The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 12

Moe Goes from Rags to Riches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • A touching story

    I notice several low scores below, I guess this is an example of an episode that you either like or you don't. Personally, I liked this episode. As someone with a fascination with history, I actually found the story of how Moe's bar rag went from a grand tapestry to a simple piece of cloth quite touching, as ridiculous as the concept may seem.

    The parts about Bart's dispute with Milhouse felt like filler that's already been done before. Those were the low points for me.
  • The episode tells the story of Moe's rag

    I thought this episode was great, but not perfect. Whoa, there's a whole bunch of negative reviews for this one. I may agreed that a story about how Moe's rag ended up in his bar seems very stupid and a filler plot, but I had nothing against with it. The episode was boring in some parts, but it was kind of interesting. Not a lot of humor here since this episode is kind of informative rather than entertaining. Bart/Milhouse's subplot was better obviously and it has more funny parts especially when Bart said something about Milhouse and he stopped being friends with Bart. Overall, the episode's main plot might felt pathetic but to me I has no problems. 8/10
  • Confirmation that Groening Should Throw in the Rag

    The Simpsons has been on the air for twenty three years now, and boy does it show. Almost every little drop has been sucked from the creative juices of the show's producers, resulting in desperate attempts to come up with plots long enough to last the whole 20 minutes. Of course the writers have used every trick in the book in order to keep this nightmare enduring as long as possible, copying plots from older episodes, using sub-plot afer sub-plot in the same episode, and now we have abominations such as these as even those tricks are losing their effect, the writers desperately try to revolve almost a whole episode around a rag.

    Quite why the writers thought that twenty minutes about a inaminate cleaning object would be interesting, entertaining and funny is beyond me. But why stop there? I have often wondered about the history of Marge's kitchen sponge, not to mention Ned Flanders' dish towel or Mr Burns' handkerchief. Any of these plots are bound to fascinate and delight the many hundreds of viewers still remaining. Take note please Al Jean.

    I don't need to explain to you quite how boring this episode was, with each flashback I was waiting for something of significance to happen, anything to prevent me falling into a deep slumber or relevant to the characters of the show. I waited for 20 minutes, and I'm still waiting for an explanation by the writers of quite what the point of this episode was?

    Realising that they couldn't fill the entire episode with such boring drivel about a rag, the writers decided to include a sub-plot about Bart and Milhouse's friendship. How original. I couldn't bear the tension at the end when the episode was about to reveal whether Bart and Milhouse remained friends or not.

    Such a damp squib of a plot may have been made passable if any decent jokes were included in the episode, but the writers seem completely incapable of doing that too. They failed to even achieve a smile-worthy moment for the entire length of the episode, but then that doesn't really surprise me. Calling the Simpsons a 'comedy' is more a habit of tradition than a definition of the content.

    I would say Fox should pull the plug on this once-great programme to save its last shred of dignity, but even that has gone now. Instead this show should meet its end because it is quite simply terrible.
  • simpsons moe goes from rags to riches

    i thought this was an awful episode it wasn't funny i only laughed once at homer's line when he said and that's why there is no god god bless america. But the rest of the episode was terrible probably the worst episode of the season it was even worse than the treehouse of horror this season yep its that bad even the subplot involving bart and millhouse was alot better sorry but this was a disapointing episode
  • really? about a rag?

    better dont do anything, simpsons where great till season 15, then they just went down
  • Not much of a plot

    This really felt like a filler episode, like Fox asked for 24 episodes and the scriptwriters came up with 23 plotlines and needed just one more before they were allowed to go home. The story of how the rag came to be actaully started really well but then about the halfway mark it was like the writers realised they had only six minutes of the show left and rushed to finish. The part I enjoyed most was listening to Jeremy Irons voice the rag, I think I could seriously listen to that man speak for ever.
  • Boring as hell

    I never wrote a review or even a single comment on any series episode, but this one was deserving, it was just a pointless episode, with a senseless plot, that not even made me smile, quite the contrary, it made me yawn.

    Ok, if we are talking about a cartoon, you can say that a little senselesness has it's place, but the episode was awful as a whole, not even close to the classics simpsons historical episodes of the past seasons.

    I don't know, maybe after 23 seasons, The Simpsons should come to an end, in fact since season 20, there has been 2, maybe 3, episodes per season that were memorable. Hardcore fans may strongly disagree with this, but that's my opinion.

    Obs: I'm from Brazil so sorry for any mispellings.

  • Well... it did drag and get boring after a while but the episode itself was great

    I thought that this was a great episode of "The Simpsons". Not my favorite episode or anything like that but I still liked it. Although, It did feel kinda pointless that most of the episode just focused on the story of how Moe's rag was made or something like that. So yeah, the storyline wasn't anything new since we've seen stories about medieval or whatever centuries in the past seasons. There were some very funny parts in this episode to keep it entertaining though such as Bart throwing a rock in Millhouse's window and then when Millhouse opens the window.... the rock lands in his throat and he chokes, the same thing happening to the guy's wife when he was throwing a rock at her window, the beginning of the episode with everyone dancing at Moe's bar, Two robbers stealing Chief Wiggum's police car and then Chief Wiggum falls into the trunk of his police car (that was probably the most hilarious part in this episode), and some more. I enjoyed the stories as well and they were pretty fun to look at but it did drag and get boring after a while and most of the humor in the "story scenes" are a MISS while a few are a HIT. It was also nice of Marge to wash Moe's rag because she saw how much Moe loved the rag. Marge giving Moe his rag at the end of the episode was very nice but it was even more nice when Marge and the rest of the Simpsons household told Moe that they are his friends. The dog getting the rag with the episode ending with the dog and Maggie pulling the rag was funny as well. Overall, a great episode of "The Simpsons" but it did drag and get boring after a while with the "story scenes" and that's what lowered my score a little. 8.5/10