The Simpsons

Season 15 Episode 11

Margical History Tour

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on FOX

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  • A weaker episode, still worth a watch though.

    An average episode, somewhat tainted by the fact that it was pretty unoriginal. We've had so many of these historical trilogy-based episodes, and they don't get any funnier. Anyway, on with the review:

    Homer as Henry VIII: This was okay, but the story didn't seem to go anywhere. Homer's opening song was good, and it was good to see Dr. Nick again - he hardly appears anymore. The worst part was Lisa trying to grow a penis. In fact, this was awful, we didn't need to see that. 6/10

    Lisa as Sacagiwea: This was also average. There were no stand-out moments, and I thought that the killing of Milhouse was a bit extreme. Lenny and Carl had a few funny moments, but they are really used too much these days. 5/10

    Bart as Mozart: This was the best of the three. Bart was great as Mozart and perfectly characterized (at least for the altered story). Also Dr. Nick's appearance again and Nelson as Beethoven were great. 8/10

    The "Animal House" ending to this episode was bad too. Overall, an okay episode, but it really needed more humour to make it stand out from the other trilogies.
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