The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 7

Mypods and Boomsticks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2008 on FOX

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  • One of the best

    I loved the I-Maniac theme about MyPod,MyPad ,IBad

    also the funny yet respected view of the muslims' life , not all are terrorists

    Loved this funny episode so much
  • Not the best.

    Bart becomes friends with a muslim kid named Bashir, but Bashir is having trouble getting along with the other kids, because he's muslim. When Bart invites Bashir's family over for dinner, Homer thinks they're really nice. But then Moe proves to him that muslims are evil. Homer now thinks Bashir's father is going to blow up the Springfield mall.

    Meanwhile, Lisa becomes obbsessed with her new Mypod, a music playing device.

    This was an okay episode. There were some funny scenes, like the dream with the genie from Aladdin, The Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, and the cult Moe started, but most of the episode was boring.

    Overall Grade: 75%/C+
  • homerland security

    Bart meets a new kid anmed bashir who he brings home and homer thenb suspects he is form a family of terrorists and devises a plot to prove his point after being encouraged to do so from his friends. also lisa is able to get a mypod from krusty and uses it to impress her friends but racks up a big bill and thus goes to steven mobs to lower her bill which ends up getting her a job at mapple. it turns out bashir family is not a group of terrorist so homer was wrong. it was funny when homer tried to save the duff beer truck.
  • OK

    Lisa gets a myPod, a parody of... wait for it.. an iPOD! And she ends up downloading too many songs and she simply cannot pay her bill, so she ends up getting a job telling people to Think Differently.

    Bart makes a new Islamic friend, Bashir. But Homer does not trust Bashir and his parents, and thinks that they are planning a terrorist plot to blow up something in Springfield. Turns out he was right- er- he thought he was right, when he takes out a bunch of explosives out of the mall- the old one, the one that was SUPPOSED to be blown out. D'oh! All is easily forgiven however.

    A rather weird episode with a lot of hit-and-miss gags. I didn't really like Lisa's sub plot, but the main one was great
  • I loved some of the great jokes in this episode. The only problem I have with this epsiode is that its to over used of a plot with many other shows. The Simpsons usually come up with their own wacky ideas, but I guess not this time.

    The Simpson family takes a trip to the Mapple Store at the Springfield Mall where Lisa get her very own Mypod, and Bart interrupts an announcement from Steve Mobbs with his own voiceover, causing pandemonium to break loose in the store. On his way home from the mall, Bart narrowly escapes punishment and befriends a Muslim boy named Bashir. Homer becomes suspicious of Bart's new friend and invites Bashir, his mother (guest voice Shohreh Aghdashloo) and his father over for dinner so he can investigate their supposed anti-American sentiments. Having already offended Bashir and his family at dinner, Homer goes to their home to apologize, but he instead snoops around their house, Â… la Jack Bauer, and uncovers what he believes to be a terrorist plot to blow up the Springfield Mall. The race is on as Homer tries to warn the residents of Springfield about the impending disaster.
  • Homer tries to stop a terrorist, or so he thinks.

    As many have pointed out, this episode is somewhat similar to the South Park episode "The Snuke", one of the most overrated episodes in my opinion. I just recently started watching Simpsons again after several years, how recently? Yesterday in fact. I have read several complaints about the shows "decline in quality". But I think it still holds up really well. And this episode was really good. The MyPod stuff wasn't that funny, but we did get a great Itchy and Scratchy cartoon out of it. The plot with Homer trying to stop what he thinks is a terrorist, was the highlight. No, wait, the absolute highlight was seeing one of my favorites again, Moleman. He's just awesome. This episode made me a Simpsons fan again, and I have a lot of catching up to do. And of course, I'll keep on watching more new episodes.
  • F you, large portion of the community! The whole idea of rating things is such a tedious, juvenile complainey pants waste in your hands! You've forgotten how to be human in your pursuit of feeling big, and therefore TV is useless to you now!

    this is a nice episode. Its relevant to today (Gotta love "Bashir" as opposed to South Parks "Bahir", good little wink to them) in sure a little bit of a "adam at home" kinda way, so maybe a little too on the nose I mean... but I feel like these last two seasons they've shown they care about their show again. Dan Castellaneta (wrong spelling...) almost sounds interested again! The Mypod idea is a good example of satire too... glad someone tried to point of how smug the Ipod thing is. And I loved the Cat Stevens joke !! Yusuf Islam, pardon me. Hes truly a wonderful man though.
    Anyways, as you can see, I'm not making myself clear. So here it is: This episode works because its relevant in a lot of cliche, but close to heart ways, its not over-obvious, the animation and shots don't feel like a machine did them... and its important for a show steeped in stereotypes sometimes to turn the other cheek. Its an honest episode.
    And Comic book guy had a good line too :) To me, most TV is sort of a waste when it takes itself serious unless it goes into uncharted moral territory... like Battlestar Galactica does. Unfortunately, the only thing to me that makes TV worthwhile, if it says one fresh thing, is its gotta keep doing it in some remote way to its initial charm... and this episode does that. Its memorable, its funny... its human, so I like it. So this review was a mess, but you know what I mean.
  • Lisa gets a "mypod" and Homer thinks that a muslim family are terrorists.

    I found this one to be a good example of how The Simpsons mix Pop Culture with satire. It reminds me of the earlier seasons, how funny and absurd it is. I especially love how Homer has to rely on Lenny in his thought bubbles, and how when Homer tried to stop what turned out to be a demolition, he ended up blowing up the bridge to the Duff Beer Factory. It's ironic things like that that keep me in front of the television when the Simpsons come on. One of my favorite things from the episode is the obvious parody of Apple and Apple products. This is a definite example of how The Simpsons should be.
  • Bart befriends a boy of Muslim descent named Bashir, whose family has just moved to Springfield. Homer becomes convinced that Bashir's family are terrorists planning to bomb the Springfield Mall.

    From the minute I saw Bashir I knew exactly where this episode was going. The plot of this episode could not have been more predictable if it tried. Homer sinks to his lowest of lows when he serves Bashir's family a poisoned cake. We all know that in the twenty year run of "The Simpsons" that Homer was willing to try anything. But I never thought murder would be something he would even think of attempting. This episode is saved from total disaster by some very clever jokes (especially the opening scenes at the mall) and some well written dialogue.
  • WOW Matt Groening is really scraping the bottom with these story lines.

    as soon as i read the episode summary i said "this episode is going to suck". oh boy did it suck. had to be the absolute worst episode of the Simpsons i have ever seen. why are the "writers"(i use the term losely) trying to copy American Dad? Lisa gets her Mypod basically the same way Bart got his cell phone, a celebrity got fed up with it and threw it away. then guess what, Bart does something to piss off everybody and they chase him. then they use subject matter that was popular about five years ago and that subject would be poking fun of american ignorance of islam. do Jimbo and his freinds need to be in EVERY episode?
    im surprised Ralph didnt get his one liner. Bart has had lamb lots of times, the family ate it when Lisa decides to become vegitarian.
    this show has been driven so far into the ground i think its about to reach the earths core.
    mustve been the only episode where i didnt laugh once and couldnt wait until it ended.