The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 16

Make Room for Lisa

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 1999 on FOX

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  • When Homer agrees to let a telephone company put a transmitter in Lisa's room, she becomes Bart's unwanted roommate. The stress leads Lisa to a sensory deprivation tank, where she learns to appreciate her father more.

    amazing episode,top ten
    because it has heart and its funny the heart because homer is trying to have a better relationship with lisa and its funny because marge secretly listens to ppl talk around springfield without at them noticing that its marge and funny things happen like marge writes "krusty gay and marge knocks out milhouse with a monitor. I loved the humour because i find rarely you see marge be funny but in this episode she actually was. And at the end of the episode Lisa notice's that homer is doing he's best for her love and she actually goes to one of Homer events that he loves and puts her head on his shoulder. How sweet.
  • Tied with Little Big Mom

    This episode is pretty much tied with Little Big Mom as my least favorite episode{s}. There was just so much to this episode I didn't like. Homer was incredibly annoying to Lisa, and in the end LISA apologized for her attitude. Wow. And Bart was also annoying. It is hard to criticize Homer and Bart, but when they are this annoying for no reason, I can't help but weep.

    There was some humor in the first act, and very little could be found in the last two. I just hate this episode so much for some reason.

    Overall grade would be D, because I just can't give an episode an F... yet
  • A nice episode

    Its Lisa's turn to pick a weekend acitivity much to Homer's despair. However when he destroys the Bill of Rights, he gets into trouble with the Omitouch people (led by Lindsey Nagel). There's only one solution - put a giant mast in Lisa's room! She is furious and starts to suffer from stress. She and Homer go to a New-Age shop where they embark on a magical journey in some relaxation capsuals. Homer manages to leave the store in a Repo Van whilst Lisa realises through a vision of herself as Homer she's being to hard on him. They then reconnect and head to the Demolition Derby - something they both enjoy.

    This is another episode which showcases Homer as a good father. Best bits? Marge attacking Milhouse; Homer singing Witchdoctor and When Animals Attack Magicians.
  • Lisa accept your father and shut up!

    This is a repetitive storyline in the Simpson's universe (just like the Marge hates Homer storylines) Lisas love for his father, Homer, is so strange. Most of the episodes they get along just fne, but then, we come to this. After having a good relationship for a couple of months, well Lisa decides it is time to throw a tantrum and put poor Homer to the test. I really wonder what is wrong with Lisa, why can't she accept her father the way he is? Well that's a hard one, because we all know homer is a jerk, but not a jerk to her, atleast not the way he is to some other people, specially Bart.
  • Good episode...

    When Homer agrees to allow an OmniTouch cellular phone tower to be placed on the roof of his house, Lisa begins to grow increasingly irritable. Seeking a solution to her tension and stomach aches, Homer takes her to a New Age store, where the salesperson recommends Sensory Deprivation. While resting in a tank full of water, Lisa has a series of visions that show her how much her father loves her. Homer, meanwhile, is in his own tank, which somehow drifts out of the store and sends him on an entirely different journey. When they each emerge from their deprivations, Lisa and Homer have a new understanding of their relationship and agree to spend more time together by going to the demolition derby.
  • Fast paced yet good.

    This was a good episode. Homer burns the Bill of Rights, which made me laugh. Then through a sequence of events he has to make it up to Lisa cuz he had to use her room for some phone thing (which Marge used to spy on people and ended up hitting Millhouse in the face that was funny). Then they are in these tanks with water and I thought Lisa's was good but I loved Homer's escpecially when Flander's buries him. Chief Wiggum was also funny. The ending was also touching with the Debolition Derby. So, it was a nice episode. Also, it was sad when Lisa told Homer how as they grow older they will become more and more sepreated or something.
  • A Homer-Lisa episode

    this episode is a great one especially the scenes where homer is in the sensory deprivation tank and goes through all the sequences including getting buried by the flanders. i love chief wiggum's line "crime doesn't take a vacation" and then we see that fat tony and the rest of the mafia are playing volleyball. lisa's imagination is great too especially when she's homer and the demolition derby at the end of the episode is a great way to end the episode. Homer ruining the Bill of Rights at the start is a great way to start a terrific episode.