The Simpsons

Season 5 Episode 6

Marge on the Lam

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1993 on FOX

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  • perfect


    what i liked- the Dragnet parodyending, the song that Ruth first played when Marge got in the car, "From this moment on, Lionel Hutz does not exist. Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!", what Homer thought a ballet was originally,the name of the bar being Shotkicks, etc.

    hilarious episode. there are many funny moments in this episode and it was a nice parody to (i believe) Thelma and Louise.. A+ episode, no doubt in my mind

  • this was a good ep

    this was a good simpsns ep in this ep marge goes out with the girls with the next store niebor ruth powers and she wants to have a good time and ruth wants to go out and live . and so chife wigum attemps to pull ruth over an she flees and reveals she stole the car to marge and marge starts to worry alot because she could go to jail. and pursaded by the cops they drive over a chasm and only to land safly on a pile of garbage this was a good ep that involved marge and that is why igave it a 8.5
  • Marge On The Lam

    Marge invites her neighbor Ruth Powers out to a ballet performance. The two have a great time and agree to go out more often. The next night, Ruth pulls up in a convertible wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Ruth and Marge head off to several night clubs before driving up to the Springfield sign that overlooks the town. Homer arrives just as they are leaving, and runs into Chief Wiggum who offers to drive him home. Wiggum tries to pull over Ruth's car for a minor infraction, but Ruth speeds up since she stole the car from her ex husband. Homer and Wiggum speed off and chase the car. Ruth wants to give herself up when several other police cars join the race, but Marge talks her out of it. They are now driving through the desert towards a chasm. Homer believes they are trying to kill themselves, and before they hit the chasm Homer over a bullhorn apologises to Marge for being a bad husband. The car stops just before hitting the chasm, but Homer and Wiggum's car goes over the edge, landing safely on a pile of garbage.
  • Marge goes on the run from the law in a Thelma and Louise-esque situation with her new best friend, Ruth Powers.

    There are very few Marge episodes that work well,which is a shame because she is a good character but this episode stands out from all the others. It is good character building for Marge, and Homer has some of his best moments ever in this episode. I found Chief Wiggum very funny in this episode also. It showed every character doing what they do best and generally a good episode. The writers didn't fall into the trap of making the episode too Thelma and Louise related so that they left out the funny bits. This combination of comedy and Thelma and Louise work spectacularly together.
  • Not as stong as the rest of the season, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't rock...

    Marge spends some time with her neighbor, Ruth Powers, and the two find that they enjoy each other's company very much. One night, Ruth picks up Marge in a cherry '66 T-Bird convertible that just happens to have been reported stolen by Ruth's ex-husband. Pursued by Chief Wiggum, Marge and Ruth take to the road, Thelma and Louise-style. Wiggum, with Homer as his passenger, tracks down the stolen vehicle, but loses it when Ruth smartly turns her headlights off. Ruth and Marge get away, but Homer and Chief Wiggum drive the squad car off a cliff. The only thing that saves them is a pile of garbage so high they barely crash at all.
  • a better episode.

    this was one of those marge episodes that was not just about hating homer and making up with him it was about keeping a friend and always being a friend

    the episode starts off when marge buys tickets to a ballet concert and to get out of it homer gets his arms stuck in 2 vending sadness she dicides to go with ruth and has such a great time that she goes out with her agian and has the time of her life but tthen a little run in with the law goes on and forces the two to go on the lam.
  • This is the episode of "The Simpsons" that parodies "Thelma and Louise".

    This is one good episode of "The Simpsons" on Season 5. Plenty of stuff is used to make the episode funny in any which way. One funny joke I like in this episode is Homer getting is arm stuck in a soda machine, and then he ends up getting his other arm stuck in a candy machine. True Simpson-style humor at its best. I also like the "Thelma and Louise" jokes on this episode, such as the scene where Marge and her friend Ruth Powers almost drive into the chasm, just like in the movie that was spoofed. The episode then ends with a Dragnet-style ending to it. It is worth watching.
  • This was easily one of the better shows in telivision...

    This was easily one of the better shows in telivision... several years ago. The Simpsons is becoming worse and less funny with every Season. Infact, i've only ever watched 2-3 eps a Season since 2000, simply because of how bad its become. The jokes are no longer witty or clever, but repetitive, dry, unamaginative and unfunny. The same can be said for the story, each on reminiscant of a previous episode. But as the series as progressed, it can be fair to say that the writers arent getting lazy, but just have purely run out of ideas.

    To bad to see one of my faves decline so bad.
  • Marge gets Ballet tickets and Homer says he will go.

    Marge gets Ballet tickets and Homer says he will go. Once he learns WHAT the ballet is, He doesn't really want to go, but will go any way. Homer starts to come home from work. He wants a drink and ends up getting his arms stuck in vending machines. Homer never comes to get Marge. Their neighbor Ruth comes over to return something to Marge and Marge asks if she wants to come. Ruth and Marge become friends and end up being on the run from the police.
  • marge on the run from the law

    the second episode to feature lionel hutz in a row (phil hartman also does the voice for him in the treehouse of horror segment "the devil and homer simpson"), this time as a baby sitter, this episode is a great one with hilarious scenes such as homer having his arms stuck in the candy machines and his idea of ballet being chimps driving cars like a circus act. marge and ruth shooting the old man's "precious antique cans" is a classic scene aswell and the police chase music ("sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere) were also great gags. this episode is a very fun one and not too serious most of the time.