The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 6

Moe 'N' a Lisa

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Moe becomes a poet with Lisa's help.

    When Homer forgets Moe's birthday, Moe's anger inspires Lisa to write about him for her school report. She finds a poetic side to Moe and helps him get published in "American Poetry Perspectives." However, when Moe is featured at a literary conference where he encounters celebrated authors Gore Vidal, Michael Chabon, Tom Wolfe and Jonathan Franzen (all guest-voicing as themselves), he takes all the credit despite Lisa's feelings This episode is not as bad as it sounds! Moe having a poetic talent was a great idea. I found the ending of this episode heart-warming and all in all the whole episode kept me laughing all the way through. Watch this episode!
  • Season 18 first non-suberb episode, but that doesn't mean that this episode is horrible.

    While doing a school report on Moe, Lisa discovers his dark poetic talent and helps get him published in "AMERICAN POETRY PERSPECTIVES". The poems earn him and the Simpson family an invitation to a literary conference in Vermont where rather than be considered a hack by his peers, Moe marginalizes Lisa's contributions. Moe is later unable to assemble a poem to recite and ends up saving face with Lisa by reciting a sentimental piece about their friendship that bombs his career. As I said before this episode was not the cream of the crop of season 18, but it is without a doubt not mediocre or horrible.
  • I think I liked this episode more than a lot of others.

    Well basically I thought this was really funny, and has great morals. Funny moments. Numerous. When Homer insults Moe for being a poet and then falls down and calls him gay I laughed really, really hard! It's one of the few Moe episodes I see, and it's really nice how Moe and Lisa have the interaction. How Moe gets so selfish and worried but in the end pulls out for Lisa. It was also nice to see Homer and Bart caring for Lisa when Moe insulted her- I think. I thought it was a really great episodes hope to see more like it I guess.
  • 7.8
    This episode definitely had it's moments of humor, as most Simpsons episodes do, but again they're giving us the "We're smarter than you" episode. I mean, yeah, I guess you might as well try to educate the denizens of TV land, but I don't know who half these people are. Gore Vidal and Tom Wolfe I know by name only, I've read Maya Angelou and Anne Rice, and everyone else you might as well make up names because I have no idea who they are. They did this same thing before with the one where Homer became a artist, throwing out other names of modern artists who a lot of us might not know. So... it's funny, but you proabbly don't appreciate the jokes as much if you don't know who these people are.
  • Works a lot better than it sounds

    I was a little dubious when I heard this episode was about Moe becoming a poet, although the depressed suicidal person would be the obvious choice but he doesn't seem to be skilled enough to write poetry. Of course as the title shows, Lisa does most of the work with scraps lying around Moe's place and the friendship actually seems believable, even more so when Moe stabs her in the back to be popular.

    While this is neither the best Lisa oriented or Moe oriented episode, it is still quite entertaining with great scenes and jokes and shows a lot of heart.
  • After reading some of moes depressing scribbles on the wall, Lisa manages to convince him to put them together as a poem. The poem becomes a massive hit and Moe reaches the top, but blanks Lisa out of the picture.

    Jesus christ, how the hell are they still on the air. I used to be a massive Simpsons fan, but I have not been amused for so long, that it feels like I\\\'m watching scrubs. The Simpson\\\'s now obviously lacks what South Park and Family Guy now have, the ability to appeal to the youth as well as older people. This episode is feeble and exactly the same as what we have seen so many times before. The typical Simpson\\\'s story follows this structure, and this time it is not different:

    1) The family go out somewhere and are exposed to half a plot
    2) This plot is then taken over by another sub-plot, in which the characters either feel obliged to help someone, or get pulled into a situation themselves
    3) They work to achieve a goal, it gets messed up and someone is left feeling guilty
    4) The character/s learn a lesson and everything goes back to the way it was, or something insignifficent changes

    It is starting to become pathetic.

    The morales supposedly \\\'hidden\\\' in the plot, are so in your face and cheesy that they have overtaken South Park in that area, and are now rapidly dropping down the charts, when it comes to comedy.

    I\\\'m not saying that I want them to stop, but maybe they could follow Family Guy by recruiting some experienced comedians, rather than depending soley on Groening to provide all of the material. If this episode is anything to go by, they desperately need to do something.
  • Turns out Moe's got talent... well... sort of

    The Senior Olympics were pretty amusing, they just didn't belong out there, but it would've been funnier if Abe had a heart attack. Also, Moe got depressed because he was supposed to go fishing with Homer, but Homer forgot, and Marge made Homer go to the old people olympics. It's kinda Marge's fault because Moe would've called Homer and Homer would've remembered, and they probably would've had a good ole time. Then Moe starts vandalizing the house, which was laugh out loud funny. He was pretty ticked at the situations. Then his sad poems got to Tom Wolfe, and he started hanging with the writers. Then he finally mentioned Lisa at the way end, after she had a couple of hissy fits, what a baby!
  • Not bad

    Lisa discovers Moe's hidden talent for writing and helps him getting popular. She makes his poetry published and brings him to an authors metting. Then, Moe enjoys his popularity and grants no more credit to Lisa. The scenario of Lisa who gets forgot after helping someone to suceed was used some others times in the series in different contexts but is not that repetitive. The episode is not the funniest one but is not bad. That's a pretty nice episode for a 18th season. So, even if the scenario had been used many times in the series, it's well written for this situation and brings us another nice Simpsons episode.
  • A return to one of the filler episodes

    ===== Spoiler Warning =====

    Positive: A greater look into Moe\'s home / private life. Mini \'crab\' scene (where they\'re trying to hide from Moe). Tom Wolfe appearance not too bad.

    Negative: Generic Spiderman references. Olympic scene with virtually no story. Homer not drinking AND driving mini-scene drawn out too long. Drawing out a 5-minute story into over 20 minutes is painful. Nothing is made of Homer\'s maple syrup-tastingsequence during end credits. Jokes lacking in quality and quantity.

    ===== End of Spoilers =====

    Another disappointing episode from a show that has lived far beyond its expiration date. Also does a great disservice to the early Simpsons episodes.
  • Good Episode

    I thought that this episode was good. I liked it a lot more than I liked last weeks episode. Some of the things in the episode that I liked were when Liss helped Moe compose his scraps of paper into good poems that real poets liked. I also liked the guess voices on this episode and some of the jokes that they used. The jokes I liked were the opening part of the episode with the don't forget signs and the snior olympics with Grandpa running away from Willie who was dressed up as what looked like the grim reaper. Overall I liked this episode and thought that it was good.
  • A Poen from Moe!

    This week\'s Simpsons episode involves Moe with another Simpson. A few seasons ago it was Moe and maggie, now it\'s Moe and Lisa. this time is over poetry. Lisa discovered that Moe is a poet and get him on the poetic circult, but the sucess went to Moe\'s head, ingnoring Lisa for crediting him. I love the eposode especially the Spider-Man take-off at a poet\'s magazine. The chemistry between moe and Lisa is ok. I hope that epsiode will encourage kids to poetry. Overall, this is a good Simpson episode. I like to remind you that a 500th episode is coming. I can\'t wait for that.
  • Moe is down on his luck, so Lisa helps him to compile his rantings into poetry, but after he gets recognized, Moe forgets who got him there in the first place

    This episode was pathetic...I can't believe that Simpsons has gotten to the point that they have to show something like this. Get fans to write an episode or something, because it just isn't the same show. I kept hoping that something redeeming would happen, but instead they turn to make Homer do some zany scheming and fall off of a building or whatever to get a forced laugh. If this is any indication of what the movie may be, it will be a sad day. Please Matt Groening...get the original team back or at least redeem yourself next week. I will never stop watching, but it hurts me to laugh at Family Guy, American Dad and even War at Home more than my favourite show.
  • Lisa is my favorite character! No wonder she is so smart!

    No wonder why Lisa is so smart and intelligent as
    After dumb Homer forgets his bartender's Moe's birthday, Moe flies into a rage. As Lisa tries to make it up to him as Moe has a gift of poetry. And as she gets recognized, sadly though Moe "forgets" about what Lisa has done for him. Great show with great literay writers making "ca,eps!"
  • How to descride this horrible episode?I don`t know at all it was painfull to watch just sooooooooo bad!It had very very few good moments in the episode it wasn`t original or nything a show that needs new writters!

    Like i said this is an absolutely boring episode am i the only one to think so?Because seriously that episode was boring.Not any good jokes or something to spice up the episode it was just a big BORING.The people who gave over 7-8 haven`t seen the Simpsons`s best episode wich were a good while ago.Why do i say this is a filler episode because it wasn`t good and this very episode was supposed to be aired two years ago in season 16.

    What Happens:Homer forgot Moe`s birthday and Moe is mad the family hides from him until Moe trows a poem in the house that they founded very emoting and Lisa decides to do a school project on him.She is conviced that Moe is a great poet and get him to write a book.Moe becomes famous and gets invited to a book convention by Tom Wolfe.Once he`s famous he gives Lisa no credit and she`s mad at him.
  • The simpsons are back!

    This is a good sight to see. The simpsons finally seem like its returning more to its classic days. This was a very well written episode that explored one of my favorite characters. It portrayed Moe as such a tragic figure, which he really is. There were many funny gags in this episode. Most notably homer stopping everytime he took a sip of his beer, It was just classic. Willie as the Grim reaper chasing grandpa was excellent as well. It felt a lot like a season 8 or 9 episode which is good of course. Lets hope this season continues to be as good as it has been so far.
  • The two problems with the Simpsons...

    This is it, first and foremost. Remember the classic Simpsons where Krusty says, \\\"I could\\\'ve pulled a better cartoon than that out of my a..\\\"? Well, I certainly could\\\'ve written a better episode than this one in a coma. Their obscure references intended for intelligent people are now obscure references intended for equally obscure types of people. It\\\'s a sad day when American Dad is better than the Simpsons. And this is becoming consistent. And I don\\\'t particularly like American Dad!

    The jokes were simplistic, unoriginal, and sometimes repeats from previous episodes (which is becoming more common.) The plot was simple-minded. The story was good until they went to the Poetry convention, and that\\\'s excusing Maggie\\\'s burped message. All the other messages were funny, but her\\\'s was just stupid.

    The Simpsons could come back, but they need to get FUNNY writers. They should probably just FIRE all the current ones, because they\\\'ve caused me more pain than humor.

    2) Computer animation
    I realize it\\\'s cheaper to have a computer draw your pictures for you, but a little bit of the \\\"human touch\\\" once in a while would be nice. I\\\'m sure you could probably your computer to be a little cheezy. This is just a personal point that I\\\'ve noticed and has started to annoy me. #1 above is really what the whole problem is.
  • Am I the first to give it below a 9 for a review?

    Better than G.I. D'oh, not better than "Mook", "Jazzy", "Hammer" or "THOH 17" though. It may have some of the funniest jokes of the season, but the 3rd half was kind of a let down for me. The Senior Olympics was funny, and seeing Homer make fun of Moe is LOL funny, and when he drinks sips of beer while driving is a classic joke, but this episode has happened before, in Season 3's "Flamming Moe." They copy and paste that plot, but made Lisa the one he rips up for poetry instead of Homer though. And I'm surprised it came from Season 16, because this episode would help the season a lot, but it's good here too. Overall, it had a Season 1-9 quality in it, but it also had a little Season 10-16 quality in some but not all parts though. And I never expected this episode to be that good, but it shocked me. Bravo, writers, now lets keep up the good work.
  • Im surprised this episode was supposed to come from season 16, it was so well written. It almost felt as good as watching a classic simpsons episode which is a good sign for this series.

    Out of all the simpsons characters moe is deff top ten in my book. It starts off with the senior olympics which was hilarious lol, and leads to homer forgetting moes bday fishing trip. The episode up to this point was when the plot comes into place afterwards which is so classic how they used to do it. Overall this episode was not crazy and didnt have a totally random story, but for once felt like an actual Simpsons style episode and not a Family Guy style episode. Episodes like this one, will keep the series strong.
  • Pritty well written.

    Simpsons episode Moe n a Lisa was very well written though some of the gags I didn't get yet others I enjoyed. Matt Waterburton did a great job in writing this episode. I laughed at scenes where Moe called Homer a name and Homer didnt know Moe was calling him, or when Willie was dressed as a grim reaper scaring grampa, or when Homer fell down the ladders, and my favorite when Moe shooting at the geese. The gags where there.
  • Funny

    This simpsons episde was funny. I enjoyed it very much, as much as I enjoy other episodes. What I like about the simpsons is that they always make up some stupid begining to lead to the point in the episode. And this episode wasn't different. It started off as there being an old olypics, but its not like I don't enjoys those beginigs but whatever. This episode in paticular was on of the few episodes having to do with Moe Sizlack(if thats how you spell his name) well if you like that character then you will like the episode, I liked it.
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