The Simpsons

Season 17 Episode 12

My Fair Laddy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • My Fair Laddy

    Can Lisa make Willie an English gentleman? This is today's plot. She succeeds, for a while at least. Soon Willie does not like being polite, especially polite to jerks, so at the end of the episode everything goes back to normal.

    Some people did not like this episode, mostly for the singing, and whilst there was a lot of singing, I do not think any of the songs were bad and I laughed a lot during them. But to each their own, I guess. I thought the whole episode was pretty entertaining from the very start to the end. B+/A-
  • Good episode except I hated that there were so many musical numbers...

    A substitute gym teacher arrives at Springfield Elementary to cause Bart grief with his bullying. Bart exacts revenge by filling a dodgeball with ice and throwing it at the teacher, but he ducks and the ball instead destroys Willie's shack. Marge apologises for Bart and offers to let Willie stay with them. Lisa spends time with Willie, and decides she could turn him into a proper gentleman for her school science fair. Meanwhile, Homer rips his last pair of blue pants and discovers they are no longer produced. This leads Homer to start a "buy blue pants" advertising campaign which is seemingly successful. Lisa finally gets Willie to act sophisticated, and she wins the science fair. Willie however misses his old life, so he undoes his changes and moves back into his repaired shack.
  • Bart is angry with his Gym teacher so throws a ball at him but misses and destroys Willies shack. Lisa sees Willies manners at vows to turn him into a perfect gentelman

    I kinda liked this episode. Willie is one of my favirote charcters . I liked Homer on the Go cart where he would rather risk his own life than to been tricked into be ing money LOL. I hate Flanders , I hate Flanders lardy dar (I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve put that in there just to kill off a few words ) .I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve got the day of school and are watching all my Simpsons DVD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s wahoo . It\'s really great I can luagh at my friends while they are there cos it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s just across road. I can see my friend Jake . Anyway Good episode
  • Average at best!

    After a few very good episodes this season I felt that this was a bit of a let down.

    After over 350 episodes this was the first real episode that focused on Gropundskeeper Willie and I felt they could have done a better job.

    While some of the songs were quite humerous, they tend to interrupt the flow of an episode. I'm not a fan of that sort of thing because things might be pretty interesting, but then a song will bring things to a grinding halt.

    Homer's storyline where he advertised on his body wasn't pretty good, but I don't like how they made Willie such a grumpy and disgusting person who is in love with his shack and tractor.

    So much more could have been done. I would have liked to see a more interesting and complex side to Willie - rather than him pretending to be posh while having a british accent. (What's up with that?!)
  • Homer gets another job: body advertising

    After all the negative comments I’d heard about this episode, some overseas viewers classifying it as their least favourite ever, I was pleasantly surprised when it aired in Australia as I wasn’t expecting much and I found it one of the funniest of the year (and I’m one of the people that enjoy the new episodes).

    Homer’s advertising on his body parts is a hilarious concept and has some extremely funny moments involving the glow in the dark head and how his pants were destroyed aswell as the comment about the length of the so horrible it’s funny commercial. Of course, Homer wouldn’t be Homer without his blue pants and everything is restored to how it should be.

    The new gym teacher (bombardment!) was a great start to the GK Willington plot, as another one of Bart’s pranks go awry and end up destroying an innocent person’s shack, this time Willie not turning to murderous rage like the Kidz News episode. The singing is great, with Willie only singing one line until Lisa prompts him to sing more and later Homer interrupting their nose song by advertising blue pants in the same tune.

    Overall, the shack destruction may be a little similar to a previous episode and Lisa turning someone into a gentle was done in Date with Density but this episode does it in a completely different way, both plots being hilarious and while some may disagree, this is a very good episode and one that I will definitely remember, the image of the music teacher in a tractor on the school rooftop still etched in my mind and Nelson’s new wood comment and Skinner’s reaction still ringing in my ears.
  • Okay plotline, mildly amusing, boring episode.

    I usually don't care too much for episodes about secondary characters. Don't get me wrong, I like characters like Flanders, Mr. Burns, and even Moe, but with someone like Groundskeeper Willie who is barely featured in episodes to begin with, it seems kind of pointless to make an episode about him. Keep in mind, I haven't seen "My Fair Lady," so this episode would probably have made a lot more sense had I seen that movie. I like it when there is music in the episode, so I liked this one ok. The whole subplot with Homer and the pants was stupid and some of the jokes weren't very good. I didn't like the whole "bombardment" thing, that got old FAST. Overall, the episode is mildly amusing, but probably not one I'd watch again in syndication. It is far from the worst of the season though.
  • I'm not one of those Season 10-present bashers but this episode was TERRIBLE.

    I'm not one of those Season 10-present bashers but this episode was TERRIBLE.

    The beginning was good (today: BOMBARDMENT, tomorrow: BOMBARDMENT, every day: BOMBARDMENT. Oh, except for Christmas Day. That's DOUBLE BOMBARDMENT!) but that was the only bit that made me laugh.

    The plot with Groundskeep Willie was boring and the only other thing in the episode was Homer trying to sell Jeans (pants).

    Also when Martin shows his Surprise Machine at the science fair, and says how it can detect levels of surprise, then Chalmers looks surprised and the machine goes to "moderate surprise". I was just sitting there thinking, "are we supposed to be laughing at that?".

    This is the worst of the Season so far and I hope they're not all like this.

    And is it just me or did Willie have a different voice, and not only when he was speaking posh.

    And why the hell were there so many songs in this episode?
  • A bit naff but it was ok

    I watched this today and i think the story line was a bit boring and it wasnt very funny either
    i think they could have done a lot better but i still liked it it was funny that wiily become a gentle man but that wont really either so i will give it 6.3
  • Awful

    This episode of The Simpsons is the worst episode (in my opinion) EVER of The long time running series. I thought it was boring and out of character. I felt like I had already seen it a hundred times before.I hope we won't see another episode like this one.

    Absolutely Terrible!
  • Better than I expected

    Well, when I heard about this episode, I wasn't expecting it to be very good, as the premise sounded too silly. But I was proven wrong. This episode was actually quite good. They did a nice job developing Willy's character, and the songs, although unnecessary, were good. Also, the subplot with Homer's blue jeans, although kind of pointless, was very funny. Although, I wasn't really too fond of how they changed Willy's character back to normal at the end of the episode, and there were some jokes that didn't work, such as the joke with the bullies. But other than that, a truly great episode, and was easily a classic, not counting those two faults. This is only further proof that the new episodes are still good.
  • lisa befriends willy, a la my fair lady.

    I think this is the worst simpson episode i've seen. This entire season has been going down hill. I really enjoy the simpsons, and it has been on air for a long time for a reason. I hope this is just a transition and that it doesn´t carry over to next season. If they carry on like this, next season might be the last, and if they do make the movie, it would be terrible to have it come out on a down season, because few people would watch it. I hope it's just, and if it isn't and it does end, i'll watch till the end, but it will be very painful to watch them go out like that.
  • Very good episode.

    This was a very good episode. I laughed a lot. Groundskeeper Willie is a funny character. Nice gift to geeks to remember that the gym teacher was named Ms. Pommel Horse. Family Guy did a similar thing with the My Fair Lady stuff, but this episode was better than that one. Probably the best of the season so far.
  • The Simpsons parodies My Fair Lady.

    A parody of My Fair Lady… Shame that Family guy already did it. And did a better job of it too. Bart destroys Groundskeeper Willie’s Shack. Not for the first time. Marge takes him in because she feels sorry for him. Not the first time she’s taken someone in. Lisa decides to attempt to make him into a better man. Not the first time she’s tried to change someone for the better. Three strikes and you’re out!!!

    I had been hoping after the previous episode that the quality of this season was going to improve. Sadly not. I didn’t hate this episode…. It was just so… blah. The humour rarely hit the mark and the songs were flat. I was more interested in Homer’s side story of having ruined his pants and being unable to get another pair, unless he can raise public interest in them so the company will start making them again. I found the glowing advertisement on the back of his head to be more entertaining than the rest of the episode altogether. Altogether, a disappointing episode. Which is a shame, because we know they can do better when they try.
  • The worst Simpson-Epidose I've ever seen!

    I've never seen a Simpson-Episode that was as boring as this one. The only good joke was the one with the ice-saxophone, the rest was quite plain, the bombardment-part wasn't funny at all, more annoying than funny. There is even a solution missing... unless they either want to keep it as running gag or the final solution for it will come later... or is dropped completely as often... And a sex-change? Since when do the Simpsons have to copy South Park?
  • The Simpsons still has it.

    Michael Price usually writes great episodes of The Simpsons and this episode "My Fair Laddy" is no exeption. This episodes is not the proof of The Simpsons still has it but last weeks episode did. The story was just surpurb just a little to musical thats it. Great job too Bob Anderson for directin.
  • It is ok but some bits are boring

    not bad and quite funny The scottish learn how the Americans work and worth waching again
    But some Of it is quite boring ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    grounds keeper willy is not a main charcter
    the eppisode was to quick and he could of done somthing more and done somthing more intresting
    all right

  • A good episode

    I liked this one a lot. It got into Groundskeeper Willies character a lot. It was also interesting that Willie had a real crappy childhood and how hard it was to make him sophisticated. I liked the songs in here. This episode was a good look into Willies psyche and I enjoyed it.
  • After 300 episodes, the writers are still thinking up story ideas that they haven't done before -- and then sabotaging them by making them completely inconsequential.

    Someone should've taken a bet that they could turn this into a good episode before airtime. OH SNAP!

    No, I'm really just kidding. Sort of.
    The episode was... okay. Overall it, felt too fast; I would've liked Willie's transformation to have taken longer and to have actually, well, meant something to the character. The writers were trying something new here: developing Groundskeeper Willie, a relatively unexplored character. Unfortunately, they didn't give themselves enough time to do a good episode based on this concept because they felt the need to do their now-very-hackneyed "LOL STATUS QUO" routine, where they end the episode with a brief and ridiculous plot device that changes everything back to normal. Here, after two acts of Groundskeeper Willie making some real changes in his life (which should've taken longer than two acts), he suddenly longs for his old life, gets into a quick fight with Krusty at a restaurant, and is suddenly back to his old job. The apparent dilemma of the music teacher now having Willie's job was resolved -- AFTER the writers brought it up, which they didn't have to -- by merely having Principal Skinner make a witty comment about returning everything to normal. Sorry, guys, but you've done this many times before and it's just not funny anymore. How many times are they going to pretend to change things up and then not do it? At this point, it'd be far more non-cliche to actually do it!

    I'm not so much angry as I am disappointed. Can't they take any risks? At all? After 300 episodes of the status quo, it's time for something different. It's not as hard to come up with new ideas as they claim it is. They're just sabotaging themselves. It's not like Willie would've even had to change completely; they could still have thought of a way to keep him around without going back on everything that happened in the episode. What was the point of the episode then? To make us laugh, I guess. But that means they're going for the short-sighted, quick laughs, which is what Family Guy is about.

    Then there's the sub-plot about Homer advertising on his body, which doesn't interact with the main plot at all and doesn't even go anywhere in and of itself (they could take a few hints from American Dad). Thankfully, it's short enough not to detract much from the episode. Sadly, the episode itself isn't much to detract from. Overall, it does have some laughs (like the coach throwing rolls at Willie during his song), and it isn't really UNfunny. And the songs, while not great, at least showed some effort. But the rest of the episode definitely didn't show much effort or ambition.

    The writers of The Simpsons didn't get to where they are now by not taking risks. Let's hope they realize that some time soon. I can't help thinking that they've gotten comfortable at the top.
  • Charming well written parody.

    Very nice episode, as the the Simpsons attempts another full-episode parody of a famous musical classic, similar to the Evita spoof, "The President wore Pearls." I think this one worked better beause the songs are stand alone, as opposed to the Lloyd Webber "talk-singing" of the dialogue in that one. Also the melodies and songs are much more familiar to the average viewer than Webber's early work. Other high points, included an episode that focused on one of Springfield Univere's underused characters, Groundskeeper Willy. I also enjoyed the "Around the World in 80 Days" reference with the bullies as well.