The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 17

Love is a Many Strangled Thing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2011 on FOX

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  • Better than the Scoripon's Tale

    After Homer humiliates Bart in public, Marge enrolls him in a fathering class in hopes he'll be a more sensitive dad. When the counselor learns Homer often strangles his son, he subjects him to his own medicine courtesy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The treatment is effective to make Homer stop his abuse, but Bart takes advantage of the situation by humiliating him in return and behaving out of control at school and home. As a result, Marge seeks the counselor's help in restoring the status quo between father and son. I hasn't Cheech and Choch episode yet but it was better than the Scoripon's tale. The storyline was still boring in some parts. I did cracked up at the parts Homer shooting the 'm' (in Marry me Pam to Marry me Pa"), then the dad slap his son, the flashback where younger Homer strangled Grampa, and some other parts. Those were the lol moments. Overall, the episode was great. 8/10
  • terrible

    Homer embarrasses Bart in public by making him laugh so hard he pees himself. Then, homer goes see a therapist who tries to help Homer become a better parent. When Homer reveals he strangles his son, the therapist has guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar strangle Homer. Then, homer is too scared to touch Bart, letting Bart do whatever he pleases. Will the simpson family ever be the same again?

    Um, this was boring for me. I only laughed at two things; little homer strangling Grandpa, and Bart in Homer's dream. The rest was boring and even some of it did not make sense. Like, why would Bart suddenly be able to do whatever he wanted? Homer can't STRANGLE Bart, but he can still PUNISH him… right? You'd think so, right? I don't know. This is probably my least favorite of season 22, because I felt it was boring and not funny. D or so.
  • Average episode of "The Simpsons"

    I thought that this was an overall good episode but it was also average. The Simpsons family go to a game after Homer saves Mr. Burn's life from the hot air balloon. Homer was tickling Bart because he was being a party pooper and Bart was laughing so hard that he urined in his pants and gets embarrassed. Homer goes to a fathering class but when Homer told everyone that he strangles Bart... they get shocked and have therapy for Homer. A Lakers basketball player had to strangle Homer to show him what it feels like to be strangled. After all that strangling, Homer starts to become afraid of Bart and Bart begins to be a bully. Marge goes to the therapist and tells him that he needs to help Bart and Homer. I thought it was hilarious when Homer tries to shoot the hot air balloon that Mr. Burns was on and instead shot the "m" off the sign "Marry Me Pam" which says "Marry Me Pa" and the dad says "you sicken me" and slaps his older son. I thought it was hilarious when Little Homer was strangling Grandpa. It was hilarious when the screen said "got urine?" after Bart urined in this pants in public. The thing that bugged me about this episode was that the plot was a little weak and when Homer was hanged on the rope and all Bart cared about was texting. Overall, an average but good episode of "The Simpsons". 7.5/10
  • Horrible....

    Probably one of the worst episodes of The Simpsons I have ever seen. Bad plot not even funny, I didn't smile when I saw this episode because it was just awful and ridiculous. I'm starting to not care for this show anymore and the makers of it either. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obviously, you see a 10 as my rating for this show, I did smile, I did laugh, and I think the plot was fantastic! I like how Bart got more power than Homer because of his anxiety from going to a Fathering class and being strangled by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and really? It doesn't have to be a perfect episode, no episode is perfect, it is just animation, but as long as they have really funny moments and gags, then the show is perfect to me.
  • -Flashback- Abe: Look at this grades! They're a disgrace! No TV for a week! Kid Homer: WHY YOU LITTLE -strangles Grandpa-

    So Burns is inspecting the power plant in the hot air ballon from "Around the World in 80 Days" and after changing a graffitti is blown away by wind. Homer shoots a gargolyle that lowers Burns to the groud, and burns gifts him tickets to nothing-head day at the new stadium (not all the money & all his stuff like Homer wanted). There, when the jumbotron asks them to dance, Bart refuses, so Homer tickles him until he pees himself, making Marge send him to parenting classes.

    Sooo, there Homer says he strangled Bart cause he was raised like that (cue flahsback form kid homer strangling Abe). Dr. Zander hires Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to strangle Homer so he feels like Bart (why?). Then Homer can't hurt Bart, so he takes this as a freepass to do whatever he wants (cause Marge, Skinner, Edna, Wiggum and every authority can't do anythign). MArge goes to ask Zander for more therapy but she learns that the economy made them lose their jobs.

    Marge hires him for a weekend by paying him beans. At the wilderness, Zander plans to fix the bond between Homer and Bart. Bart then puts a snake on Homer's pants, Zander touches Homer's penis & the snake retuns to the pants. Bart makes HOmer bump into cacti, and then makes Homer attmept to hang himself, cause Bart will cut the rope (like the app!). But Bart doens't, he prank texts Moe, making Zander choke Bart.

    Oh, I forgot that filler scene of Marge & Lisa watchign sad pony films doing each other mani-pedies and eating sundaes. Then Bart frees Homer, and they sue Dr. Zander, getting his hollow tree by winning the case, and they agree that therapy works.

    Overall: While the story was kinda all-over-the-place, it was really funny ("No star wars parodies!"). I agree though that after Bart prank texted Moe he should have saved Homer instead of burping. But the episode was hilarious, so I give it a 9/10.