The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 10

Moms I'd Like to Forget

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2011 on FOX

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  • Marge reunite with a group of mothers

    At school, a championship dodgeball game between the fourth and fifth-graders leads to a grudge match between the two groups, which escalates to an all-out rumble until Bart and one of the fifth-graders discover they have the same sword-shaped scar on their hands. It turns out they and two other boys used to be preschool playmates with Marge and their mothers having been friends previously. Marge decides to reconnect with them, leading to her getting more of a social life. Eventually, relations between the two groups begin to strain as Marge and Bart learn the true value of friendship, with Bart learning from Comic Book Guy on how he got his scar. I thought this episode was decent and I found it underrated. It may not be the episode I've ever seen from this season, but it was still a good one. My score is lower, it's the usual, not that much funny parts and maybe a couple more reasons. I can't really remember the parts that were funny here...not even my biggest laugh The plot was done decently in my opinion. Overall, this episode was good and it could have been funnier. 7.5/10
  • Good episode.

    Good episode. Not the best but it was worth watching.
    It starts out in a 5th vs. 4th dodge ball game. It is down to Bart and a scrappy 5th grader. Bart hits the 5th grader really hard and it looks as if the 4th have won but when the ball bounces back to the ground the 5th grader catches. The 4th graders challenge the 5th graders to a fight. Bart sees that the 5th grader has the same scar as him. It turns at Marge was in a group with a lot of moms. Bart tries to break up the group. Good episode Homer was the highlight of this episode even if it doesn't star him.

  • This is exactly the kind of episode that made the critics claim that Simpsons episodes are declining in quality.

    I was quickly drawn in by the rivarly between the fourth and fifth graders and the discovery that Bart shares a previously undiscovered scar with one of those fifth graders, making me keen to find out what was going to happen next. Unfortunately, the reconciling of Bart with the other kids from the 'Mommy and Me class' and Marge with 'the Cool Moms' was not as not nearly as good as it could have been, due to the predictable ending of the two groups splitting up, presumably never to meet again. The scene with Comic Book Guy telling the story of how the scars came to be was mildly interesting and caused me to raise my score slightly above 1 as well as the satisfactory moments of Marge's brain having sections of itself shoved out and burst but apart from them, there weren't any moments where I genuinely felt like laughing and I didn't really feel entertained either. I think it's safe to say that The Simpsons fell flat on their face with this episode. It just seemed too predictable and familiar somehow.
  • Dr. Hibbert: Are you going to see Comic Book Guy now? If you are, tell him the news from me, tell him it's the: Worst. Prognosis. Ever. Hehhehehehhehe.

    So it's a 4th vs 54th grade dodgeball tournament at school and Bart wins, but due to a technicality, whih unleashes a 4th-vs-5h grade war. The war spreads to the teacher lounge, which turns into a saloon bar-fight (even with Skinner playing the piano). Soon they decide to ends it with a fight, but in it, Bart and a 5th grader guy (who we'll call Otis) discover they have the same scar in their hand (which we never saw before).

    Bart soon tells Marge about his scar and Marge revelas how she was a member of a group called The Cool Moms and reunites the group. Homer has to hang out with the lame boring agressive husbands and Bart with the violence loving kids. Bart soon starts to dislike the meetings, and decides to find a way to disband the group again.

    He is sure the scar they have is the source of the initial fallout, so they go to COmic Book Guy who was there in the incident. On 4th of July yhears ago, everyone was at the fireworks show, and Bart, Otis & the 2 kids deicde to unleash all fireworks at once. The chaos burns CBG's sandwich, and the sowrd toothpicks fall on the kids hands.

    Bart then tries to make another fireworks chaos and Marge discovers him. He tells the mom about it and they go and insult Bart, so Marge leaves the group. Then the moms start to kiss each other.

    Overall: This episode was pretty good. It has an interesitng story & good jokes (Flanders' moustache, Marge's brain..) so 8.5/10.
  • Not the best

    This episode wasn't that great, with no real laughs, but it had a nice feeling to it.
    Bart discovers that a 5th grader has the same scar on his hand that Bart does. When he asks Marge about it, she says that she used to be in a sort of club with some other moms, and that Bart was friends with their sons. Bart encourages Marge to bring the group back together, and she starts putting her social life in front of her kids. Bart starts feeling that the kids are a bad influence on him, and tries to brake the group up, without success. But when he asks Dr. Hibbert about the scar on his hand, hoping it had something to do with why the group broke up in the first place, Dr. Hibbert tells him to go to Comic Book Guy, and he reveals the secret of the scar and of why they broke up.
    This episode started off well, with the rivalry between the 4th and 5th grade, but it seemed kind of bland. The plot was interesting enough, sometimes being faltered by predictability, but the real problem in this episode was the humor. It just wasn't there, and I never laughed, unusual for me when watching a Simpsons episode. And the few jokes they did have, from Marge's line about Homer eating peanuts in the shower to Homer using the toilet to do his taxes - It just felt forced, as if the writers forgot about humor while writing it and slipped a few gags in at the final editing.
    On the plus side, it had a healthy mix of recycling old classic plots and coming up with new ones. Bart's plot with the three 5th graders reminded me of 'Bart's Girlfriend' from season 6, when Jessica was making Bart do really dangerous things. Later in the episode, his efforts to find out what broke the group up in the first place are reminiscent of the first act of 'Pranks and Greens' from season 21, when Bart was trying to figure out what turned Skinner from 'cool to tool.'
    The new side of it was the part about Marge and the club of moms, although that could've been done in one of the episodes from season 12 to 20, I haven't seen them all.
    Hopefully season 22 will get better in the near future, the episode, 'Angry Dad: The Movie' looks promising.

  • cut them some slack

    i thought this was a good episode it wasnt a classic episode or a great one but it was a good one and there on their 22nd season so cut them some slack. this episode doesnt deserve as many low scores as its getting ive seen two other episodes this season the tree house of horror and the fight before chrismas and those did suck but this was a good episode. some people are still waiting for that episode that great episode but lets face it there to late in the game to do much owell at least we still got 13 great seasons from the simpsons.
  • good

    Bart discovers that some 5th graders have the same scar on their hands that he does. Marge reveals that she used to see other moms and Bart would hang out with their boys. Bart wonders why they do not do this anymore and so they do. Have they found friendships that work?

    It was OK. Bart having a scar randomly is weird and could be a continuity error, as he hasn't had one before in the series. And the resolution, with Marge realizing that the other moms' felt Bart was the bad influence, just… happened. There was no lead-up. Plus, Marge doesn't even defend her son. The moms' are talking about how Bart was the bad child and Marge is all ashamed/angry and she just leaves without even trying to defend Bart. I mean, what? If someone talks crap about your kid, wouldn't you defend them? Anyways it was a mostly good episode. C+ or so
  • Pretty bad

    Bart discovers that he has the same scar as a fifth grader. The fifth grader turns out to be a kid that Bart used to play with a while ago. The group gets back together, but Bart hates them. He also wants to find out how he got the scar, but Marge wont tell him. Marge is having a great time with her old friends, but Homer and the husbands time together is just awkward. Bart finds out that the scar is from comic book guy's sub sandwich toothpicks.

    This was a pretty bad episode. It had a decent plot, but it was really boring. I honestly can't think of any really funny parts at the top of my head.

    Overall Grade: 45%/F
  • :(

    For 21 years there was a HUGE spark in this show and every episode of The Simpsons the spark has been holding strong
    It was still going for on for so many years. Some episodes the spark got a little weak and other episodes the spark went higher than ever but all in all the spark kept going and going. Sadly, this season the spark seems to be going away. The spark is weak and it is trying SO hard to get stronger.
    After 22 years of The Simpsons, the spark seems to fade but there still seems to be small hope. One episode of this show needs to power that spark again, it needs to make it strong so The Simpsons will keep going.
    I absolutely love The Simpsons. It is the best show on earth and even the bad episodes would give me some good giggles. I'm speaking the truth and The Simpsons 22nd season is not as good as I thought it would be, I might stand corrected for there will definitely be a promising episode that will come soon
    If there one day be a good episode of this season of The Simpsons, something new and not so recycled, I won't be surprised, I am counting on this show, I'm counting on that spark to light up again and be as strong as before.
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