The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 10

Little Big Mom

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Orderly: You'll have a great view of the whole beach… from the electric needle room.
      Homer: Really? The whole beach?
      Orderly: Yes… from the electric needle room.
      Homer: Electric needle room?!

    • Dr. Hibbert: Good lord, you're wasting thousands of dollars worth of Interferon!
      Homer: And you're "interferon" with our good time! Hehehehe!

    • Dolph: Woah! Phat five forty!
      Nelson: I'm getting agro on this kicker!
      Bart: Stomp that pickle revert!
      Otto: Excellent. Your lingo is progressing nicely.
      Bart: Can I go to the bathroom?
      Otto: Uh uh…say it in snowboard!
      Bart: Uum…I gotta blast a dookie?
      Otto: Dook on!

    • Ned: I guess we'll have an imagination Christmas this year..
      Rod & Todd: Yaaay! Imagination Christmas!

    • Lisa: Okay, now we're gonna draw jobs from the chore hat!
      Homer: Come on, bikini inspector! Scrub toilet? Okay, that was a practice! Practice…practice. Okay, here we go…feed fish.
      Bart: I'll supervise!
      Lisa: You know, the reason for the hat.
      Homer: Oh, it's a great hat. No one's questioning the hat.
      Lisa: Will you at least do the dishes?
      Homer: Lisa I'll do the dishes when I pick it out of the chore hat and it's not a practice..... See, there it is! But that was a practice. The system works!

    • Homer: Isn't that suit a bit revealing?
      Ned Flanders: It allows for maximum mobility. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!

    • Homer: (Reaching through Flanders' door) Brains! Brains! Use your brains to help us. Delicious brains!

    • Disco Stu: (Singing) Kids? Back away, not today, disco lady.

    • Lisa: What's in the box, Mom?
      Marge: This box? Oh, nothing.
      Bart: Are you sure? You sound nervous.
      Marge: Well, anyone would be nervous with all the economic turmoil you read about in the--Haaa!
      (She rushes outside)
      Homer: Get her! She's doing something!

    • Bart: Why would God punish a kid? I mean, an American kid.

    • Lisa: Here are your lunches, and no trading your fruit for firecrackers.
      Homer: Aw, but Lenny just got some bottle rockets.
      Lisa: You stay away from Lenny. And Bart, where's your sweater?
      Bart: It unravelled on a nail.
      Homer: That's not true, he left it on the bus!
      Bart: You're dead, squealer!
      Lisa: Those boys of mine.

    • Homer: Morning.
      Lisa: Dad, where are your clothes?
      Homer: I don't know.
      Lisa: Don't tell me Mom dresses you.
      Homer: I guess, or one of her friends.

    • Homer: We'll take the cure, bag a few lobsters, then watch some gay guys get married.

    • Homer: Ooh... the colostomizer!

    • Homer: Stupid sexy Flanders!

  • Notes

    • A ghost of Lucille Ball appears to Lisa in this episode. She presents herself as Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo Carmichael and she says there are some more. The ones left out are Carter, Barker and her real last name, Ball.

    • The Itchy and Scratchy episode was about cloning. At Scratchy's funeral, Itchy is sad. At his house, he builds a cloning machine, which he uses to invent Scratchys which he then kills. He makes a killing machine for quicker killing. This scene goes on for a few more seconds.

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not create art from dung.
      Couch Gag: The family are crash-test dummies. They find their place on the couch, which is thrust forward into the television. The couch is then reeled slowly back to its original position. Homer's neck is apparently weakened by the trauma, and his head rolls off his shoulders.

    • This episode was rated TV-14 V.

  • Allusions

    • The Virtual Doctor's voice and delivery is a parody of the famous American Online voice messages. The "You've got mail!" line is spoofed ("You've got... leprosy!") and the Virtual Doctor says "Goodbye!" in the same fashion. To make the reference more obvious, Elwood Edwards, the man that provided the AOL voice clips, voices the Virtual Doctor.

    • During the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Itchy looks at a newspaper headline that reads, "Scientist Clones Sheep." This refers to the first-ever cloned sheep, named Dolly. The first-ever cloned cat was named CC, which stands for either "Carbon Copy" or "Copy Cat," depending on who you ask. Rest assured, CC is still alive and did not come to a violent end like the cloned Scratchys.

    • The scene where Homer, Bart, and Lisa try to get their junk back from the Goodwill truck is similar to the next to last sequence of the 1995 film Toy Story in which Buzz Lightyear and Woody try to get to the moving truck.

    • The episode's title is a play on The Brady Bunch episode title, "Big Little Man." The Brady's plot, however, is quite different – there, Bobby becomes self-conscious because he has the smallest stature of the brothers and sisters.

    • Homer's fall off the ski jump bears a striking resemblance to the classic example of "the agony of defeat" shown in the opening credits to ABC's Wide World of Sports television show.

    • When Bart and Homer are trying to get into the Flanders house, crying, "Brains! Brains!," it is a reference to the 1985 zombie film Return of the Living Dead.

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