The Simpsons

Season 13 Episode 20

Little Girl in the Big Ten

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 12, 2002 on FOX

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  • perfect

    lisa befriends two college girls who think she is in college. what will happen when the truth comes out? will lisa still be friends with them? bart gets sick and must remain in a plastic bubble because he is highly contagious. can bart adapt to being bubble boy of Springfield?

    good episode, one of the best of season 13. a lot of funny lines and two interesting concepts make me one happy viewer. my overall grade for this episode is a very easy and well earned A+, simply a great episode that made me want to see how it ends
  • Lisa pretends to be a teen and barts the bubble boy!

    In this episode, Lisas failing gym, so she gets a private tutor to help with her gym grade. Later, two teenagers think Lisas also a teen so lisa plays along. Lisa finds it hard to lead a double life. One time, Millhouse, Poindexter (or whatever his name is) and Martin follow Lisa and spoil her secret. Meanwhile, when Bart gets a mosquito bite, Bart has to be sealed inside a plastic bubble. Lisa is sad cos no one wants to be her friend, so Bart helps her and together, they play a prank on skinner at his 40th or 30th year. Its okay, good to see Lisa and Bart help each other.
  • Lisa pretends to be in college and Bart is stuck in a bubble!

    This episode was just hilarious bottem line. It had so many great gags like Bart asking Abe to take him to the hospital and Abe sayinf "Finally we r doing something I want to do!" My favorite line of the whole show was when Homer says, "Bart take a bath (while sticking a hose in his bubble), and go to bed (rolls Bart down the hallway. Now that is what we call good parenting. I'm going to Moe's!" This episode will keep you in stiches from start to sinish definately watch this episode, and you wont be disappointed. A .
  • Good episode, but the "B" Plot made this episode so hilarious!!!

    Lisa befriends some college girls who are unaware of her age. At home with their heady intellectualism and always seeking acceptance, Lisa pretends to be enrolled at their school. She spends most her time on campus while going to great lengths to avoid having her cover blown. When the truth is finally revealed however, she realizes that her old life suited her just fine.

    Meanwhile, Bart is relegated to living in a bubble when he's bitten by a contagious mosquito. The story with Bart in the bubble was alot funnier than the story about Lisa acting just like a College Student.
  • Not bad at all. Give it a watch.

    Not bad at all! It was good the way the two separate stories linked in together at the end. That always makes a good episode.

    Okay, to start the episode we have Lisa failing at gym again, so she is sent to the "I Am Lugash" gym (Lugash was introduced in Children of a Lesser Clod). Most of this was funny, however, I didn't like the way Lisa woke up after passing out - it was like a manga cartoon, which isn't very fitting for The Simpsons.

    Next, Bart gets bitten by a mosquito, getting the panda virus, and must live in a bubble. At first I thought this was a stupid storyline, but it turned out to be quite funny. The only thing I didn't understand is why Bart came to the rescue of all the nerds, because he hates them (although, I suppose he does not like the bullies either).

    Meanwhile, Lisa fitted in very well with her college friends. Much of this storyline was good, but not great. However, the ending was great. Overall, this episode was good.

  • Bart in a Bubble and Lisa in College

    Neither of the two stories make perfect sense but the episode still turned out okay. my favourite scenes were the itchy and scratchy cartoon (by the way, i still can't believe it's not scratchy), bart bouncing of the handball wall and getting stuck in the tree and homer's way of showering bart and lisa using bart's bubble to get back in with the crowd and...well, i guess the whole episode. one of my favourite skinner quotes was "did they have to guess the date of my death?" when referring to the plaque honouring him. the gym scene at the beginning wasn't too funny but i did enjoy homer's quote "aw, she dreamed about hitler again". a creative episode and one that turned out okay but not head falling hilarious.