The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 15

Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Sign seen in front of the Zoo: "Born free, then caged."

    • When all the teachers and staff members come out on stage for the musical in the beginning, there are 9 people, when they form a pyramid there are 10 people.

    • When Marge first used her headlights to see Bart and Lisa in the kitchen, Bart was wearing nothing but his underwear. But a few seconds later, when Bart is stealing from Marge's purse, he is fully clothed.

    • When Eddie the cop (as Curtis E. Bear) was being bludgeoned with 2x4's at traffic school, Krusty's nose was the same color as his skin before Agnes knocked Eddie down.

    • Homer's "NBC sucks" comments over the closing credits are not put in closed captioning.

  • Quotes

    • (Marge crashes the Canyonero into Springfield Prison, which allows several prisoners to escape)
      Chief Wiggum: Well, I hope you're happy, Simpson. Those prisoners were one day away from being completely rehabilitated.

    • Sergeant: Anger is what makes America great. But you must find a proper outlet for your rage. Fire a weapon at your TV set, pick a fight with someone weaker than you, or write a threatening letter to a celebrity.

    • Homer: Marge, come in the house! Maggie smells bad, and the cat wants something, but I don't know what it is!

    • Bart: They're all just lying around. (to animals) Do something!
      Lisa: Bart, they're not here to entertain us.
      Homer: I've seen plays that were more exciting than this. Honest to God…plays!

    • Marge: I can't believe they took away my license. It feels like I lost a limb.
      Homer: Well, that's a turn-off.
      Lisa: Hey, why don't you come to the wild animal park with us?
      Marge: Oh, your father drives like an old lady.
      Homer: At least I've got a license! (Marge glares at him) Come on, kids, I went too far.

    • Wiggum: Okay, I assume you all know why you're here. (ducks as chair thrown at him) That's right, you're all angry, sick people. But, over these next eight hours, you will be broken down to the level of infants, then rebuilt as functional members of society, then broken down again, then lunch, then, if there's time, rebuilt once more.

    • Homer: Marge, you've been out there all morning.
      Marge: So?
      Homer: So lying on the couch and eating stuff isn't the same if you aren't around to see it.

    • Marge: Hang on; the manual says I need to log on to the onboard computer. (enters "MARGE" on a keypad) M-A-R-G-E.
      Computer: Hello, Marge. Where would you like to go today?
      Marge: No one has ever asked me that before in my life.

    • Lisa: But mom, I read that sport-utility vehicles are more likely to be in fatal accidents.
      Bart: Fatal to the people in the other car. Let's roll.

    • Gil: Go ahead, drool all you want, you can't hurt that finish. Now rainwater, that will strip it right off, so... Aw, I shouldn't have said that... Aw, Gil.

    • Homer: (about the Canyonero) Wow, did you see that thing? So powerful, so demanding, so forceful and raw. It didn't ask, it just took.

    • Chalmers: Well, Seymour, it seems we've put together a baseball team and I was wondering, who's on first, eh?
      Skinner: Not the pronoun, but rather a player with the unlikely name of "Who" is on first.
      Chalmers: Well that's just great, Seymour. We've been out here six seconds and you've already managed to blow the routine. (walks off, stage muttering) Sexless freak.

    • Willie: How many of you hail from the fair city of Edinburgh? (silence in hall) … So, have you noticed how North Edinburgh golfers putt like this (legs stiff) and South Edinburgh golfers putt like this? (knees bent) Eh?(more silence)… Oh, I see Willie's not funny unless he's down on his knees, scooping up your little brat's puke! (audience laughs) Thank you, you've been great!!!

    • Bart: I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows.

    • Marge: You cashed in your 401k to buy that stupid Canyonero. Why can't you drive it?
      Homer: Are you saying I'm gay Because if that's what you think, then just come right out and say it.

    • Homer: I'm gonna die! Jesus, Allah, Buddha--I love you all!

    • (during the end credits)
      Homer: I'd like to read the following statement, but I do so under…
      (sound of a gun is heard) (scared) my own free will. It has come to my attention that NBC sucks. I apologize for misleading you and urge you to watch as many Fox shows as possible. So in summary, NBC bad, Fox good (quickly) CBS great.
      (the gun goes off, repeatedly)

    • Park Ranger: I better round 'em up, or it's my ass on the barbie!

    • Lisa: How did you know your plan would work, Mom?
      Marge: Thanks for asking. Well, I was watching Dateline, and Stone Phillips said SUVs always roll over when you turn sharply. And the gas tanks explode at the drop of a hat.
      Australian Wildlife Expert: And she also knew that if a rhino sees a flame, he'll instinctively try to put it out.
      Marge: Stone Phillips again!
      Homer: Is there anything that guy doesn't know?

    • Eddie: (as "Curtis E. Bear," before 2x4-wielding students pounce) Uh, Chief, can I at least shield my crotch?
      Chief Wiggum: Bears can't talk, Eddie.

    • Lisa: Dad, you were supposed to pay for those snacks!
      Homer: I saw Krabappel's butt. I paid.

    • Zookeeper: I told them a chain-link fence wouldn't hold rhinos! No, wait, no I didn't, I meant to tell them.

    • Bart: Hey, Lis, I'm Baron Von Chickenpants!
      Lisa: Bart, that's tonight's dinner.
      Bart: You're tonight's dinner!
      Lisa: Mom, Bart took what I said and turned it into an insult.

    • Lisa: Eww…why is Courtney Love on the Wheaties box?
      Marge: Hmm... I thought it was Sandy Duncan.

    • Snake: Whoa! Thanks, chick dude!

    • Judge: I sentence you to kiss my ass!

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: Grammar is not a time of waste.
      Couch Gag: The couch has a lap bar like a roller coaster. The family runs in an sits down, the lap bar comes down, and the couch takes off up in the air then down again while the family puts their hands up and screams.

  • Allusions

    • Jumanji
      While Homer, Lisa, and Bart were running from the stampede at the zoo, Homer yells "Jumanji" in an attempt to stop them, this is a reference to the short story about the magical board game and the 1995 movie starring Robin Williams.

    • Peanuts
      In the scene at the zoo, when the sloth gets hit in the butt with the dart, he does a dance before he passes out. The dance is similar to the dance that Snoopy does in the comic Peanuts.

    • O.K. Corral
      The car lot that Homer is buying his car from is called The O.K. Car-ral. This is an allusion to the OK Corral, located in Tombstone, AZ.

    • The name of the Wild Animal Kingdom zoo pays homage to the classic educational TV series, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

    • Springfield Elementary School teachers sing (badly, of course) the song "Not Gonna Teach Forever" to the melody of "Fame."

    • Thanks to Principal Skinner's bumbling, he and Superintendent Chalmers botch Abbott and Costello's classic "Who's on First" routine seconds into the act.

    • The title is a wordplay on the glazed popcorn snack 'Screaming Yellow Zonkers'. (Incidentally, the snack is also marketed as being "outrageously awesome" -- compare this to "Bart Sells His Soul" (3F02), where restauranteur Moe describes his Southwestern Pizza Fingers as "Awesomely Outrageous.")