The Simpsons

Season 17 Episode 5

Marge's Son Poisoning

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • This episode is boring, not funny at all!

    Homer isn't funny in this episode at all. The tandem bike and tea house part just didn't cut. I could never find Bart funny as a momma's boy. I hope the writers of this episode have been fired. I didn't even laugh in this episode, how sad for the Simpsons. Thanks for nothing.
  • Worst Episode EVER !

    I just don't know what the writers were thinking. This is not funny. Its trying hard to be funny but it isn't. It was revolting the whole concept of Bart as a momma's boy and then the corny music and the stupid scenes that left us all holding our stomachs.
  • Worst. Episode. Ever.

    You know, I've been a huge Simpsons fan since the very first episode (and even before that) -- I'm one of those dorks who can whip out a relevant Simpsons quote for any given occasion or event -- and I can confidently say that this is the worst Simpsons episode that has ever aired. It was lame, unfunny, pointless, and at times just downright tedious. Worse yet, it was extremely predictable at points. As soon as Moe noticed Homer's disproportionately muscular right arm, I muttered "arm wresling". Sure enough... arm wrestling scam. It was _that_ painfully obvious.

    Where's the subtle, witty humor that made the Simpsons such an incredible, intelligent show? It just wasn't there, and hasn't really been there this entire season. I'm afraid that the Simpsons may have jumped the shark, and that just breaks my heart for this once-great show to have fallen so low.

    The only time I laughed during the entire episode was at the opening credits, during the longer-than-usual couch gag when Professor Frink's flying couch attacked him -- and that wasn't even all that funny.

    It's painfully obvious that their writing team has just lost whatever enthusiasm they ever had for the show -- or, perhaps, they have a new writing team that just stinks (*edit* I now realize that this is the case). I can't really say, but this episode was utter garbage.

    The Simpsons is one of the few shows I look forward to every week (I watch 4 shows regularly, with the Simpsons being one of those), and this episode just left me feeling cheated. Because of the inept writing, the characters became just hollow charicatures of themselves, falling back on tired old cliches and direct rip-offs of previous Simpsons episodes. So very, very sad.

    I want my 22 minutes back. With interest.
  • Mother Song Bonding

    Marge and Bart start spending quality time with each other, and this pleases Marge. But soon Bart is made fun of by Kearney, Dolph, and Jimbo, so Bart starts spending less time with Marge, which upsets her. To make it up to her, Bart and her sign up for a karaoke contest. Skinner and his mom are also signed up, and when Marge sees them singing, she imagines it being her and Bart, which scares her. So they reconcile without singing.

    A good episode, not the best, but certainly not the worst. My overall grade would be about a B-
  • Many people may disagre with me on this one but this was actually a pretty good episode.I thought that this episode really was sometime funny. Say what you want but in my opinion this episode should be a classic. It had a good plot and was funny.

    The family visits Paradise Pier as it's being dismantled. Homer purchases a dumbbell while Marge buys a tandem bicycle. When they arrive home Marge finds that nobody wants to ride the tandem bike with her so she rides it alone. Bart's friends notice and suggest that she's lonely, so Bart feeling sorry for her decides to ride with her. The two ride to a teahouse where they sit and talk over tea and cakes. The tea house closes the next day, prompting Bart to set up his own in his treehouse. Marge helps him decorate. When Bart is labelled a mama's boy, he rebels, breaking the redecorated treehouse as well as Marge's heart. Bart feels guilty so he suggests he and Marge sing a duet at the school's karaoke night. But when Marge witnesses Skinner and his mother's "mama's boy" antics she puts a stop to their newfound friendship to prevent Bart turning out like his principal.
  • Although not the funniest episode, it maintained many laughs and had an enjoyable plot.

    Marge's Son Poisoning went through a relationship the show does show that often: Marge and Bart. The episode itself had a good plot and made connections to both outside lives and the lives of people within the show. Something else I noticed was that this episode really made you feel sad for the characters when they were sad.

    The episode also had a few good laughs. Not as many as most episodes but it is still worth spending a half hour watching it. Homer's subplot was funnier and many of the Homer moments were the best. This was an overall good episode. Not the best but still very enjoyable.
  • Pretty Good - This show continues to pack a punch!

    There were some pretty good and original elements to this episode! I have seen Marge over-mothering Bart before, but that was when Bart didn't like it in the same episode he stole the video game.

    But on this occasion Bart was having a great time being with his Mum and the only problem was that he felt embarressed when the bullies pointed out that he looked like a Momma's boy.

    It the end Marge pushed Bart away slightly after Bart swallowed his pride and stook up for his Mum.

    It was very good plot for both Bart and Marge. Not many episodes involve their relationship and this was a positive change!
  • Homer gets another job: arm wrestler!

    Although Marge and Bart's plot was great, Bart getting the unwanted reputation of being a momma's boy, Homer's B story is the most entertaining, Moe, like he did with Homer's wrestling phase, coaching Homer in arm wrestling. This plot has some hilarious scenes like Homer's "nerd" scam with the Rich Texan though the end of that scene was lame, Homer and Moe actually walking on the beach with him.

    Bart and Marge's plot was very well written with scenes such as Bart's treehouse but some scenes dropped such as the actual teahouse.

    Overall, this episode isn't the best from season 17 but is worth watching, especially the comparison between Bart and Marge and Seymour and Agnes.
  • Not bad, not bad at all

    Well I didn't mind this one, it had a very down-to-earth plot (which I like) and a very funny B-story which is rare in Simpsons these days. There was music which I love in Simpsons, and it was a Bart and Marge episode which is rare, but worked well in this case. Oh, and the killer couch couch gag. Brilliant. I love the ones that are just wild, not simple stay in the living room scenes. Probably the best one so far this season.

    Justin Grima
  • You, inviting me, to your treehouse? Wow! That's like bruce wayne inviting his mum into the bat cave!

    Marge buys a tandem bicycly at a local fair that is being removed after Homer says that he will ride with her. When this time comes however, Homer chooses to watch T.V instead. After asking Bart and Maggie but to no avail, Marge sets out on her own. Realising that his mum is lonely, Bart takes sympathy on his mum and says that he will accompany her on her bike rides. Bart and Marge become really close which causes the local kids to start rumors the Bart has become a "Momma's boy". Angry that his image has been tarnished, Bart admits to Marge that he only hung out with her because he felt sorry for her. Marges feelings are really hurt but when Bart tells her hes sorry by telling her that there is a small singing concert on a school and inviting her to accompany them with a duet, Marge gets back into spirit. But after seeing Principal Skinner as a Mommas boy, Marge realises that she dosent want her son to turn out like this.
  • My first episode from my long break away from the Simpsons...and it was pretty good.

    This episode didn't give me as many laughs as expected. I laughed at the part with the opener and all those couches came to life. That part with those guys tearing down a "Knock Down All The Bottles" thing and the bottles stayed up anyways got a laugh out of me.
    Plot: Homer buys a dumbell and makes his right arm muscular. He becomes so into exercising that arm that he forgets to ride that "Bicycle Built for Two" that Marge bought. Nobody else will spend time with her, so Bart decides to ride it with her. Meanwhile, Moe comes up with an idea to enter Homer in an arm-wrestling tournament. Soon, they start going to a teahouse, until they find out that the house had to be shut down because their cakes contained rat droppings. Marge thinks that they will have to go their separate ways, but Bart invites her to his treehouse, which she turns into a teahouse. On an outing with her, Bart gets called a mama's boy, which makes Bart tell Marge that he only spent time with her because he felt sorry for her.
    Marge gets lonely again, making Bart ask her if she wants to compete in a karaoke contest. She agrees, and decides to look up songs for a duet, where she meets Skinner and his mother, and they tell her that they have been doing Karaoke contests since the 4th grade. When they go to the contest, Marge thinks that Bart and herself will become like Skinner and Mrs. Skinner. So she breaks up the Skinners' act, and tells the crowd that Bart isn't a mama's boy and tells Bart to stop calling her mother. She has a talk with him about how it isn't his job to worry about her, and Bart uses a fire extinguisher on the audience.
    Meanwhile, Homer wins the tournament, then decides to leave the tournament and go home to Marge.
    Sorry if that was long. This episode had other funny things like Bart saying that Lisa wasn't allowed in the treehouse. Then he asks her if she read the sign. Lisa asks "That one?", and she points to the sign that says "Tea Time for Mommy and Me". Bart tears that sign down to reveal a sign that says "No Girls Allowed".
    I'm not listing every thing I found funny. I didn't rate this higher because some parts, like that arm-wrestling scam, were predictable and unfunny.
    Overall, a nice plot and jokes. I doubt there was any character development, but we learn something about Skinner and his mom.
  • Who are these two perfect 10 reviewers?

    I think that there is something fishy about these two perfect 10 reviews. There is gobbledygook in these reviews and come on, 10? These seems like an attempt to skew a perfectly average (i.e., not funny) episode higher than it should score. And then there seem to be an inordinate number of reviewerd "agreeing" with them. Isn't there some way to have reviews like this deleted? I'm new to this site and really can't say whether reviews or scores here can be trusted.

    That being said, the opening was the only great part. I found that I couldn't watch to the end even.

  • pretty boring with two great points

    On the whole, I did not care much for this episode - the plot was unfocused, the subplot did not even make much sense and there was virtually no Lisa. But the couch gag was one of the best ever; very elaborate and genuinely funny, I hope this will be one they use for many episodes. And any reference to Paula Cole raises the quality of anything - Apu's rendition of "Where have all the Cowboys Gone" was one of the funniest moments on The Simpsons in a long time. Still, in comparison to the same night's episode of American Dad!, it is getting clear that the days of The Simpsons being the best animated show on TV (which must have lasted until Futurama's appearance) have gone and aren't likely to return. But I guess I'll stick with it for tradition's sake.
  • A below average episode; a very boring plot with very few jokes to support it.

    While watching, I found myself doing something which I have often done during this season of The Simpsons, not laughing. While there are a few worthy jokes, nothing comes close to saving this mess of an episode from the uninteresting plot of Marge and Bart's friendship to the poorly used subplot of Homer as an amateur arm-wrestler. Not surprisingly, this was the first episode written by Daniel Chun. So, can the failures of this episode be attributed to the freshman writer, or that The Simpsons is completely out of material? Both, I think. But I'll be watching next week to be, hopefully, proven wrong.
  • Wow. Is it me or is Apu getting funnier by the minute?!?

    Its amazing how a low-key character steals the humor in television. Apu is beginning to make a rise in plots nowadays. His "karaoke" part in this episode (Where have all the Cowboys Gone) had to be the only funny part in this episode. Also, in last week's THOH episode, his "Ahh.. help me Jesus!" quote was also one of the only funny scenes in the episode.

    Also, it was a great starter for new writer Daniel Chun, who might have wrote in that hilarious Apu part. So, I look forward to next episode where Apu may steal the show with his funny cultural humor. So, ending on a high note, I say "Thank You. Come Again" because you, Apu, are the reason why I enjoy the simpsons a little bit more.
  • A better improvement for this season

    This season of The Simpsons didnt start off so hot like previous sesasons and I didnt understand why but this episode turned it around.
    I actually laughed more than once on this one.
    The storyline was so-so but the comedy
    was much better.
    The entire pier scene of the show was my favorite basically because of Homers counting as he was curling the dumbbell. Kinda surprised myself that it was that funny. The middle of the show slowed down a bit but the ending pulled it through. The three bullys singing 'My Sharona' outside the Simpsons house was different but funny.
    I was pleased to see a very good episode...I was about to give up on the show this season.
  • A great episode for a new writer.

    I think "Daniel Chun" did great for his first Simpsons episode which surprized me because he said he is the only person in his family that dosent watch The Simpsons. Last night's episode was very funny it had Homer having a very strong right arm and beating the rich Texan looking like a nerd (classic).
  • Very weak! Same jokes

    Personally I love the simpsons! I always have loved it and i always have taken every chance i could to defend it! Last night was an episode that even i could not defend! This episode went no where and was not funny! In fact the only time i laughed was when apu was singing! Other then that it made no sense. And sadly i saw something on the simpsons i have not seen before. Using the same jokes from other episodes. When marge said "ill dial 9-1 on my cell phone" That same joke was used by milhouses grand mom many seasons ago! It was very funny then very bad last night! There was another joke used last night that was used in a previous episode (but i cant not remember it at this time!) I have thought this season was a homerun for the simpsons before last night! Every show has a bad episode but we lets just hope it is only 1 and not the beginning of a trend!!
  • The best one of this season

    This was by far the best episode this season. The other episodes was really been a letdown.
    But finally the writers gets their senses together and makes this phenomenal episode.

    The opening couch gag was one of the longest gags that I have seen, and truly the best one ever. It started as similar gag when the whole family is eaten by the couch. But then it just went on and on, and got better and better. The scene from Moe’s Tavern was the highpoint. I just love the sad and miserable Moe.

    The main story was great, and could easily fit in the golden years, i.e. the 5th to 8th seasons. But my rating is greatly based on ther comparison of the other shows this season. But still the lame attempt from Moe and Homer too fool the gun-tooting Texan, was excellent.
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