The Simpsons

Season 4 Episode 8

New Kid on the Block

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1992 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons the simpsons got new neibors they move in right nexstore and there is a daughter he likes and he falls in love with her but thing is she is not romanticly interested ih him like she likes him she interested in jimbo jones and he is heart broken. and he learns the ways of love how it can really hurt. and homer and marge go to an all you can eat place and he eats alot of food there and he sues the place becaue its not all you can eat and they wont let him . and it taken to couart and they show how much homer ate. this was a good ep
  • Bart Has A Crush

    Bart has a crush on Laura Powers, the daughter of Ruth Powers, who just moved in by the Simpsons. He tries to win Laura's heart, but he learns she is dating Jimbo Jones. So, he does a classic prank call to Moe's, and says he is Jimbo. So Moe tries to kill Jimbo, who weeps for Moe not to. So he and Laura break-up, and Laura admits if Bart was older she would probably like him more.

    One of my personal favorites, I really like the way Bart was characterized in this one. Really funny with a great story. Perfect
  • THe Powers Family Moves in the neighborhood and Bart falls in love for the first time with Laura Powers. He Unfortunatly finds out Laura falls for Jimbo and he see's how love can hurt.

    I actually loved this episode when i first saw it. I just saw it again and i can relate to Bart because i had the same
    expireince with falling in love with an older girl who was 5 years older than we had a relationship before she moved away. I liked this one becuase Bart learns that love can hurt especially since this is the first time we see him fall in love. I thoguht the prank calls were hilarious especially Amanda Hug and Kiss. Great Episode. It was funny to see the big bully cry down to his knees in front of bart which showed how sensitive he is. i hope they make an episode where bart finally falls in love permanently.
  • The Powers Family is introduced, and Bart is in love for the first time, but he lerans an important lesson "love hurts"

    Evergreen Terrace welcomes two new neighbors, Ruth Powers and her lovely teenage daughter, Laura. Bart falls hard for Laura, but she thinks of him as just a little friend. Heartbroken, Bart has to watch as the girl he loves starts dating Jimbo Jones. One night while Laura is babysitting Bart, Lisa and Maggie, Bart devises a way to get revenge on Jimbo, who also happens to be over the house. Bart prank calls Moe's Tavern one last time and claims to be Jimbo and gives his address. Moe charges over to kill Jimbo, but when the little bully starts to cry, Moe reconsiders and leaves. Laura reconsiders, too, breaking up with Jimbo.
  • A new girl in Evergreen Terrace, Laura, arrives. Bart has fall for her. Trouble starts when she is hitting on Jimbo.

    This is an interesting episode.

    Bart has falled in love with the new girl in Evergreen Terrace. Laura has fall for Jimbo, the bully that tormented Bart. Good thing that Laura and Jimbo are going to the Simpsons house for a baby-sitting.

    Bart made a prank call to Moe for Amanda Hugginkiss. It means "a man to hug and kiss". When Moe asks that why can't he find Amanda Hugginkiss, the customers laugh at him. Moe says "You little S.O.B.! Why, when I ever find out who you are, I'm gonna shove a sausage down your throat and stick starving dogs in your butt!" Bart claims that he is Jimbo Jones. Moe goes to the Simpsons house and think Jimbo is the prank caller. He suddenly goes back when Jimbo cries.
  • Bart has a crush on his new babysitter and Homer sues a restraunt.

    Bart falls in love with his new neighbor, Laura Powers, who babysits for the Simpsons while Homer and Marge go out. When Homer eats most of the food in the all you can eat restraunt, he is thrown out before he even finishes. Outraged, Homer decides to sure and hires Lionel Hutz. Meanwhile, Laura shows up at Bart's house annd tells him she is now dating Jimbo Jones. Homer's case goes to trial, and Laura comes over to babysit. The Captain agrees to an out-of-court settlement, featuring Homer in the front window of his restraunt as "Bottomless Pete- Nature's Cruelest Mistake." Laura incites Jimbo over, and to get rid of him for good, Bart prank phone calls Moe, identifing himself as Jimbo. He also gives Moe the Simpsons address. Moe rushes over and corners Jimbo. Just before Moe kills him, Jimbo starts to cry. Moe leaves, and Laura dumps Jimbo, no longer seeing him as tough. Afterwards, Laura and Bart play one more prank on Moe.
  • One of the rare episodes to have Bart's crank calls to Moe, and even rarer to have 2 of them The scenes with Moe are the clear highlights.

    An enjoyable episode, charming and humorous at times, with some classic simpsons moments throughout. These include the 2(!) crank calls to Moe, both of them brilliant, Moe's retaliatory response to the first call, and Homer remembering how he first learned about sex.

    I didn't really find the sub-plot with the seafood restaurant lawsuit all that funny, but this didn't put a damper on the episode for me.

    Great episode for a laugh, and worth watching again when it comes on.
  • I guess Bart forgot about cooties!

    Bart grows up quite a bit in this episode. He has his first crush on a girl, but by the end of the episode he has taken an immature backwards step. (which I love)

    Yes I can see Bart at the age of 40 still making prank calls to Moe. Then Moe would get incredibly made and make insane threats to whoever this is!

    It was important for Bart to discover girls. Even though he'll always be 10 you still get a sense of him and the other characters growing up over the years.

    I wonder what happened to Laura. I know she's a guest star but her and her mum seem to have just faded into the background like many other characters.
  • New Kid on the Block is a great and successful episode where Bart gets his first ever crush and Homer doesn't get to eat all he wants.

    This is a wonderful episode with a great plot. New neighbours move in-A single man and his daughter, a beautiful girl called Laura. Bart and Lisa explore their basement and Bart scares Lisa by turning his eyes over to see the red veins. Lisa runs away, really shocked. But then Bart gets a taste of his own medicine when Laura scares him, wakes him up and instantly Bart flal in love with her. Soon they spend time together, and when she shows Bart his future on his hand, he won't wash it. Meanwhile, Homer is going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant called the Frying Dutchman. After several buckets of sea food, they chuck Homer and Marge out and Homer decides to sue the restaurant. Back at the Simpsons house, it's bed-time and Bart is still dreaming about Laura on his bed. Laura appears at the window though and asks him to come to teh treehouse to tell him the horrible truth: She already has a boyfriend! Bart is shocked and almost falls on the floor, dead. Laura is going out with Jimbo the bully, and Bart pust a stop to it my prank-calling Moe. He comes over with a knife and scares Jimbo which makes Laura hate him, then she chucks Jimbo out and Laura and Bart kiss. Meanwhile, Homer is having a hard time in court when everyone sees how much food he has eaten!

    It's an amaizng episode which is so funny and has such a good storyline. Homer is really funny in this episode, trying to eat all those shrimps was halirious too. You should watch this excellent episode. Bart getting his first crush was great.
  • bart's first crush

    this is a great episode with one of bart's classic prank calls going further to get jimbo jones in trouble to the point where moe wants to kill him and jimbo is revealed to be a wimp. bart having a crush on the older girl next door, Laura, was a good choice because the viewers expect that they obviously wouldn't get together so there's no disappointment for any hardcore fans. homer ruining all the other possible neighbours' dreams of living nextdoor was hilarious as was the animation of laura ripping the heart out of bart. the episode is definitely worth watching at least twice.