The Simpsons

Season 8 Episode 17

My Sister, My Sitter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1997 on FOX

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  • The one thing I hate about this episode is when everyone accuses Lisa of killing Bart!

    Where The Simpsons started to go bad is divisive for every fan of the show, to be honest. The general consensus is either Season 9, 10 or 11 as the series downfall, but there is a small minority that doesn't care for Season 8 that much either, and some even say the only standout here was "You Only Move Twice", with "Homer's Enemy" being extremely divisive in and of itself. I feel Season 8 was the last season where it felt like the original charm was still there, although it pops up every now and again. But this episode, though, shows us why it should've ended after Mike Scully stepped down.

    The biggest problem with this episode is just what a horrible brat Bart is to his sister. Honestly, Lisa is right to be the one in charge because she's actually dedicated and intelligent, and a Soapbox Sadie. I would say Bart acts like a complete baby just to spite Lisa, but like she said, "Even babies know how to open and close their It's more like he outright HATES her! He gives his one-year-old sister Maggie coffee ice cream, never mind the caffeine fueling an infants hyperactivity but that Bart basically fed his sister poison. And then SHE becomes impossible to control. This kind of stuff is only really funny when the babysitter in question deserves the torment, and Lisa has done nothing wrong!

    Honestly, the subplot with Homer and Marge is pretty funny in a way, but it mainly amounts to sight gags, which isn't much. Bart is at his worst here because of just what a little *** he is! I swear this kid deserves to get beaten by Nelson and his cronies! Actually, I think the bullies would worship Bart for BEING such a prick here. Weighing down your body so you can't go to bed? Really? And then there's the fact that he cranks called a bunch of folks just to piss Lisa off, right down to hiring Krusty the Clown for a bachelor party!

    Finally, because he's such a prick, he ends up breaking his arm via falling down the stairs and he STILL won't cooperate with Lisa as he waves "what she did to him" in her face. He just keeps PUSHING Lisa more and more over the edge, even going so far as to hurt himself just to make the "evidence" worse and he ends up comatose because of his own stupidity. No, it's not karmic because he did it all to himself just to spite his sister! And more than likely SHE will be the one blamed for Bart being critical! She can't even get 9-1-1 to come because of Bart's stupid little pranks and she has to wheelbarrow him to the hospital herself with Maggie in a pet cage! To be fair though there are some good laughs here and there like Comic Book Guy's cameo, which I quote when I have the chance.

    Honestly, Cow and Chicken did this plot much better because it knew to properly punish the "bad baby" for disobeying his sibling. Yes, Cow is incompetent, but she never put Chicken in that much physical harm; the worst thing she does is put him in a diaper, and none of Chicken's torment was really out of cruelty or malice but incompetence. Even though Bart nearly kills himself out of spite, he gets off tormenting Lisa scot-free and everyone in town thinks she tried to kill him and Maggie. And no, the ending doesn't make things any better because now people want her services BECAUSE they think she tried to commit murder! Still, at least it's some kind of happy ending. While far from the worst episode of the show, I never thought I'd see such a stupid and cruel plot in one of The Simpsons' prime seasons
  • Is Lisa 8 or 18?

    I love this show. I adore Lisa. I am a Lisa Simpson. However, episodes like this take me out of the reality of the show. Lisa is in second grade. Second graders can't tell time or count change. They can't write in cursive. Some can't tie their own shoes. Granted, I know Lisa is super-smart, but not THAT smart. I think sometimes the writers forget how young she is. I'm willing to give them some leeway--I suspend disbelief most of the time and just go with the story they're telling me, but this is too much even for me. She's still a small child. A second grader home alone can warrant a call to child services, never mind leaving her in charge of other people's kids.

    This is one of my all time favorite series, and aside from this whopper, the rest of the episode is cleverly plotted (the brother/sister dynamic between Bart and Lisa is dead accurate), and the other characterizations are very well done (Maggie jumping around after eating coffee ice cream? Awesome!). I'd just like to see the show getting back to the basics--episodes like "Lisa's Substitute" where she's a real little girl are by far the best!
  • I'm sorry, I just hated this episode

    I'm sorry for the people who liked this episode, or considered it a classic, but I just hated it. It had a decent premise with Lisa being a babysitter and moving up the ranks of babysitting and stuff, however it downhill once it became about Bart trying his best to piss off Lisa just because she was in charge. It just seemed like they ran out of good ideas. I liked the storyline with Homer and Marge, even if it was way too brief it was this episode's redemption. Overall, An original episode that falls short of expectatins. 5.5/10 F
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show lisa decides to do some baby sitting and she goes and people start to hire her and they think she is doing a really good job around the town and so marge and homer think they should put lisa incharge when they are going out for the night thing is bart mad because he is the older one and so he starts to give her a really hard time and things get out of hand when he goes down the stairs and gets hurt and she transports him in a wheelbarrle. this was a good ep ithought.
  • My Sister, My Sitter

    Lisa proves to be very responsible when she starts babysitting various kids in Springfield- including one night babysitting Bart. Outraged, Bart fully intends to make the night a living Hell. But Lisa unintentionally makes him fall down the stairs, busting him up. She tries to get him to a doctor, in a wheelbarrow, and various adults see, thinking she was planning to drown Bart and Maggie in mud. So now the babysitting thing is done. Or is it...?

    A good episode, sometimes a little boring, but not too much by any means. My Overall grade would be about a B+/A-
  • Lisa babysits Bart.

    Lisa expresses an interest in babysitting. Flanders offers Lisa a job taking care of his boys, and gives her a glowing review. Homer and Marge are so impressed that they ask her to babysit Bart while they attend the Squidport gala. Bart is outraged but is prepared to make the night hell for Lisa. He feeds Maggie coffee ice cream and embarks on a series of pranks that unnerve Lisa. He refuses to go to bed, so Lisa lunges at him, knocking him down the stairs and breaking his arm. Bart bangs his head against a door to make the injury more serious. He passes out, Lisa panics and takes him to Dr. Nick's clinic in a wheelbarrow. Bart falls out down a hill on the way, stopping yards from the gala. The townspeople are mortified, but Lisa still receives babysitting offers the next day. A decently good episode. Really no complaints from me. This was just a typical Bart vs Lisa episode. Nothing really spectatcular.
  • Lisa cheats, again!

    Poor Lisa Simpson, always trying to be the perfect girl of the messed up family, the one that will go into college and bring some respect and fame to the Simpsons lineage. This is so very sad, in this episode we see her struggling trying not to look bad in front of the people of Springfield. Lisa you are much better than this. Why do you keep falling from the same mistake? why?!

    This episode has some sort of pyschological tension that keeps you glued to the screen, and of course, there are still some very good jokes in store for you.
  • Forgotten Classic.

    My Sister My Sitter is a forgotten gem of season eight. Lisa starts a baby sitting business after reading a series of books glamorizing the job. She gets a few job's baby sitting some neighbourhood kids (featuring great scenes with Rod & Tod and Ralph). She is then hired to baby sit the worst kid in Springfield her own brother. What's real great about this episode is it has some real nice funny moments for Bart and Lisa. My Sister My Sitter has some really cute kid/sibling observations. It's nice to Lisa although acting responsible acting like an eight year old. Marge and Homer's night out also has some great moments "I Was Once Like You" being one of my most quoted Simpsons lines. The final of this episode is stunning with a wonderful Noir feel. My Sister My Sitter is a great Simpsons episode featuring a lot of kid like behavior.
  • Lisa babysits her older brother Bart. What could be funnier???

    Lisa embarks on a career as a babysitter. She starts by watching Rod and Todd Flanders, which leads to numerous other babysitting gigs all over Springfield. When Homer and Marge decide they need some time to be alone together, they put Lisa in charge of Maggie and Bart. Bart is furious that his little sister is his babysitter and rebels as much as possible. Lisa tries to deal with Bart's numerous pranks and distractions, but things go a little too far and Lisa accidentally dislocates Bart's arm by pushing him down the stairs. Intent on getting Lisa in trouble, Bart hurts himself even more, knocking himself out. Panicked, Lisa tries to cover up what happened but winds up turning her failure as a babysitter into a public spectacle. At first, Lisa is sure no parents will ever trust her with their kids again, but sure enough, her clients call again and her business continues.
  • It has the exact sillynes The Simpsons need.

    I just love how silly the simpsons are. Like when Lisa puts Maggy on a cage, or when Chief Wiggum does not ask why Lisa is walking in the highway at the middle of the night. Another good joke is when they start acusing Lisa of killing Bart, bury Maggy alive or taking drugs I almost cry of laughter in that part. Also a good part is when Lisa says: I am very mature, I am eight and some people even think I am older Nine".
    Oh! another part is when Marge says she likes a the decoration of the car in Planet Hype and when they leave an old man appears inside the car.
  • Marge and Homer go out for the night, so Bart gives Lisa hell as she "babysits" him. Things get worse and worse for Lisa.

    This episode is very enjoyable, though it is short on laughs compared to some other episodes. I first saw this when I was around Lisa's age, and the way Bart and Lisa interacted depicted accurately some of the horrors of sibling battles and immaturities. But if you watch The Simpsons just for hillarious Homerisms, you might as well skip this one, though Homer's got a moment or two. Bart uses non-violent resistance against Lisa, and ultimately falls down a flight of stairs, dislocating his arm. This episode is packed with more emotion than most I've seen.
    Lisa falls into a paranoid visual sequence without the use of drugs or oxygen deprivation. After Bart knocks himself unconscious, Lisa heads to the hospital with him in a wheelbarrel, but becomes the victim of a terrible misunderstanding.

    Overall, a very well written episode, even for The Simpsons.
  • Lisa is going to babysit Bart, which he doesn't like. Bart then breaks his arm and Lisa must help him without anyone knowing.

    Flanders needs someone to babysit. Lisa volunteers and does a good job. Flanders recomends her to everyone. Soon, she is babysitting alot of the kids. Marge lets her babysit Bart. Bart doesn't listen to her at all, and winds up falling down the stairs, breaking his arm. He then locks himself in his room and hits his head against the door, making a bump on his head. He passes out and Lisa takes him to Dr. Nicks. After that doesn't work, Bart rolls down a hill and all the towns people see what Lisa had done. However, the next day, Lisa still gets request for her to babysit their kids.
  • lisa babysits her older brother...not a good move

    this episode is very well written shoeing just want any normal person would do if they had to be babysat by their younger sister. bart feedig maggie coffee ice-cream, falling down the stairs and making numerous prank calls is a classic bart trademark whic cannot be topped by anything except possibly homer's clumsiness and memorable stupid quotes such as:

    bart: why are you wearing that tux
    Homer: going to that big fancy party tomorrow night
    Bart: then why are you wearing it now?
    Homer: a suit's a lot like a rent-a-car. you get all the mileage out of it then cram it through the mailslot.

    there are too many jokes to list in this episode which goes to so just how great the simpsons are