The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 12

Little Big Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • Bart gets a drivers' license?

    After saving Springfield from burning down in city-wide fire, Mayor Quimby awards Bart with a driver's license. During Bart's travels to a nearby town, he develops a serious relationship with a teenage girl. Meanwhile, during a presentation at school, Lisa lies about her Native American heritage and when everyone believes her, the lies result in some escalating problems for her. I thought that this was a superb episode of "The Simpsons" and it had good humor for the most part. The storyline was executed well at least for the most part and there were a lot of parts that made me laugh. Lisa' plot kinda bored me a little but I have gotten some laughs there especially the ending of that plot when Homer got shot in the head with fire... although, that's not the reason why my score is low though, I can honestly call that a "nit-pick" because while it was kinda boring, it really wasn't that bad at all. My reason for my score being a little low because I didn't like the idea of Bart dating a teenage girl and his plot just started to drag from there. So yeah, Bart's plot started out awesome and then it dragged and wasn't getting anywhere after going out with that teenage girl and the fact that they were almost gonna get married made it kinda bad for the plot. But yeah, the parts that did make me laugh was Homer constantly asking Bart to do errands for him since Bart has a car, "Do want a license to kill?" "No, to drive" (something close like that and it was said by the Mayor and Bart), Bart driving a wagon with fire extinguishers which saved Springfield from being on fire, The montage with Bart driving and the song "Low Rider" (theme song from the hit sitcom "George Lopez") playing during that montage, and many more. Overall, this was a superb episode of "The Simpsons" even though Bart's plot was KINDA bad near the end of the episode. 9/10
  • Bart gets another girlfriend and it's an older woman

    In this episode Bart saves the town from a big fire then he gets a wish. Bart wishes for a driver's license. Then Lisa lies and tells everyone that she comes from a indian heritage then Homer gives Bart a cell phone and Homer makes him do stupid things. Then Bart is mad and leaves and then he meets this older girl name Darcy. Then at the movies Bart and Darcy make-out.The Bart learns that Darcy is pregnant and wanted to marry Bart so the baby can have a Dad. Then they go to Utah. The everyone finds out that Lisa lied. Then Homer and Marge meet Darcy's parents and go to Utah. Then Bart and Darcy break up the Bart and Homer drive and sing songs
  • The story about Lisa was I have to admit somewhat weak, but the Bart story was laugh-out-loud comedy...

    Lisa invents a family history including a fake Native American tribe to impress everyone for the diversity project at school. As she gains more notoriety for her incredibly detailed story, Lisa feels more and more guilty yet keeps the farce alive hoping it will all blow over. When she finally admits to the fabrication, she must endure sensitivity training. Meanwhile, Bart discovers a nearby town and meets a girl who he thinks got pregnant from kissing him – his first kiss. They decide to run away and get married to start a new life together because the girl is afraid of telling her parents about her situation.
  • terrible

    this was a terrible episode turing a average season into a terrible one it had a bad plot a terrible sub plot. now this is the first in 15 years that i have ever missed a simpsons episode.

    the episode starts off when bart saves the town from a fire in return he is given a driver lisence now the town hero he now runs homers arons in a act to have fun bart goes to a neighbohring town and meets this fifteen year old girl he grows attached to her but she then admits that she is pregnat which is a scare for bart.
  • Probably the worst Simpsons episode...

    Amo los Simpsons...asique voy a hacer de cuenta que este episodio pedorrísimo es de otra serie...
    Realmente, muy malo este capítulo... Bart besándose a una pendeja mayor, es algo que está totalmente fuera de lo que es el personaje y después siente ganas de ser padre de la niña de 15 años y casarse... esto no son Los se que garrcha es, pero Los Simpsons no... Bart jamas fue asi, es increible como hacen esto de desdibujar las personalidades de los protagonistas para incluir cierto argumento o chiste en los nuevos episodios, sin contar que los guiones estan cada vez mas inverosímiles.

    Llegamos a un punto donde los simpsons no van a volver a ser lo que eran...quedense con la genialidad de las temporadas de las primera a la novena...

    con eso necesitas ver mas!
  • License to thrill!

    Bart saves the twon of springfield and for that reward he gets a license to drive. this time, he leaves springfeild for the town of North havenbrook,I guess just north of springfield where she meets a girl name Darcey. She toild Bart that she's pregeant and heads for Utah to get married. I love this exchange of dailogue in one scene. the pastor asked Bart on how many woman he's planning to marry. Bart answaered one! The pastor replied "What Are you, Gay Meanwhile, back in springfeild, Lisa is telling lies about her family belong to an indian tribe. Never a dull moment in Springfeild.
  • Unoriginal yet strangely entertaining

    Few people would dispute that the storyline is unoriginal - it is a mere rehash of an old episode. That was what worried me before I watched the episode, thinking this was yet another of those typical rehashings of old glories that really ought to stop.

    Yet when I watched the episode, the "neo-classical" feel to it made it strangely entertaining. There was not much depth to the story, yet the difference in a positive way reflected the ability of the Simpsons to change track without losing it (pardon the pun).

    Although there are yet more revelations in this episode (e.g. Nelson's German heritage, although that was always obvious from the surname Muntz), its constant referral to past episodes cannot be missed. Ogdenville and North Haverbrook is probably an obvious reference to the Simpsons episode with the Flintstones beginning (Season 4). Bart has yet another girlfriend for the infinit-ieth time. But fairly poor writing here was covered up by a novelty factor that broadly made sense. (Contrast this episode with what I regard as the worst episode ever, S18 e09).

    Conclusion - Episode worth watching a few times, but may get plain boring after that. Nevertheless, this is an achievement for a season 18 Simpsons episode, believe me!
  • In this episode a fire is started at cletus' barn and travels to springfield. Bart puts it out using a cart rigged with fire extinguishers. He is rewarded with a drivers license and ends up going to Utah to marry a pregnant teen.

    To qoute Comic Book Guy "Worst Episode Ever". I'm surprised that it has taken them 18 seasons to create such a terrible episode. This episode had a non-sensical plot, tried to do a satire on teen pregnancies that left me confused and irritated, and shamed family guy by tying random events into an incoherent and generally unfunny story. I would have rather had a flashback episode or another musical than this episode.
  • Bart drove a car in another episode! This time it's legal.

    Bart gets a driver's license! Well this time it's legal. I bet that in the next episode, he won't be driving anymore. I might be a little soft, because I barely laughed. The subplot showed that Lisa can be bad, but she basically names her tribe after a microwave company. This episode is unoriginal ( Remember "Bart on the Road"?) This episode was somewhat funny, considering how Homer kept disturbing Bart, but that's what happens what you're a minor and you get a car. Your parents are gonna want you to do errands. Just wait until I get a car. I'll probably get really annoyed, like Bart.
  • Bart isn't one of my favourite characters but this episode does vary from the usual Homer-oriented plots and remains entertaining.

    Both of plots in this episode, both Lisa and Bart's, were quite entertaining, though not as good as the other in this format this season, Jazzy and the Pu$$ycats

    Bart getting the license for saving the town was very funny but got a tad ridiculous when he didn't realise that he wasn't the baby's father after he learnt reproduction in both All's Fair In Oven War and Bart's Friend Falls In Love bur I guess that's a running joke that he continuously learns about sex much like the running joke about characters running off scene and hearing a car start then sometimes even a plane, which backfires in this episode when the car doesn't start.

    The alternate opening isn't as funny as the Heartbroke Kid but offers some cheap laughs when you see that Bart really shouldn't be allowed to drive.

    Lisa's plot was also quite good, especially when Homer provides information far too late about their heritage. Homer in Bart's plot had its moments but also got a bit too stupid with the cell phone.

    My favourite jokes in this episode was Homer calling a womn who's pregnant before marriage a skank and trying to back out of it unsuccessfully and Bart assuring Homer that he too will one day be a great father.

    Overall, this was yet another brilliant episode with a lot of laughs.
  • Second Best Episode of the 18th season as of 2/14/07

    I thought that this episode of The Simpsons was great. I enjoyed it a lot and to me it was the second best episode of the 18th season behind The Haw Hawed Couple. Some of the things I liked in this episode were the scenes with Bart and his girlfriend and Lisa's side story. I liked the part when Bart's girlfriend told Bart that he was preganant but that it wasn't his child because they never got that close. I also liked near the end of the episode when Lisa reveals that her Native American tribe is a fake and everyone tells the main guy that they have been lying about there past too. This episode reminded me of one of the old episodes and that is why I enjoyed it.
  • The Simpsons are back! I have watched all 390 Episodes of The Simpsode so far and Seasons 12-16 are pretty CRAP. The Simpsods have been coming back from Season 17 and are becoming as good as they used to be. Season 18 has delivered great amazing Episode.

    This is a great episode where where Lisa decides to take creative license in crafting her heritage as a Native American from the HITACHI tribe for her school project. This turns into a web of lies when Lisa is chosen to represent the school and her "people" at City Hall, and then as a keynote speaker for the National Native American. Meanwhile, as a reward for an unintentionally heroic act, Bart is granted a driver's license (I wont spoil is for you but the alternative opening scence is great). To escape family errands bart goes to a faraway town where he is romanced by an older teenage girl named Darcy (voiced by Natalie Portman), whose expectations may prove to be too much for Bart. It is soon revealed that Darcy is pregnant, though Bart is not the father, and they leave for Utah to get married...
  • While Lisa makes the Simpsons heritage more intriguing for a school project, Bart saves the day-rather accidentally-, after a freak accident, which awards him a driving license as an appreciation for his help and sets him off to the adventure of marriage.

    This episode starts off with a dozing Homer providing no reason to Lisa to be proud of the Simpsons’ heritage and, ends with a drunken Homer singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Everything in between, from a German Nelson to a flaming Smithers, is as hilarious as ever. This episode has almost everything: funny punchlines, a freak accident, a well-written plot, and even a roaming Bart screaming “Lisa Sucks” (thinking to be his last words), while Lisa gets to her usual troubles by neuroticly trying once again to be the perfect student. Overall this is one of the good episodes of the last seasons; Homer is once again the loveable buffoon, though I do miss the occassional insightful punchline he used to have during the early seasons, but still this episode both entertains and educates us.
  • There hasn't been an episode like this in a while. I'm actually getting the reaquainted with the usual feeling i get from laughing out hard from watching the simpsons.

    Previous episodes have been okay but this episode was GREAT!
    Bart finally get a license btu how he did it doesn't really matter. He meets a girl 6 years older than him...score!!!but that's not the issue. Homer finally gets someone to run his errands for him and he got the chance to be the drunk,silly and lazy person he's always hoped to be. Lisa cooks up a storm in a heritage story for her cultural project at school. The story becomes a hit and those involved wanted more.
    To get more of this, if u missed the episode u should try as much as possible to catch the rebroadcast. Two thumbs up!!!!Good job, simpsons crew!!
  • Finally a Bart adventure.

    The Little Girl was a great episode though the writing could have had a stonger wrting to it. This episode though was a great story with Bart saving the town from a fire started. This winds up with Bart rining a cart with a buch of fire extegishers. He saves the town then mayor Quimby gives a good joke when Bart asking for a licence and the mayor thinks Bart wants a licence to kill but gets his driver lincence. This leads to Bart doing earings for Homer then Bart leaves Springfield to meet this girl. He pretends be older then what he really is then he kisses her. This winds up happening with Bart thinking he is a farther but winds up not. This is a great episode.
  • Not my favorite episode(of the season), but it's still a solid episode though.

    Bart driving again, with a license? Not original, but at least he gets a girlfriend(though he had one in Season 6) who's 5 years older than him. Funny, along with Homer being annoying to him with that cell phone, and the different intro when Bart was able to drive was great as well. I didn't care too much about Lisa's absurd plot of her explanation of native heritage, but it was kind of funny though. The episode had added a twist towards the middle end that was really good and wild, but predictable and a little lacking as well. Overall, a great episode that I can enjoy and it's better than Kill Gil Vol 1 and 2, G.I. D'oh, and The Wife Aquatic, but weaker than a certain amount of episodes(The Haw-Hawked Couple and Revenge is a Dish Best Served 3 times), but still recommended to lots of fans of the show though(and watchable again and again too).
  • I miss episodes where Bart does stuff that normal 10 year olds would never do. This episode had that type of feel, which explains why the roots that made this show great in the first place, can still be found at times.

    First off, I loved the little clip of animation with the farm animals showing how the town fire starts. That was put together really well and it was hilarious. Even better was the fact that Bart puts it out ironically by doing something wrong, yet entertaining. Lisa actually does something wrong for once which turned into a very awesome subplot. She makes up a fake native american tribe and as the story goes on she digs herself into a deeper hole by lying. This episode really stands out among some of the others this season and had memorable jokes.
  • Bart saves the town from a fire from cletus the slack jawed yokel. Meanhwile Lisa pretends that she is native american for a school project.

    This is an absolute series classic. It felt like a season 3-9 episode. There was much humor and a very nice plot. Both stories were very good. Bart, Homer, and Lisa were in character. Bart acted liek he used too same as homer and lisa. Jsut a fanastic episode. I really liked how the humor was intelligent. Some of it was very random though. This and Haw-Hawed couple are series classics from this season. Those 2 and the frist three episodes of the season, the one with fat tony, the one where marge paints, and the one where bart plays the drums are the only ones that really jumped out at me. The rest were sorta lame.