The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 10

Little Big Mom

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2000 on FOX

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  • Second least favorite of the series for some reason

    In this episode, the Simpsons go skiing, and a clock falls on Marge's leg, breaking it. So now she has to stay in the hospital, and Lisa takes over her role. Sounds funny, but Homer and Bart are way too unlikeable for me.

    So Lisa teaches them what happens when you mess with Lisa Simpsons: she puts green dots all over their bodies and convinces them they have leprosy. So they are sent to Hawaii to a hospital by Flanders. There they know they don't have leprosy but intend on staying there for free.

    A really horrible episode with about one, maybe two laughs. I'm sorry, but Bart and Homer were way too unlikeable. That was the point but that doesn't make it OK, I don't think. Second worst of the series for me {doesn't help that Lisa is my least favorite out of the main characters}.
  • Marge breaks her leg and Lisa tricks Homer and Bart into thinking they have leporisy.

    I think that this episode had some moments of brillience for example when Homer is going down the slope on skies, when Bart and Homer are playing Marco Polo, or when Homer is screaming at the painful treatments. It was good to see Lisa get back at them for being such jerks to them. Then when Bart and Homer invaded the Flander's house, I couldnt stop laughing. There were just some great gags in this episode. We really got to see the brillance of the writers as they masterfully executed this wonderful plot and turned this episode into a memorable one even if it is not a series classic.
  • Hilarious episode... Loved it

    When Marge breaks her leg in a skiing accident, it's up to Lisa to run the Simpson household in her mother's absence. Lisa thinks she can handle the responsibility by implementing a structured plan and using fun management techniques like a "chore hat" from which her father and brother can randomly select a chore. Of course, Homer and Bart ignore Lisa's system and the house turns into a pig sty. Meanwhile, Marge is discovering the wonders of shiatsu massage as she receives foot, leg and hair rub-downs in the hospital. Lisa is so angry at Homer and Bart's lack of consideration that she decides to play a trick on them. With a little inspiration from the spirit of Lucille Ball, Lisa comes up with a way to trick Homer and Bart into thinking they have leprosy. Her trick works so well that Homer and Bart get sent to a leper colony in Hawaii courtesy of Ned Flanders. When Marge gets out of the hospital, she and Lisa track Homer and Bart down at the leper colony but discover that they don't want to leave.
  • lisa strikes back

    this is one of those rare lisa episodes where she is devious enough to get back at homer and bart.

    the episode starts off with the simpson family at a ski resort everyone is having fun but marge and when the family comes back to the cabin marges leg is bashed by a 15 pound clock and has to be in the hospital for a week.

    marge has put lisa in charge of the housekeeping but she gets exetremely upset when the two do as they please but now lisa has a plan by making the two thik they have lepracy a new lisa is in the works.
  • Little leprosy, Little mom

    A real laughter all the way. We got see a lengthy “Itchy and Scratchy show” which emphasizes on the beginning of cloning. The skiing scene was excellent, bringing back old memories of the Simpsons magic especially Flanders ‘revealing’ suit. Never realized Homer has a crush on Flanders deep inside. Lisa does a great job portraying as the mom and using Burn’s ‘excellent’. The whole leprosy scene is good until it stretched to Hawaii. The scene in Ned’s house was great and we get to see him without his mustache for the second time. Marge’s leg hair grown in the cast was a gag, Moe conversation with Lisa was a great gag. Although not entirely focused on Lisa, it was better than the previous episode and I think going to Hawaii wasn’t necessary.
  • Yay, imagination christmas!

    this episode is hilarious especially the scene with disco stu ("back awy, not today, disco lady")and homer's skiing injuries ("feels like i'm wearing nothing at all"). this is a great episode with hilarious scenes and a teriffic ending with lisa's prank and the needle room in hawaii. there are a lot of visual gags that make up this episode such as homer and bart's "leprocy" and marge's hairy leg. this episode shows just how disfunctional the simpson family can be without marge which is also shown in Marge in Chains and Homer Alone. a typically absurd simpsons episode from season 11.