The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 17

Marge Gamer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2007 on FOX

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  • Silkroad Marge

    I loved the theme of the online games such as Silkroad which is Marge play something looks like it, I know it was so popular games in 2006,2007 I just loved that episode, but hated Lisa's story was so out of character..
  • Marge plays an online game called World of Warcraft with Bart and Homer becomes a referee for Lisa's soccer game

    Marge becomes a spectacle during a PTA meeting for not having an e-mail address, and she decides to take a chance on using the Internet. Amazed and delighted by all the Internet has to offer, Marge decides to join a popular role-playing fantasy game named "Earthland Realms." To Marge's dismay, the game has her interacting with practically the whole town of Springfield, including Bart, who happens to be the game's most feared and destructive player. Meanwhile, Homer saves Lisa's soccer game from cancellation after he volunteers to take the place of a referee who recently quit. However, Homer's refereeing skills only exasperate Lisa, and her competitive streak gets the best of her. I thought that this was a superb episode of "The Simpsons". While it wasn't my favorite, I still found it to be a very enjoyable episode. The storylines in this episode were pretty good for the most part and there were some funny parts in this episode. Marge online gaming with Bart was pretty funny to watch but I lost interest in the plot after Bart accidentally killed Marge in the game and she gets upset at Bart... not that it was bad but it just got boring and a bit pointless so that's what lowered my score a little. The plot with Homer becoming a referee at Lisa's soccer game was a little boring as well but I enjoyed this plot more and it had more humor. The parts that made me laugh were Ronaldo's cameo appearance, Bart accidentally killing Marge in World of Warcraft, Homer being a referee was very funny to see, and some more funny parts. That's all I have to say about this one and while it was getting boring mainly in the Bart/Marge plot, it was still enjoyable to see. Overall, a superb episode of "The Simpsons". 9/10
  • Not as good as I thought.

    Marge joins a popular role playing game called "Earthland Realms". Meanwhile Lisa falls in love with soccer after Homer saves Lisa's soccer game from cancellation by volunteering to take the place of a ref who quit.

    What I liked:
    * Lisa plays soccer. Which is kind of a surprise because she normally doesn't do stuff like that.
    * Homer the ref. I don't think that I would want my dad reffing my soccer games but I thought that it was pretty funny watching Homer ref Lisa's game.
    * Bart accidentally killing Marge on " Earthland Realms"

    What I didn't like:
    * The Marge part of the ep. To me, it seemed like it was yet another pathetic attempt to make Marge look cool.

    Overall, I think that this ep would've been better if they left the Marge part out of it. The rest of the ep was pretty good though. I would give that part an 8.5/10.
  • Marge bonds with Bart through World of Warcraft. Lisa loves soccer.

    Marge becomes a spectacle during a PTA meeting for not having an e-mail address, and she decides to take a chance on using the Internet. Amazed and delighted by all the Internet has to offer, Marge joins a popular role-playing fantasy game called "Earthland Realms." To Marge's dismay, the game has her interacting with practically the whole town of Springfield including Bart, who happens to be the game's most feared and destructive player. Meanwhile, Homer saves Lisa's soccer game from cancellation after he volunteers to take the place of a referee who recently quit. However, Homer's refereeing skills only exasperate Lisa, and her competitive streak gets the best of her. Personally I loved both story lines in this episode. I thought both were well-written. This was just a great episode watch it.
  • An episode which may just confirm my suspicions that Marge can't carry an episode as well as some of the other established characters.

    Generally I found the episode entertaining and it had some great jokes however I was not overly impressed with the Marge storyline. Firstly I believe they could have found Marge something much more interesting to do with her computer, like Homer when he started all those conspiracies in "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes". In addition I also believe that it should have been the Lisa and Homer storyline heading the episode with Marge and Bart's Story as the sub-plot. The Lisa storyline was quite interesting and was certainly the funnier of the two which could have been made better if it was indeed the main plot of the episode. As far as the cameo goes from Ronaldo I was disappointed although he is by far my favourite ever soccer player I expected more. His appearance made little sense and I found it to be unfunny. I also believe he should have worked on his vocals as his voice sounded unnatural and inexperienced especially in contrast to some of the other great cameo characters we have seen over the years on The Simpsons. Overall I rate the episode 7.5.
  • another marge episode

    it is another marge episode that is much better than i expected although it was not that great it is above average for a marge episode and a great homer and lisa subplot in all this was a above average episode

    the episode starts off when marge decides to get a computer there she joins a online game where bart is a notourious member of the game who destroys all the characters then marge decides that she can do what she wants on the site. meanwhile homer becomes a reffree for lisa's soccer team and now she decides that she can win her team the game with her father on her side
  • A fantastic episode; really funny and a great cameo by Ronaldo.

    This episode was so clever. The idea of Marge and many of the other characters being depicted in a video game is so clever. My favourite scenes were when she was walking into a wall in the game and she says " This is so annoying" then we see that grandpa is doing the same thing but in real life. I also adore it when she's looking at the internet, getting nowhere by pressing refresh and the banner headlines changing all the time. The scene that I rewind about ten times every time I watch this episode though is the one where Marge sees what their house looks like from space, sees Homer and tells him to put on a towel. That is just hilarious.
  • The Simpsons parody of World of War craft! LOL Lisa falls in love with soccer.

    Marge becomes a spectacle during a PTA meeting for not having an e-mail address, and she decides to take a chance on using the Internet. Amazed and delighted by all the Internet has to offer, Marge joins a popular role-playing fantasy game called "Earthland Realms." To Marge's dismay, the game has her interacting with practically the whole town of Springfield including Bart, who happens to be the game's most feared and destructive player. Meanwhile, Homer saves Lisa's soccer game from cancellation after he volunteers to take the place of a referee who recently quit. However, Homer's refereeing skills only exasperate Lisa, and her competitive streak gets the best of her.
  • It wasn't fantastic but its the first to make me laugh in a long time.

    Well, its my first review so i better do a good job! This episodes funny jokes did not come in big packages but its sure a lot hell funnier than the episode before it, and the one before that and the one before that and so on.First of all the episode's plot was of course copied from south park's Make Love Not Warcraft.The only funny things were Ronaldos appearence, Marges revenge and of course Homers line : "When i put these shorts on i am not your father any more and judging by how tight they are i am never going to be anyone elses either." Thats just my opinion.
  • my favorite episode but only one thing is wrong...

    People think this episode has an online RPG based on the popular MMORPG WoW, however, I am a WoW player and see little resemblance, i mean honestly people just because there are lots of things based on WoW (i.e: the popular southpark episode: Make Love Not Warcraft) doesn't mean every online game is, anyway, this is my favorite episode and think it's one of simpson's best!
  • Fine Example to get Marge into the internet

    One day,At a PTA meeting.The people start asking for E-mail address!But,Marge doesn"t have one.So,Lisa wants to show Marge how to start her carrer on the internet.And soon,Marge plays an online game.And a mean warrier is in it and guess who it is,BART!And later on,Homer wants to help lisa in a soccer game.
  • Hardly a ripoff, It does however make me wanna play Runescape again.

    The latest episode of The Simpsons is criticized by some as being a ripoff of the World of Warcraft episode South Park, but thats not at all true. The South Park episode was basically a direct parody of WoW and MMORPGs in general The Simpsons told a story about Marge interfering with Bart's life set in an Runescape-type game. I hardly think South Park owns the rights to any and all uses of MMORPGs on tv. The episode takes off with Marge starting to play Earthland Realms an online role player which is played by many residents of springfield(go figure). The character models in this game are pretty much just that real life (tv)character in some medieval clothes, which is a double-edged sword for me. On one side this is pretty inaccurate for a video game and my nerdy-MMORPG-playing-OCD self has a problem with this, but as a Simpsons fan Im happy the writers didnt do a super accurate game that just screamed "watch this (gimmicky)episode because its like WOW". Although I do wish the game world was a bit more realistic so it could actually feel it they were in a video game and not a halloween episode.

    Marge gets addicted and soon sees that the online world is ruled by a very strong and destructive player called the Shadow Knight. Its revealed that the Shadow Knight is really Bart and Marge is delighted that her son is so successful at something(go figure). Marge starts intruding on Bart's online life leading Bart to finally being defeated by the other residents and him quitting that online game to experience the outside world. Overall this plot wasnt very good or funny, it wasnt realistic so it wont appeal to gamers but it wasnt gimmicky so... eh good for them.

    The Homer-Lisa soccer subplot was the better one(go figure). Lisa joins the local soccer team and Homer becames a ref. A few decent jokes are made and Ronaldo makes an uncalled for guest appearance, theres a reason why Ronaldo is a soccer player and not a voice actor and if you walk away with anything after this episode its that. Anywho something happens and everyone learns a lesson, except Marge(go figure), the end.

    Overall the stories were watchable but most of the jokes were pretty lame. The episode gets credit for not being a half hour commerical for a video game ...coughsouthparkcough.
  • Homer gets another job: soccer referee

    While South Park already did a Warcraft episode, this Simpsons episode is much funnier because Make Love Not Warcraft had no real jokes about the game itself and was basically a long advertisement but Marge Gamer is a parody with great in jokes about character traits coming out in their computer selves and Bart's killing spree.

    There are a lot of great moments in this episode from both plots, such as the real Moe not capable of giving advice so has been replaced for unknown reasons, the documentary, and the town being ashamed of Marge's lack of email.

    Overall, both plots of this episode are great, with Lisa actually being selfish for once and embracing Homer's favouritism, and Marge and Bart bonding over an internet game, where Bart realises it's more fun to play outside, which most people already know.
  • Even though South Park did it, it was still very good.

    This was the first new episode I've watched in years and I was impressed. This episode debunked all rumors that The Simpsons were going downhill. South Park had already done this episode, but I think the Simpsons put enough of a twist on it to make it their own. The main storyline was pretty funny but also showed that game like 'Earthland Realms' or Runescape can become addictive and you'll end up losing your money. I'd know, I was a habbo geek for a long time. But anyway, the sub-plot of Lisa playing soccer was good and her diving showed she is just a competitive 8 year old who just wants to win.
  • Hither me forth on mine arduous quest!

    In this episode, Marge plays an online RPG in which Bart is already a player, and Lisa takes up soccer and Homer becomes a ref. Marge's dorkiness is funny as always, and Lisa is surprisingly hilarious.

    By the way, Marge redecorates Bart's in-game trophy room with the "Hello Kitty Expansion Pack". In the South Park version of this episode, Butters says he'd rather play "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" than World of Warcraft. I bet people who play these types of game probably would find Hello Kitty to be lame and dragons and hobbits to be cool. It's very obvious that Hello Kitty is way cooler than dragons.
  • This was a complete rip-off of an episode of South Park where the boys played world of warcraft all day... except South Park's parody was way more hilarious...

    Marge even used some Hello Kitty expansion pack on Bart's dungeon... the same reference used in the episode of South Park where all the kids were playing World of Warcraft but Butters was playing Hello Kitty: Island Adventures... this was a very unoriginal episode... South Park even did an episode called "The Simpsons Did It"... claiming that The Simpsons have pretty much done every idea in the world as far as cartoon shows are concerned... but maybe the writers were trying to get back at South Park and rip them off of their own original episode? I don't know... some parts were funny though like with Apu and Bend It Like Beckham and Skinner as a turkey haha.. it wasn't that bad of an episode, just completely unoriginal is all.
  • In this episode we have two stories bound by a common element: Marge and Homer decide to participate in something Bart and Lisa have taken an interest in much to the dismay of Bart and Lisa.

    A terrific episode with very clever and funny dialouge. Though there are two similar stories playing out, however the primary focus is on Marge and Bart and their involvement in the game "Earthland Realms" (Though Homer has some very funny lines during the soccer games). What's particularly good are the side elements of the story (The internet ads seen, Marge reading the terms of "Earthland Realms", the crowd's reaction to Marge revealing she doesn't have an e mail address.) and clever jokes from start to finish. The journey into "Earthland" is definitely worth taking.
  • feelin a strong vibe coming on.

    I can't remember (for a long while anyway) watching one great episode one week and the next week's episode being just as good. Marge becomes a gamer and Homer became a soccer coach the both sort of go together. It was kind of hard to enjoy it since south park had done a joke about online role playing games and it became one of my favorite episodes of that show and I can see some ripoffs in here. Even the hello kitty expansion pack which was kind of funny, South Park had an even funnier joke using hello kitty in which Butters said "I like hello kitty island adventures a whole lot better than this stuff" when Cartman yells at him in the game. Marge also doesn't develop any overweight problems but then that might have looked like a total ripoff. Aside from that the whole episode was a refreshing, entertaining and funny welcome back. Homer not crying or screaming did help too, he's done that way too much a lot in the past 2 or 4 years.

    Maybe the really great jokes are being written into the movie.
  • Marge becomes obsessed with the internet and joins an online game. Lisa loves soccer until Homer becomes a referee.

    This episode was so funny! I loved how both the girls (marge and lisa) were mad at the guys (bart and homer). This was a great episode and this season has some really good ones. For those who said it ripped off Southpark. Who cares? Southpark rips off so many things like movies and other shows. Its because Southpark does it so much many think its original when its not. The Simpsons has been on for so long and has beaten everything on air except sesame street so if they want to copy, I wouldn't care because other shows copied from them already. My favorite scene was when the bullys were about to beat up marge and bart comes to the rescue. Kearney says he can'trun and dolph trys to tell him to hit ctrl, shift, and something but they die before he finishes. This was a great episode and I hope the rest of the season is the same way.
  • The funniest in a long time.

    Marge Gamer was a really great episode. Both plots really blong together and the writing was pratcally genues. The first plot with Marge who is really intrested in an online roleplaying game turned a little slow to start bot got interesting as the story went on. It was sad how it ended with Bart who had the most powerful and feared game killing Marges character though before that the joke with Marge saying to Bart after Bart saying its to early to sleep she says I can sleep all I want because im dead was really funny. The Second plot was similar to the first plot because now its Homer and Lisa instead of Marge and Bart. It deals with Homer becoming a refree after the orignal quite and Lisa used Homers calls. I like that they cameoed Jessica Lovejoy but she didnt talk. I guess Meyrl Streep would have costed to much to guest star. I also saw Sophie who was Krusties daughter and she didnt talk, maybe becuase Drew Barrymore would have costed to much too.

    Overall a really great episode.
  • On-line fun!

    Marge is the only person in Springfeild that doesn't have a E-mail address, but that has changed in the first five monutes oif this episode. whgen she did, it open up a new world that she never igmine existed. She enter in the "Earthland Realms" where she was shocked to see that half of Springfeild is also playing the game including Bart as a black knight. this epiosde is fun. It's one of the best episodes of the series. the secondary story is lisa is a Soccer game coached by Homer. I like this epiosde a lot. Yes and Episode 400 is around the corner.
  • Meh

    marge gets addicted to to a world of warcraft esq computer game.....oh wait south park has already done this, even though not the exact storyline they did this and better, and so another bad episode of the simpsons goes bad to bring the show down again and damages my hope for the movie this summer. Only thing kind of funny was the football riot that was still going on 22years later and skinner as a chicken made me laugh. Pointless character of ronaldo, i thought they might have got someone with more universal appeal. Ah well maybe one day the simpsons will return to its humorous and story driven roots
  • One of a classical Simpsons Episode!!

    This was one of my favorite episode of the Simpsons. It’s not my FAVORITE, but it’s one of them. I couldn’t make this episode any better. It had a very good plot, and it was very funny. I had some really good laughs. This episode is highly recommended.Best episode of Season Eighteen. I’d watch this episode over and over again.
  • The classical piece played in this episode is lovely.

    A quite different episode with a little darker undertones.
    Almost like a part of a Halloween episode.
    There was a bit strange dialogue in the realm game among the players but thats needed for the fluidness of the story, and also for those who dont know about online role playing.
    Somtimes an episode seems to be a filler almost like a clip show, when waiting for "real" episodes.
    Im so much looking forward to the episode which contain Kiefer Sutherland and is a spoof on 24.

    Do anyone know the classical piece played when the virgin Mary kicks the soccer players butts?

    Thanks for reading.
  • Liked it, though parts of it were a bit strange.

    I liked this episode, but I know a few ways it could have been better. Earthland Realms was a bit strange though (not that I didn't like it). The way everyone looked like what they really look like was a bit far fetched, and how the graphics were perfect, and everyone was talking and gesturing and falling and acting like they do in real life was..They shouldn't have done that. I would have like seen the characters 'fighting' each other while being a meter away, or walking mechanically, or trying to walk into a closed area that's really a wall, etc. But I'm sure that the writers know MMORGs (that how you spell it?) don't really look like that, so it must have been on purpose, not just laziness. Perhaps they wanted to show how real these worlds really are, almost an alternate reality. With a bit of satire of the stupidity of it (14.00$ a month? I didn't mind playing Runescape for free, but I would never pay for it!). I foresee a future world were MMORGs really are like they were presented in this episode (And this, real, world is only used to eat so they can live, work for their apartment, and use their apartement to play on a MMORG, which is their one reason to live).
  • I think it was more of a parody of runescape rather than world of warcraft, a mother and a son interacting in an online multiplayer game, and homer and lisas soccer story really made this episode interesting

    I was in a crowded room when i watched this, and the whole room was dying from laughter, Homer as a referee was hilarious, and marge on the internet was priceless. Im really glad to see the simpsons are slowly but surely turning the show around to the style it used to be, the characters, the gags, and a good plot that doesnt have to be completely ridiculous. Its been a long wait for this episode, but it was definitely worth it. This episode is a must-see and I cant see how Ill ever forget this episode. The jokes were not nonsensical and childish/dumb, because they were delivered at right moment and were very clever.
  • One of the best episodes this season

    This was probably one of the funniest episodes this season. It somewhat reminded me of what the simpsons used to be. I thought it was pretty hilarious, and it was one of the first newer episodes ive laughed out loud more then 5 times. Also it wasn't a complete rip off of the south park episode last season. It was actually pretty original, and I also liked how they tried to incorporate all the other characters in the show into the online world. Aside from the main story, Lisa's failed venture into the soccer world was one of the better side stories recently. Thats hill-william sir. Very good episode.
  • Yeah, this has been done.

    I like "The Simpsons" as much as the next person, but I'm afraid the writers have run out of ideas. They got the idea for most of the episode from the "South Park" episode on World of Warcraft. People from around town playing parts in the video game? Doesn't that sound like Cartman, Kenny, and co. playing World of Warcraft?

    I will admit that the whole thing with Marge playing the game and changing Bart's character's persona was pretty funny; however, I hate to see writers rip off someone else's idea. In their defense, "South Park" did do that whole "The Simpsons already did it" thing, but still....the World of Warcraft thing was funnier when "South Park" did it.