The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 14

New Kids on the Blecch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on FOX

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  • Bart's Boy Band

    A pretty good episode. Homer, as well as several other men in Springfield, run a race. Bart comes in from nowhere, in a disguise, and wins. Once it is revealed the winner was Bart, a mere child, the crowd is about to hurt him. Luckily a stranger comes {because of course Bart would go with him}. The stranger is L.T. Smash, and he wants Bart to be in a boy band. The boy band is called Party Posse, and consists of Bart, Milhouse, Ralph, and Nelson. They become really popular. One of their videos is on, and Lisa notices something strange. Yvan Eht Noij. What does that mean? Lisa notices that it is a subliminal message saying "Join the Navy," and that L.T. Smash, means Lieutenant Smash.

    Basically, up until the "Join the Navy" parts this is a great episode, I think. Funny parts, good musical parts.