The Simpsons

Season 2 Episode 19

Lisa's Substitute

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 1991 on FOX

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  • Good!

    Seasons one and two of the Simpsons were more introductory seasons then the others, obviously because they were the first two years of such a soon-to-be popular show. One of those seasons' best episodes in Lisa's Substitute. Why is this such a good episode?

    Lisa's class gets a new substitute teacher when Miss Hoover gets sick. The sub's name is Mr. Bergstrom, and he is a very cool, hip teacher, that Lisa eventually gets a crush on {in some ways}. Lisa wants to spend time with Mr. Bergstrom and him, Homer and Lisa go to a museum where Homer embarrasses Lisa. He gets told off by Bergstrom. Lisa likes him more and wants to invite him over to dinner- little does she know, Miss Hoover is back and Bergstrom is leaving, forever. This breaks her heart, as she goes to the train tracks to say a tearful goodbye to her sub.

    Bart's sub plot is Bart running for class president, and it seems like he is going to win because of his promises, but he realizes that only a mere 2/3 people in the class voted, all for his competitor, Martin.

    Bart is sad because he lost, Lisa is sad because of Bergstrom. When Homer shows no signs of caring, Lisa calls him a baboon, and cries, leaving to her room. Homer comes in and makes things right, tells Bart how it would be bad to be class president, and even helps Maggie sleep. Homer proclaims he is a good dad. The end.

    Such a good episode. It has humor {SEX! Now that I've gotten your attention, vote Bart}, good story, and the train tracks scene is probably their best serious moment, IMO, that left a legacy {You Are Lisa Simpson}. I think this is a good episode for those who want to watch an episode with some emotion and not just all humor. Of all the characters they have been bringing back In recent years, I sincerely hope they don't bring back Bergstrom, because this is such a good episode, bringing him back could kill his character.