The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 15

Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1999 on FOX

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  • Good Season 10 Episode

    When Homer buys a Canyonero and discovers it's a girls car, Marge then owns it and eventually gets road rage. This episode was really enjoyable, i like the idea as it was way out of the box, i mean, Marge losing her licence and getting road rage! Overall, it is one of the best episodes of Season 10. (Once again, Americans prove that they can't do an Australian accent, it sounds South African)
  • Wow

    The first act is pretty good. The second and third are so bland they make the episode seem like a 10 minute episode, because they seem so short. I don't like the idea of the episode and I didn't find it very funny, that is why my grade is so low. That and it feels to me like a really short episode, which doesn't make it more enjoyable in the long run. My overall grade for this is a D, because whilst I do pretty much hate it, I do find one or two things mildly amusing throughout the episode
  • Marge, the road warrior.

    Yeah! finally! after many episodes led by male characters we finally get a Marge driven story. What is so cool this time? well, we got two things together that I love. One of them is anger, yes I love anger, anger is power and energy put in one place. Most of the times it is released the wrong way, but when we use it to remove something from our lives that is pesting us or tryng to hurt us, it works well. The other thing is, cars, and this time a big one. When you put this two things together you get a lot of trouble. And this time of course it is no exception, after all, Marge is a person with lots of stress and that has to come out somewhere.
  • Like most Americans Marge has road rage... Amazing episode

    Homer buys a Canyonero, a giant all-terrain vehicle. At first he's excited about his new car, but when he discovers that the F-Series was made primarily for women, he gives it to Marge. Marge takes to the vehicle by becoming a more reckless, aggressive driver. While racing about town, she is busted for an illegal maneuver and must go to traffic school. But the classes turn out to be useless--Marge accidentally crashes the Canyonero into a prison and sets off a crime wave. When her license is revoked, Marge can only drive again when the police beg her to use the Canyonero to round up some stampeding rhinos who've escaped from the zoo. Marge saves the day, but wrecks the car as a result. Guest Star: Hank Williams, Jr. as the Canyonero jingle singer
  • Marge has road rage people!

    Wow, this episode was definetly out of character. We learn that Marge is not the loudest and fiercest driver in the beggining, but later she develops road rage with the car Homer bought for himself (not realizing it was a car for women). In the end her insane driving skills with the car saves everyone. To be frank, this episode was not that good to me. Now why did it get that pretty much pretty good score then? I will tell you why. The ending. I absolutely loved the ending. The whole Fox is better than NBC thing had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe. No really. So, err, good episode?
  • marge develops road rage

    homer not realising that the SUV was a girl's car, bart and homer stealin marge's purse and the road rage video were all highlights of this episode though the video would normally be hosted by troy mcclure but phil hartman who voiced both he and lionel hutz unfortunately died. however, this episode is very well constructed with great gags and a different perspective of marge who goes from being a polite driver to a menace to society. the third act is my favourite with the animals breaking free and marge's mad driving skills saving the day. the end credits is one of my favourite parts where homer explains that fox is just as good as NBC before taking it back and getting shot by who we can only assume are the fox producers.