The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 22

Moe Baby Blues

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2003 on FOX

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  • The fourteenth season ends with Moe developing a close relationship with the youngest member of the Simpson family.

    A truly excellent way to end the season. "Moe Baby Blues" is one of the greatest episodes not just of season number fourteen, but of the series period. There is not a single negative thing to say about this episode. The scene of Moe telling Maggie the stories of the first two "Godfather" movies was brilliant. Speaking of brilliant I just loved this episode's use of the classic Queen song "You're My Best Friend". An all time classic episode of "The Simpsons". See it with your best friend!
  • A series classic in the most surprising place.

    Okay, "Moe Baby Blues" is one of the best (and certainly the funniest) episode of recent seasons.

    It starts out kind of average with the Simpson family visiting the Botanical Gardens. It was funny to see Homer getting chomped on by the Venus Flytrap but hey, most episodes have a funny moment like that.

    Then the spotlight shifts to Moe. Moe is upset that all of his customers/only friends are at the Botanical Gardens. His line is classic, "I've been replaced by a cooler?" So he decides to go down there with everybody else.

    From that point on, the episode is consistantly hilarious. Moe gets poked down the hill by Chief Wiggum because he is "desperate for human contact." So, he decides to commit suicide (which is sadly kind of funny). Then, Maggie lands in his hands and the two begin to bond.

    I can't think of a single moment of the episode that is the funniest, because it's all hilarious. 10/10 all the way!
  • Moe develops a lose relationship with Maggie.

    This was just a wonderful way to end a season that I feel was amazing, and right up there with seasons 4-9. This was just a heart-warming yet funny story, and it was nice to see Moe finally care about something very much. This episode offered some really funny jokes like the plant cutting one, Moe being kicked out of the plant exhibit, and the Godfather parody at the end. This was just a great off to the season, and IMO this really showed us just how this season went. I think this was a very successful season with far more highlights than lowlights.
  • Highlight of the new seasons.

    This is one of the best episodes if not THE best episode after season 10. This one right here shows that the writers still have some juice left. To me, i consider it to be in my top 10 list of wonderful simpsons episodes, and definately, DEFINATELY reminds me of the golden era. It's just great in so many ways, not a single joke fell flat, awesome plot, and surprisingly touching moments. Just plain amazing. Seriously, after I watched that episode for the first time, my faith in the show was finally restored! If I could give this higher than a 10 I would. Really good episode that's funny and sweet at the same time. I suggest checking it out, it's worth watching millions of times.
  • What a way to end the season... The Simpsons end it in style once again. Very good, funny, and touching episode...

    Moe is especially lonely and contemplates suicide. While standing on the side of bridge, about to jump, he accidentally catches Maggie – who was thrown from the Simpsons' car in a traffic accident. The little baby immediately takes a liking to him.

    The Simpsons are pleased, and they offer Moe the opportunity to babysit their youngest. Moe has a chance to explore his softer side with Maggie, but once Homer and Marge get sick of his being around all the time, they forbid Moe from babysitting anymore. When Moe then saves the baby a second time, Homer promises Moe that he'll bring Maggie by the bar more often.
  • A great episode! Love the references to The Godfather!

    The Simpsons go to the Springfield Botanical Gardens to see a rare flower show. They are excited to see the blooming of the Sumatran Century Flower, a flower that blooms once every 100 years. They first see the Venus Flytraps and Homer mocks their prey, only to become one after a Flytrap baits him with a hotdog, but he gets out of it by eating the hapless flower.

    Meanwhile, at Moe's Tavern, Moe wonders where all his regular patrons are, considering it is 11:15 in the morning. He then sees them on TV, at the flower exhibit, drinking beer from a cooler. Morosely, he decides to join them, so he sets up the "alarm" (which is a shotgun rigged to blast anyone who opens the door) and leaves the bar. When he reaches the enclosure at the Botanical Garden where the flower is on display, the place is already at maximum occupancy. Chief Wiggum announces that there are too many people in the crowd and someone has to go, "someone alone, bitter and whose feelings have been trampled on many times": Moe. Wiggum gives him two choices, leave with dignity or be pushed down a nearby muddy hill. Moe chooses to be pushed as he is desperate for human contact. Wiggum obliges (with his nightstick, though) and Moe goes down the hill, getting dirty in the process.

    Suddenly, the flower starts to open. Everyone looks on in awe. But the "oohs" and "aahs" turn into "phoo-eys" and "gahs" as the flower emits an odoriferous smell, sickening everyone and killing all nearby plants. People run all about trying to get away from the smell. Finally, the Simpsons manage to get into their car and peel out of the parking lot. But Homer just has to stick his head out of the sun roof and shout "So long, suckers!" to the other cars. However, the other cars all pull out at that time, trapping Homer in a traffic jam. Some people kill time, standing outside Dr. Hibbert's car, watching The Beverly Hillbillies Down Under in his car TV. Lisa informs Homer that the traffic is moving, so he rapidly accelerates only to realize that traffic is still jammed over the slope on the bridge. He brakes hard and hits the car in front. The impact makes Maggie's baby seat belt ("Krap-E-Latch") break, and she is ejected out the sunroof. Homer runs after her and reaches the side of the bridge, but cannot catch her in time and she goes over. At that time, Moe is standing on a ledge a little under the bridge, at the height of his depression, about to jump. All of a sudden, Maggie falls right into his outstretched arms, much to his surprise. When the people of Springfield see that Moe has "saved" Maggie, they declare him a hero. Maggie kisses him and after a long time, life doesn't seem too hard for Moe.

    The next day, Moe visits the Simpsons' house to see Maggie. Grateful to Moe for saving Maggie, Marge invites him in and presents him with a sweater that she knitted for him. Maggie shows up and runs over to Moe, who picks her up affectionately. Homer runs off, ignoring them, to get to the car pool which he shares with Mr. Burns. Then, Grampa Simpson shows up, acting strangely. Marge, knowing that he has not had his medication, asks Moe to keep an eye on Maggie and runs after Grampa. Although he has no prior experience in baby-sitting, Moe entertains Maggie, dislocating his arm. When Marge returns, Moe decides to leave, but Maggie is unhappy to see Moe going. So Marge asks him if he can babysit Maggie, when he has free time.

    Later, Moe takes Maggie in a bumper car. When Nelson's car bumps into their, Moe destroys Nelson's car with a crowbar in retaliation. That night at dinner, Marge comments on the amount of free time she has, now that they have Moe as their babysitter. However, Homer begins to feel that Maggie is beginning to see Moe as her father figure, instead of him.

    Later, Moe tells her the story of The Godfather. When Moe reaches the part where Don Corleone plays with his grandson (a few minutes before he dies), Moe demonstrates how the Don scares his grandson by sticking a cut-up orange in his mouth, much to Maggie's enjoyment. He also tells her the end, making her cry, but goes on to describe the sequel.

    During Maggie's birthday, Moe shows up and annoys Marge by redoing Maggie's hair bow, although Maggie likes it. Homer tries to take Maggie away from Moe, but she wiggles herself free from Homer and jumps into Moe's arms. Moe's present to Maggie is Uncle Moe's Play Tavern, a scale model of his tavern with tiny replicas of Homer and other barflies, but this is unsettling for Homer and Marge. That night, Moe sneaks inside their home and tends to Maggie. He even has his own baby monitor and a video camera in Maggie's room. Homer and Marge have had enough and throw him out.

    Moe starts feeling depressed again, though he starts picturing his patrons as Maggie. That night, after Marge tucks Maggie in bed, Maggie overhears mobsters (led by Fat Tony), outside their home, plotting to kill "the Castallaneta Family" (an in-joke to Dan Castallaneta, the voice actor for Homer Simpson). When one of Fat Tony's hoods seems hesitant, he does the Godfather-orange routine, which Maggie identifies. She gets out of bed and follows the mobsters. When she is discovered missing, Homer and Marge believe that Moe has taken her. They go to Moe's place with the cops and see him put something into the oven. It turns out to be a ham and Moe is no longer suspected. When he is told that Maggie is missing, he wants to help. They search around their yard and find the cut-up orange that Fat Tony used to encourage his mobsters. Moe realizes that Maggie must have followed the mobsters to Springfield's Little Italy.

    At Little Italy, Maggie heads towards Luigi's restaurant where the Castallanetas and Fat Tony's gang are having a meeting. Fat Tony and his hoods "accidentally" spill wine on themselves and ask to be excused. Maggie enters the restaurant just as Fat Tony's gang comes out, brandishing guns. Soon the situation deteriorates and the gangsters (and the president of the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League, who is upset by the situation) all point guns at each other, with Maggie right in the middle of an "Italian-American Mexican standoff". Homer, Marge, and Moe are outside, and Moe decides to go inside and save Maggie. When he enters, he shows the gangsters Maggie's innocence, making them cry. Then he exits and hands Maggie to Marge. As he is about to leave, Maggie grabs his sleeve. So Homer suggests that he and Maggie can have a playdate with Moe... and his ham. Moe agrees on behalf of himself (and his ham).

    A set of pictures of the playdate are shown: one has Moe carrying Maggie on his back, while Homer and the ham watch. Others are of Homer and the ham cycling, riding a roller coaster, eating cotton candy, posing for pictures, playing checkers, getting tattoos while drunk, and watching the sunset.
  • A ver funny episode.

    In the Simpsons recet years there is no funnier episode then Moe Baby Blues. This episode has a lot of funny jokes that really made me laugh. The scenes that are really funny is when Moe changes Maggies bow and says to Marge she dosent want to look like crap. I love the ending with the Mob scence where they all points guns and one guy says this is one pain in my grinoline. This is a really funny episode.
  • Moe finds something that makes his life happy

    this episode was terrific especially the italian american mexican standoff and moe's storytelling of the godfather (very appropriate for a one year old baby). the only part I didn't lik was the very start at the Botanical Gardens but after Moe gets kicked out, the scene gets better. the fact that homer recordered "i peed my pants" for private use was terrific as was the fact that marge sometimes brings mobsters lemon drink when they congregate outside the simpson house. a terrific last episode of season 14, ending the episode with a classic and showing Moe can be likeable at times.
  • Loved the italian-american stand off

    Another episode that i enjoyed. Gotta love the mafia boss fat Tony and his boys. Seeing the Springfield mafia just adds to this already classic show. Any episode with fat Tony im just glued to the screen, i hope the producers can have a little more of him, as hes easily my best character. Nothing Better than an Italian Mob boss in any episode.