The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • one of the best of the season so far.

    A great improvement on Elementary School Musical, this episode once again follows the path of lisa

    Grampa decides to give everyone their inheritance early. They are disappointed to find that it is only enough for 50 dollars each. Bart instantly throws his money away, paying Gil to run up the 'down' escalator all day, and Homer rents a vacuum cleaner. Marge decides to by a handbag, but is pressured into buying a 500 dollar Mark Frederic signnature bag. She plans on returning it, but Homer convinces her to go out to dinner with it. While at the dinner, she gets barbe-q sauce on it, but manages to return it for a full refund. Homer realizes he can do the same thing- buy expensive items and then return them. Meanwhile, Lisa decides to give her 50$ to charity, but ends up financing nelson's bike shop. When she finds out he is making so much money with it he is deciding to quit school, she tries to talk him out of it, to no avail. Great episode, I loved the facebook references and the classy buffet dinner. 8.0/10
  • Lisa loans Nelson $50 to help his bike repairing company, while Homer buys stuff to use and return in a short period.

    So Granda has big news, but the family isn't so excited to go see him:

    Bart: I thought we were going to breakfast.
    Marge: First, we're visiting grampa.
    Homer: No fair, we just went to church.
    Bart: So we already heard stories from thousands of years ago that didn't happen.

    There, Grampa makes the big annoucnement that he is giving them their inheritance now, and gives $50 each. AT Costingotons, Bart paid his 50 to a loser (Gil) to walk upstairs on the downwards escalator all day, and MArge buys a 500 bag, after being teased by BErnice Hibbert, Helen and Julio. Marge tells Homer and his reply ($500? that's like ten dead grampas!) makes her try to go and return it, but Homer convives her to enjoy it for one night. homer says he spend his on cleanign the carpet, and Marge aks him if the cat is in the cleaner (Marge: Is that the cat in there? Homer: It's a cat, I'm not sure if it's THE cat.)

    Meanwhile, Lisa loans her money to Nelson, to fund his bike-repairing comany (Snot-Wheels). And she casually visits hhim frquently, until revealing tgo him she loaned her the money thorugh internet (Nelsons answer? - You're L. Simpson jazzgirl!?!!). AT fancy dinner, Marge is very worried sth spills on her bag, but goes to the bouffet table, where Homer accidentally spills a drop of shrimp sauce in it (Chief Wiggum: I bet that looked super cool in slow motion. Too bad we saw it in regular motion.). At Costignton's MArge is able to return it anyways, which gives Homer the idea to buy luxiuries, use them and reutrn them.

    Meanwhile Lisa learns Nelson is plannig to drop out of school and goes to warn SKinner, who is more excited about Nelson paying $11 to his employees that worrying about that. Turns out Chalmers wants the job too.

    Superintendent Chalmers: SKINNER! So, you heard about the eleven dollars an hour?!
    Skinner: I heard about it first!
    Chalmers: Sure, the thing is...(pushes Skiner inside wardrobe).

    Lisa then takes Nelson to a business conference, to show him school is important. SHe decides to ask Mark Zuckerberg, who says he dropped out of school. Lisa then worries everyone succesful is a school-drop out. Meanwhile at Costington's Homer goes to return a handful of things only to meet Hansen, from To Catch a CRedit-Whore, who makes him say he's been tricking the system, and Homer panicks and runs.

    Homer: You'll never catch me! (coming back) Do you need my authorization to show this on TV?
    Hansen: Sign here
    Homer: (signs)...NEVER!!!!!! (comes back yet again) Could you tell me when will you show this, I wanna make a party to show it to my friends.

    So Lisa goes to see Nelson and finds him returing the money to everyone, (Raplh paid with a box of crap), and gives Skinner his last 50 (Skinner: Now I can buy paint for art class instead of that berries I found in the forest!). And then he uses his remaining money to take Lisa roller-skating. The last scene was pretty funny, with Nelson and Lisa knockign out someone and going: Haw-Haw! and Lisa saying Sorry!, but the gag occurs when they knock Mark zuckerberg and he post on Facebook he is in pain, and Nelson and Lisa comment Haw-Haw and Sorry, repsectively.

    Thsi episode was full of laughs and is a great addition to the series, keep it up writers! 9.5/10!
  • Pretty Good.

    I think that this episode was pretty good, considering its one of the "Post-Classic" Simpsons. For the most part, it was decent. The thing that I did not like was the part about Facebook. That, to me, was not at all funny. In this episode, Grampa gives away all his fortune to the rest of the Simpson family. All of them get 50 bucks each. Marge is pressured into buying a purse that costs 500 dollars. After they finally return it, Homer gets the idea to buy even more expensive things and use them briefly and return them as well. Lisa decides to donate her money when she invests in Nelson's bike design business. The part that I liked was when Homer was returning everything and they caught him trying to rip-off the store.

    Overall, a pretty solid episode considering that its a newer one. 8.5/10
  • Big improvement on last week

    Grampa gives each member of the family $50. Marge goes over her money limit, and buys a $500 bag. She promises to return it, but Homer gives her one night on the town with it. Meanwhile, Lisa uses her money to sponsor Nelson, who wants to open a bike shop. He uses the money to do that, but decides to drop out of school. Lisa tries to talk him out of it, but nelson sees that a lot of successful people dropped out of school, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.

    This was a great episode. I loved all the facebook references, The Itchy and Scratchy parody of Up,and the animation was great.

    Overall Grade: 95%/A
  • A big improvement over last week, but is still a problem in one area....

    In this episode, there are several parts of the story going on. Lisa, Bart, Homer, and Marge all get $50 dollars from Grandpa for their inheritance and they each spend it on something different. Things get good from there. This was an overall very satisfying episode. It was full of funny celebrity and pop culture references, but at times it was an overdose of pop culture references. Still, it was funny for a majority. The Facebook reference was by far the funniest. My favorite side of the story was when Nelson opened up the Bike Shop.

    Hopefully next week can be even better. ;)
  • this was fantastic!

    lisa funds nelson's bike business and nelson becomes so succesful that he wants to drop out of school. can lisa save him from doing so?

    wow, this was honestly one of my favorite post-classic episodes. I'd be more than satisfied if there were more episodes like this in the 22nd season. I laughed at a lot of stuff and I was really enjoying myself throughout this episode. This was fantastic! My overall grade for this episode is an A+, holy crab, I wish for more episodes like this! Keep 'em coming Al Jean! Keep 'em coming! Fantastic episode overall methinks