The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 9

Mr. Plow

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1992 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Homer buys his Mr. Plow truck from Kumatsu Motors, which replaced Herb Powell's car company in "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?".

    • The theme for the Springfield Auto Show: "We Salute The American Worker--Now 61% Drug Free".

    • We learn that Barney was smart and would have gone to Harvard and led a successful life, but Homer pressured him to have beer and he became an alcoholic.

    • Barney's phone number is 636-555-4796.

    • Conan O'Brien came up with the classic gag of Homer turning the radio needle to the right to keep him from falling off the mountain.

  • Quotes

    • Kent Brockman: Could this record-breaking heat wave be the result of the dreaded Greenhouse Effect? Well, if 70-degree days in the middle of winter are the "price" of car pollution, forgive me if I keep my old Pontiac.

    • Moe: Linda Ronstadt?! How did you get her?
      Barney: Ah, we've been looking for a project to do together for a while.

    • Repo Guy: Hello this is the Repo Depot, I'm just calling to distract you while we reposess your plow.
      Homer: Oh yeah, how dumb do you think I... oh.

    • Woman: Could you make sure not to scrape my asphalt?
      Homer: Kiss my asphalt...

    • Mayor Quimby: These look like teeth marks.
      Homer: I thought there was chocolate inside.... Well, why was it wrapped in foil?
      Mayor Quimby: It was never wrapped in foil!

    • Homer: (rapping) I'm Mr. Plow and I'm here to say, I'm the plowingest guy in the USA. I got a big plow and I move a lot of things, just like your cow if you have one!

    • Man: Hello, I'm calling from Delinquent Accounts at Kumatsu Motors.
      Homer: Oh, you want the Mr. Plow who plows driveways. This is Tony Plow, you know, from Leave It To Beaver.... Yeah they were gay.

    • Homer: Flanders, I thought I was your plow man?
      Ned: Uh Homer, why don't you plow it again?
      Homer: Forget it, pal. I don't need your phoney baloney job. I'll take your money, but I'm not gonna plow your driveway!

    • Ronstadt: When the snow starts a-fallin', There's a man you should be callin', That's KL5-4796, Let it ring! Mr. Plow is a loser and I think he is a boozer.
      Barney: So you better make that call to the Plow King!

    • Homer: Now we play the waiting game..... Ahh, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

    • Homer: (singing) Call Mr. Plow. That's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow!

    • Homer: Well, I really should discuss this with my wife.
      Salesman: Your wife? (cracks an imaginary whip)
      Homer: What, you think I'm going to buy a $20,000 truck just because you
      make that noise?
      Salesman: (cracks his whip again)
      Homer: Okay, I'll take it.

    • Homer's Brain: Don't tell him you were at a bar! (gasp) But what else is open at night?
      Homer: It's a pornography store. I was buying pornography.

    • Homer: It may be on a lousy channel, but the Simpsons are on TV!

    • Kent: Hardest hit by the blizzard is Springfield's forbidding Widow's Peak. Our own Arnie Pie is on the scene.
      (Arnie is doing a live remote by helicopter)
      Arnie: Everything's snowed in! All I can see is white!
      Kent: Arnie, please! The ski conditions.
      Arnie: (Camera is upsidedown) Mayday! Mayday! I think I'm flying into a mountain! Tell my wife I lo- (Static)
      Kent: That's great, Arnie!

    • Homer: My prices are so low, you'll think I've suffered brain damage.
      Bart: You are fully bonded and licensed by the city, aren't you, Mr. Plow?
      Homer: Shut up, boy.

    • Bart: Who's up at 3:17 AM watching TV?
      Homer: Alcoholics, the unemployable, angry loners...

    • Homer: There's a $10,000 bill in it for you.
      Barney: Oh yeah? Which president's on it?
      Homer: Uh, all of them. They're having a party. Jimmy Carter's passed out on the couch.

  • Notes

    • In 1993, Dan Castellaneta won an Emmy for, Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, for this episode.

    • Blackboard Joke: A burp is not an answer.
      Couch Gag: The couch is replaced with a single chair, but the family sit on it anyway.

  • Allusions

    • Citizen Kane
      The snow dome being crushed in the Mr. Plow commercial is inspired by the snow dome being crushed in the classic 1941 film Citizen Kane.

    • Raiders Of The Lost Ark
      The snowmen melt very similar to the Germans in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

    • Bonnie And Clyde
      Bart plays in a car said to be the one Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were riding in the day they were killed in a police ambush. The car is taken from the film Bonnie And Clyde.

    • Agency: McMahon & Tate Advertising Agency
      The name of the ad agency – which Homer hires to produce better commercials after the Plow King goes into business – is a play on the name of the McMann and Tate Advertising Agency seen on Bewitched.

    • Homer: Yeah, they were gay.
      Homer tells the repo man on the phone that he is not Mr. Plow; he is Tony Plow from Leave It To Beaver. The actor's name is actually Tony Dow.

    • The Godfather
      Homer's clearing of the road after a blizzard to allow Springfield Elementary School to have classes as usual (on what would have otherwise been a snow day), and Bart getting ambushed by a rain of snowballs from angry and disgusted classmates after getting off the school bus, parodies gunfight scene from the film The Godfather.

    • Homer: I'm Mr. Plow, that's the name. That name again is Mr. Plow!
      The lyrics and tune directly spoof Roto-Rooter, the plumbing and drain service company.

    • Brockman: The Plow King is trapped!
      Kent Brockman's "special bulletin" about the avalanche copies Walter Cronkite's announcement of President Kennedy's assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. Apparently, Barney's "Plow King" had become a major celebrity in Springfield!

    • Show: Carnival of the Stars
      This Troy McClure-hosted circus special, with Springfield celebrities performing various circus stunts, is a parody of the Circus Of The Stars television specials.