The Simpsons

Season 24 Episode 12

Love is a Many Splintered Thing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • (Marge finds Maggie playing with a coaster from Moe's Tavern)
      Marge: Homer Simpson, did you take our baby to Moe's?
      Homer: It was during happy hour. Don't you want our baby to be happy?

    • Lisa: Don't you see? You're taking women for granted. And aside from being lumped together and generalized about, it's the one thing all women hate.

      Homer: (Scoffs) How can something that applies to Bart apply to me? I'm so much older and wiser.
      Bart: More like balder and wider!
      Homer: Why you little.... (begins strangling Bart in front of a scared Milhouse) I'll teach you to say something that sounds similar.

  • Notes

    • Show Title: Santa's Little Helper flying on his doghouse like Snoopy as a WWI pilot getting shot at by the Red Baron.
      Billboard Gag: Springfield Isotopes: Spring training tickets available. (with one of the players pictured saying "Watch me get ready!")
      Chalkboard Gag: I was not nominated for "Best spoken swear word".
      Lisa: Playing the violin instead of her usual saxophone.
      Couch Gag: Five Moes sit on the couch dressed as each of the Simpsons, four of them singing "The Szyslaks", similar in tune to "The Simpsons" in the show's title. The Moe dressed as Maggie removes his pacifier saying "Already cancelled", leaving the others dejected as they walk out of the scene.

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