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The Simpsons

Season 10 Episode 21

Monty Can't Buy Me Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 1999 on FOX

Episode Fan Reviews (5)

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  • Homer helps Burns be popular.

    This episode is so underrated.
    Really can't see why?
    The family is sitting around watching television one afternoon when Marge makes them go for a walk. They end up at a new mega-store, owned by Arthur Fortune, who wins everyone's love by giving them $1 bills. Burns is there, and he envies the relationship the younger billionaire with the public. He goes to Homer, asking him to help make him a beloved billionaire. Homer's attempts fail after Burns goes on a shock radio show hosted by Jerry Rude. They form a plan in which they will go to Scotland with Willie and Prof. John Frink in an attempt to catch the Loch Ness monster. They bring it back to Springfield and unveil it to the public, but things go haywire, and this plan fails, too. In the end the monster gets a job working at Springfield's casino. Seriousley great!