The Simpsons

Season 15 Episode 11

Margical History Tour

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The town of Eugene, Oregon wasn't established for over 40 years after Lewis and Clark were in the area. Eugene is however, right next to Springfield, Oregon that many believe to be the inspiration of the Simpson's Springfield.

    • This the second time that someone startled a big cat and it meowed like a house cat and ran away. The same thing happened with a cheetah in "Simpson Safari."

    • When Salieri drinks the wine to toast to Mozart's failure, it's obviously she drinks all of it, emptying the glass. However, when she falls to the floor, asleep, there's a considerably big puddle of wine around her wine glass.

    • The opera Mozart (Bart) conducts is an obvious spoof of Mozart's famous last opera "Die Zauberfloete" ("The Magical Flute"). The melody, however, is not from the opera, but from Mozart's other not less famous work "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" ("A little night music").

    • In the Louis and Clark skit, the indian chief Homer calls Carl by his real name and not Clark.

  • Quotes

    • Marge: Bart, which historical figure do you want to do your report on?
      Bart: I don't know, the Boogeyman?

    • Homer: Look at me! I eat and eat and eat and I never get any thinner!

    • Bart: (as Mozart) Eat my pantaloons!

    • Marge: …and that's the life of Mozart. Thank God he died young. I gotta get dinner on the stove.

    • Dr. Nick: As the royal physician, it is my learned opinion that her womb is filled with sea serpents.

    • Homer (as Henry the VIII): Hey, I invented divorce! How did you get half of everything?
      Lawyer: You should have invented the pre-nup! And now, half of your kingdom please.

    • Executioner: (about to behead Anne Boleyn) Your head lives for five seconds afterwards, so I left a magazine in the basket. (beheads Anne)
      Anne: (from the basket) Oooh my horoscope. 'Today will bring welcome, new changes into your life'. Wrong!

    • Homer: Oh little Salieri, why don't you go play with the other three untalented members of our family. Tito, Randy, and Jermaine.

    • Lisa: How did you two ever get to be explorers?
      Lenny: We got the job because we own a compass.
      Carl: Turns out the needle was just painted on.

    • Lenny: At last, the Pacific Ocean.
      Lisa: That's a mud puddle.
      Lenny: Some of us find solutions instead of just pointing out problems.

    • Homer: I offer you the guidance of my daughter, Sacagawea (Lisa). In our language, her name means "little know it all who won't shut her maize hole".

    • Marge: It's not your fault. It's just that you came out the wrong sex and ruined everything.
      Homer: So grow a penis or get lost.
      Lisa: (grunts and struggles) I can't.
      Homer: Bye bye!

    • Carl (as Clark): Wow, the Columbia River! Now we just ride this baby down to the Pacific and get us some sweet mermaid sex!
      Lisa (as Sacagawea): For the last time, those are SALMON!!

    • Homer: All I know is the guy who played Mozart was also in "Animal House". Now there's a movie with good music. (starts singing)

      Animal House, house, house.
      Nobody ever went to class!
      Then we saw Donald Sutherlands' ass!
      Animal House, house, house
      Animal House, house, house.
      Then they did the end like "American Graffiti"!
      Where you found out what happened to everyone!

    • (Homer singing as Henry the VIII)
      I'm Henry the VIII I am,
      Henry the VIII I am, I am,
      I've been eating since 6 A.M.
      For dessert I'll have dinner again.
      My name's synonymous with gluttony,
      I'll always eat a turkey or a ham.
      Marge: Stop singing that song! Everybody knows who you are!

    • Fop: (at Mozart's concert) Ooh, this makes me want to fop till I drop.

    • Otto (as Tweedleburger): (Eats poison berries) Oooh, I'm dying... but at least people will always remember the expedition of Lewis and Clark and Tweedleburger!

    • (Sacagawea points out poisonous things to individual settlers)
      Lisa (as Sacagawea): Okay, those berries are poison, those leaves are poison oak and your belt is a snake, also poisonous.

    • (Mozart sneaks up and puts a rat in Salieri's collar)
      Lisa (as Salieri): Ewww, a plague rat!

    • Dr. Nick: Guten tag, everybody!
      Simpsons: Guten tag, Dr. Nick!

    • (reading out loud the only items left at the library)
      Lisa: "Everybody Poops", the video? Yu-Gi-Oh price guides?

    • Homer (as an Indian Chief): Long have we awaited the arrival of the white man. And Carl.

    • Carl (as Clark): We'll never forget you, Pocahontas.
      Lisa (as Sacagawea): Sacagawea!!!
      Carl (as Clark): Gesundheit!

    • Lisa (as Sacagawea): From now on, you're on your own! (walks off mumbling)
      Lenny (as Lewis): She'll be back. She forgot her husband. (hold up her husband's skull)

  • Notes

    • K. 331 means it is number 331 in the Köchle catalog (German: Köchleverzeichnis). This is a catalog where every composition by Mozart is listed.

    • The first piano piece played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart aka Bart was the "Piano Sonata in A major, K. 331, 3rd movement: Rondo Alla Turca I". Otto shouts just the "K.331, 3rd movement part". This is the complete title.

    • Blackboard Joke: None.
      Couch Gag: The couch is replaced by a large microwave oven; a large hand moves into frame and places a tray within the microwave, closes the door and turns the microwave on. Inside the tray the family members start rising, each in their respective position.

  • Allusions

    • The piece that Beethoven (played by Nelson) is playing for the Emperor in the least segment is "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee".

    • The "Bat Out Of Salzburg" concert T-shirt in the Mozart sketch is a parody of Meat Loaf's album "Bat Out Of Hell."

    • Nelson (aka Beethoven) laughs to the tune of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

    • Lisa: Yu-Gi-Oh price guides?

      Yu-Gi-Oh is an Anime about a boy called Yugi who plays a card game called 'Duel Monsters'. As you can buy the cards it would make sense that they have a price guide so you will know if you're being ripped off or getting a good deal.

    • Lisa poses just like the Native American girl on the Land-O-Lakes butter box.

    • :
      The Yorker magazine that Homer reads is styled in the tradition of The New Yorker magazine.

    • Homer: "Get out of my dreams and into my wife!"
      Homer, frustrated over his wives' inability to conceive a son, yells at Bart with a play on the Billy Ocean song, "Get Out of My Dreams (Get into My Car)."

    • :
      The Itchy and Scratchy puppet show spoofs Punch and Judy, the main characters in the popular English puppet play. The plays are typically violent, with the two main characters (who are husband and wife) constantly fighting and end with Punch mortally harming his wife and other characters. He then stands trial for his actions, is convicted and sentenced to death; however, he usually escapes punishment.

    • Moe getting crushed by the rubble of his frontier saloon following a tornado (in the Lewis and Clark segment) is similar to mean old Miss Gulch (Margaret Hamilton) being killed by flying debris when her house was destroyed in The Wizard of Oz.

    • :
      Bart also flamboyantly kicks away the piano bench and plays standing up a la Jerry Lee Lewis in real life and as portrayed in the 1989 film "Great Balls of Fire!"

    • Lisa: "Mom, that sounds like the movie Amadeus, which is historically inaccurate."
      Milos Forman's Amadeus was released in 1984. It was a powerful biography of the last years of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told through the eyes of a competing composer, Antonio Salieri. Although it was inaccurate in many regards (especially about the competition between Salieri and Mozart), it was a powerful film that swept the 1985 Academy Awards, winning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Makeup, Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction, Best Sound, and Best Adapted Screenplay. This episode's Mozart skit is indeed a takeoff of Amadeus.

    • Homer: "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am, Henry the Eighth I am, I am...."
      Homer belts out a self-styled version of the song by Herman's Hermits as he gorges himself at the buffet.

    • Homer: All I know is that the guy who played Mozart was in Animal House
      After Homer notes that the actor who played Mozart in the 1984 film "Amadeus," was also in the 1978 film "Animal House," the end of the show, showing what happened to the cast, spoofs the end of the latter film.

    • The title is a reference to the Beatles song/album "Magical Mystery Tour."

    • Mozart (Bart) playing the piano with his teeth is a reference to Jimi Hendrix and how he sometimes played his guitar with his teeth.