The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 17

Marge Gamer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Music in this Episode
      "Surfin' Safari" by The Beach Boys
      "Barber's Adagio For Strings" by William Orbit

    • We see Sophie on Lisa's soccer team (Krusty's illegitimate daughter). This is her first appearance since her introduction in "Insane Clown Poppy".

    • Marge says that she has the same birthday as Randy Quaid (October 1st), but in the episode titled "Kiss, Kiss Bang Bangalore" it's stated that her birthday is in May.

    • Marge mentions that she's not familiar with what Google is, but in "Mobile Homer" she knows that Homer spends most of his work day Googling his own name.

    • While playing football in the backyard with Homer and the kids, Ronaldo first appears with the Brazil equipment dressed on, the next scene he is wearing a Real Madrid one.

    • When the camera zooms up the computer screen for the satellite image we can clearly see the URL typed in is, a few moments later though, the address is way longer.

    • Kearney (one of the bullies) can be seen in the background at the Parent/Teacher conference. This may be because Kearney himself has a son.

    • In this episode, Ronaldo wears a white colored shirt which he wore for his former club Real Madrid FC. His new club, AC Milan has a White away shirt but it is not as popular as the red and black striped home shirt that they wear.

    • This is the second episode in which music from "Adagio for Strings" is used. The first was "Strong Arm of the Ma" after Marge, under steroid rage, single-handedly defeated all the men (except Homer) in the bar fight at Moe's Tavern, resulting in their laying all over the place as the end of that scene panned out.

    • In Marge's Web browser, it shows the URL to Earthland Realms: … This domain actually exists, but does not seem to connect.

    • The online map shown in this episode is on a live satellite, but real online maps are still only pictures.

    • Each Springfieldian's Earthland realms character:

      Marge: Female Elf (Cleric, changes at the end of the episode into a warrior)
      Bart: Shadow Knight
      Apu: Shop owner
      Mrs. Krabappel: Female Elf
      Moe: Bartender Troll
      Skinner: A chicken griffin thing
      Wiggum: A pig
      Milhouse: A servant
      Dr. Nick: Pixie
      Mr. Burns: A praying mantis
      Jimbo: Knight
      Kearney: Elf warrior
      Dolph: Cyclops warrior
      Nelson: A flying head monster
      Sideshow Mel: Minotaur
      Snake: A cobra king (king cobra with a crown)

    • Marge has the same birthday as Randy Quaid: October 1.

    • Earthland Realms has a 'Hello Kitty' expansion set.

    • All Springfieldians' Earthland Realms characters look like themselves in real life.

    • We learn that Marge has never gone on the Internet.

  • Quotes

    • (While playing Earthland Realms)
      Apu: That Cobra King over there is actually Snake.
      Snake: The prison guards think I'm getting my online law degree. Haw haw.

    • (Ronaldo enters as Homer is playing soccer.)
      Ronaldo: Ha ha ha ha. I have taught you well. (Thinking to himself) Too well.

    • Marge (reading the Earthland Realms user agreement): "For entertainment purposes only, credit card information may be sold to Korean gangsters . . ."

    • (After Bart's character is killed)
      Everyone: The Shadow Knight shall rule no more, we spilt his blood upon the floor. With a high and a ho and a trolley-lolley-lay, it's a jolly, merry month of May.

    • (Moe's character, a troll, appears)
      Moe: I'm Moe. I'm playing this while I'm on the can.
      Marge: Wow, Moe. You're a troll.
      Moe: What? No. My character's suppose to look like me. (Angrily) Why does everyone keep thinking I'm a troll? (He storms off under a bridge, stomps around and mutters angrily)

    • Mrs. Krabapel: This game is a great way to meet eligible men who can afford a computer.
      (Skinner's character, a scaly turkey, comes up)
      Skinner: Or have access to one in the school library.
      Mrs. Krabapel: It's amazing how you can be a turkey in every reality.
      Skinner: What's important is we're talking.

    • (Marge's character is stuck in front of a wall)
      Marge: This is really annoying.
      (Grandpa is doing the same thing)
      Grandpa: You're telling me.

    • (After Bart brought Marge's character back to life)
      Marge: Wait till I tell the other moms you gave two-thirds of your life force to save me. What a good boy.
      (An angry mob busts in)
      Moe: He's weak!
      Comic Book Guy: Slay him and take his experience points!
      Bart: Wait, stop. If you kill me, I'll egg your houses in real life!
      Mrs. Krabapel: It's still worth it!
      (She stabs Bart in the eye)

    • (After Moe gives Bart and Homer advice to make peace with Marge and Lisa)
      Homer: What have you done with the real Moe?
      (They all laugh, and we see in the real Moe bound and gagged in the back room)

    • (Marge discovers that Milhouse is a girl)
      Marge: Why, Milhouse. Don't you look lovely.
      Milhouse: (Angrily) It's a spell! (Sweetly) And thank you.

    • (After learning that Bart is the Shadow Knight)
      Marge: My son is an evil knight. (Pauses) The most successful evil knight in all of Earthland Realm. Not bad.

    • Lisa: You can't give me a yellow card! You're my father!
      Homer: When I put on these shorts, I'm not your father anymore. And judging by how tight they are, I'm never gonna be anyone else's either.

    • Ronaldo: Another family broken up by Ronaldo, yes!

    • Helen Lovejoy: (to Homer) You are so blind, even Jesus couldn't heal you.
      Reverend Lovejoy: Helen please, don't drop the J-bomb.

    • Ned Flanders: Homer, you've met my parents.
      Homer: Not naked I haven't.

    • Homer: Lisa, honey, I bought you something. A DVD!
      Lisa: Not interested!
      Homer: It's a documentary!… By the BBC!… In cooperation with Canal+!
      Lisa: Ah! Gimme gimme gimme!!

    • Lisa: (to Marge about her Internet surfing success) I'm proud of you, Mom! You're like Christopher Columbus. You discovered something millions of people knew about before you.

    • Homer: (to Lisa) Hey, Lisa! Self-conscious about your shins? My day girls were worried about their boobs…

    • (As his game character, having only his head, is being kicked around by Marge's like a soccer ball.)
      Moe: Why am I payin' $14.95 a month for this?

    • Bart: Mom, I'm going to give you life the way I imagined you gave me life--by pressing Alt-F5 repeatedly! (His game character places a zapping gaze into her eyes as she's brought back to life, then he groans and drops to the floor)
      Marge: Bart, you brought me back to life… (Sees her character now exhibits the lower part of a pig) …as best you could.
      Nelson: HA-HAAH!!! (His character is a human head with pigeon wings who flies overhead, makes fun of her, then bumps into a wall and drops into a torch, getting incinerated in the process.)

    • Bart: Jumpin' Johnnycakes! Those dames are cheesed!
      Homer: Son, I'll never understand women if I live to be 40.
      Bart: Big if!
      Homer: You said it! Enjoy me while I last. (Both laugh)
      Bart: Want to go slam a few beers?
      Homer: Want to watch me?
      Bart: You know it! (Both leave for Moe's.)

    • (After her game character is killed by Bart's)
      Marge: I was killed--by my own son!

    • Homer: I don't need a soccer lecture from a hillbilly!
      Cletus: That's hill-william to you, sir!

    • (Exhausted while refereeing Lisa's soccer game for the first time, he vomits into a pylon.)
      Homer: Could someone bring me another barf cone?

    • Homer: I thought it went really well, until I swallowed the whistle.

    • Homer: Did someone say snack?

    • Bart: Anything I can get for you, Lady Milhouse?
      Milhouse: I'm not a lady! It's a spell! A spell you said you'd reverse!

    • (After the Shadow Knight fries Skinner's character)
      Apu: He was a good man. (He rips of Skinners leg and eats it) A good, moist man.

    • Lisa: And this website will tell you the weather.
      Marge: Sunny? I never have to look out the window again.

    • Skinner: Moving on, our class trip to Italy is now spaghetti night at Papa John's. And your $1,500 deposits will not be refunded.
      Homer: (excitedly) Ooh! Papa John's.

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: None.
      Couch Gag: The Springfield Shopper headline reads: "Couch Gag Thrills Nation," featuring a front page photo of the family on their couch.

  • Allusions

    • Bart: I'm going off to explore the crevices of Lagrimmar!
      This is a reference to the Orc capital city in World of Warcraft; Orgrimmar. Players usually call it Lagrimmar because of the high amount of lag.

    • Homer ripping off his shirt after the game is a reference to the Women's soccer player Brandi Chastain, whom after 1999 Women's World Cup final after scoring with a fifth penalty kick and thus winning the game ripped off her jersey baring her sports bra.

    • Canal+ (aka "Canal Plus" or simply "C+") is a French premium pay television channel.

    • World Cup Head Butt

      Homer head butts the assistant referee the way Zinedine Zidane of the French team did in the 2006 World Cup game vs. Italy.

    • The victory song the gamers sing after slaying Bart's character is most likely a reference to the "Lusty Month of May" from the Broadway musical Camelot.

    • Bend It Like Beckham:

      Lisa and her friends get the inspiration to play soccer from watching Bend It Like Beckham, which is a 2003 film about two girls from different backgrounds who pressure their families to conform and let them play soccer. The movie features real-life soccer star David Beckham.

    • The computer Marge uses is a Macintosh Notebook (most likely an iBook or a MacBook). Its display features the familiar Mac OS interface.

    • MMORPGs
      The game Earthland Realms is a play on the MMORPGs, RuneScape, World of Warcraft, EverQuest, etc. Also, the throne room we see Bart's character use is copied from the throne of Lorderon in World of Warcraft.

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