The Simpsons

Season 15 Episode 11

Margical History Tour

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on FOX

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  • Triolgy Episode with stories like: Henry VIII, Lewis and Clark, and Mozart.

    Henry VIII: Homer plays King Henry the Eighth, who married and impregnated each of his wives in the hopes that he would get a son to carry on his fame and fortune. 4/5 Lewis and Clark: Lenny and Carl play explorers Lewis and Clark, who with the help of Sacagiwea (Lisa) make their way to the Pacific Ocean to claim their land. 4/5
    Mozart: Bart stars as a young Mozart in the final story, which focuses on how much talent he posessed but how inconsiderate and annoying he was to the people who loved him. Lisa plays Mozarts sister who sets out to destroy his popularity and become famous herself, which proves quite costly. The show ends with Homer singing a song about the movie Animal House. 4/5

    Overall- 12/15 or B+

    Like most episodes in which the Simpsons make a triology of stories making fun of history, this episode was really funny. It displayed some crude humor but I found it enjoyable to watch. Give it a watch.