The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 25

Natural Born Kissers

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 17, 1998 on FOX

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  • The ninth season ends with Marge and Homer trying to spice up their rather dull lovelife.

    Once again "The Simpsons" have given its fans a strong finale. All of the things that make "The Simpsons" the great series it is are here. Well written script, very clever jokes and terrific sight gags. The scene of Homer and Marge being caught in a compromising position at the miniature golf course was damn near perfect with excellent one liners and a terrific resolution. The quality of this episode has not at all faded with the passage of time. Definitely one of the series' best.
  • superb


    what i liked- the ending with bart commenting on how 'silly they'll feel when they realize they forgot us', and the look lisa gives him, the Casablanca alternate ending, "Priceless like a mother's love, or the good kind?", homer and marge having to run naked across town to get home, the entirety of bart and lisa's plot, etc.

    this was good. it had two good plots, but not a whole lot of laughs, so my final grade is going to be somewhere in the B range, i think is fair

  • I can't believe they have sex

    Ha ha ha! Seeing homer and Marge get kinky is just horrible. I mean, I can't believe they have sex or what I really mean is that I am not really intereste din that part of their life just like I am not interested in knowing my parents sexual life (if they still hav eone) I really liked the part in which they run naked and try to cover themselves with all kinds of things in the way. AS for the kids, I just can't believe they don't know what sex after all Bart is a very crazy kid and Lisa knows it all.
  • Homer and Marge get kinky

    After a failed anniversary, Homer and Marge realise their love life isn't exciting anymore. They go to get their fridge motor changed when their car gets stuck and they hide out in a barn. When they are nearly caught, they get turned on and do it. Homer and Marge decide to go to a Bed & Breakfast and realise they can't do it, so they once again get a thrill in nearly getting caught. Homer and Marge go to their old love nest and have to run away naked. They escape from the cops in a hot air balloon when Homer does the most hilarious thing (hanging off the balloon with the people in the glass church seeing his butt) and they get caught.
  • Great season finale... It capped off a nearly perfect season in a perfect manner with nudity and amzing comedy...

    In an incredibly revealing episode, Homer and Marge learn to spice up their love life by "snuggling" in very public places. After conquering a nearby barn and experimenting with at Sir Putts-a-Lot miniature golf course, they find themselves trapped in public without their clothes. Trying to get back home, the two sneak and skulk about Springfield, nearly being caught fully naked at every turn. Homer accidentally moons an entire church congregation and both he and Marge wind up in a crowded football field where they are exposed to thousands of cheering people. A great way to cap off a nearly perfect season...
  • There's a lot of stuff in this episode

    Obviously the main storyline is about Homer and Marge and the subplot was not really that funny so the rating comes down a bit for this episode but Homer and Marge are fantastic. When their anniversary dinner is a flop and their love life seems to lack luster, Homer and Marge try to spice it up leading to some very funny scenes. I loved when they are getting caught in the miniature golf course and are running away butt-naked. Meanwhile, Lisa and Bart use Grampa's mine detector to find treasure and they find an alternate ending to "Casablanca" which was not that great. Overall: B
  • Is it Bart? No! It's Rod.

    Natural Born Kissers

    Today is Homer and Marge's Anniversary and they decide to go on an airplane. The plates, Homer said D'oh D'oh D'oh D'oh D'oh D'oh! Too many plates. Bart weared a sprial machine and some earphones so he can hear it. Natural Born Kissers can be found on Kiss and Tell The Story of Their Love DVD! It was rainy so Homer and Marge had to go in the farm. Marge has long hair so she has to dry it.
    I love this episode. The first episode of Kiss and Tell The story of their love DVD. Watch it.
  • It wasn't the best episode I guess.

    So basically Marge and Homer go on thier honeymoon and it doens't feel very romantic. So they get addicted to having $ex in very risky situations. Eventually they get found out when they go to this golf course so they have to run across the town nude. In the end they make it but then thier in the newspaper naked(or well Homer is). So it was pretty average and not my favortie storyline. This episode ended season 9, and thier wasn't that much romance so I guess they put that in there for that purpose. That's my review. Done, finished.
  • Not My Favorite....

    I have mixed feelings about this one. While it's a very funny episode,with an appealing plot.
    I would prefer it if this episode had never happened.
    Running around town naked and having sex in public is a road I hoped the Simpsons would never go down.
    Such a ridiculous idea.
  • A rarely scene episode for me

    This is a very interesting episode in that its about Homer and Marge trying to spice up their marriage which has hit a rough patch.

    It seemed that the way to make things better was to do "stuff" in bizzare places. The thrill of how dangerous it was made it appealing to Homer and Marge it was funny to watch them on the edge!

    In Australia it got an M rating so its been on a couple of times at 9.30.

  • a different type of episode

    this episode was a strange one but was okay. the main story was entertaining with the danger of getting caught spicing up homer and marge's marriage but i didn't find it all that funny except for the scene where they're running naked, hiding behind statues that seem very crude with homer's line "marge can we swap? i don't trust these guys" but i prefer the B story where lisa and bart search for treasure finding an alternate ending to casablanca which had some hilarious jokes including the film itself. although this is my least favourite episode in season 9, it only is because of the hilarious competing episodes.