really wanting an air conditioner was clever.

    I thought it was really touching when they had Lisa play her sax for the first time and then following it up with a montage of the many occasions that Lisa played her Sax. It showed that lisa was often at her happiest when she was playing her beloved sax and that it really meant a lot to her.

    A memorable episode!
  • A story of Lisa and her Sax.

    It was alright, I enjoyed watching it. I liked it when Marge and Homer kept chnaging the story into a story of Bart, and then finally it gets to Homer and her buying the Sax at the end. I thought it was pretty sweet of how she plays it as soon as she gets it. 'Lisa's Sax' was a pretty good episode in parts that shows you stories of Bart on his first days of school, which leads to how Lisa got her famous saxophone.