The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 14

New Kids on the Blecch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Right before Lt. Smash flips the switch to start the aircraft carrier, it says "De-Commission" for the off position and "Commission" for the on position, but right after he flips the switch, it reads "Museum" for the off position and "Ship" for the on position.

    • In past episodes, Lisa has been romantically linked to every member of the Party Posse except, of course, her brother Bart.

    • The dance N'Sync makes up is: Thrust, Spin, Turn, Pivot, Pout, Jiggy, Jiggy, Robot, Dosee-do and close with a Matrix.

    • Lenny & Carl was convinced into going to the Navy but they already did in episode #3G04 Simpson Tide.

  • Quotes

    • Marge: Thank you so much for saving our son from that murderous mob.
      Smash: Well, thank you for letting me chill in your crib.
      Homer: And thank you for assuming we're hip!

    • Bart: (about L.T.) Do you think he's gonna do something dangerous?
      Nelson: How should I know? Just keep loading missiles.
      Ralph: Pop music is hard work.

    • Skinner: And now, are you adequately prepared to rock?
      Students: Yay!
      Skinner: Silence!

    • (Mad Magazine workers are coming up with ideas for the magazine.)
      Mad Magazine Executive #1: Why don't we call it "Everybody Hates Raymond."
      (The entire room laughs)
      Mad Magazine Executive #2: Well we stayed up all night but it was worth it.

    • Lisa: Cut it out you're a grown man.
      Homer: (Gasps and pouts) I wanna go home now.

    • (Chief Wiggum is starting the marathon.)
      Chief Wiggum: On your marks, get set; now get outta here before I change my mind.

    • Principal Skinner: And from now on anything caught in your zipper will be handled by the school nurse and not me.

    • Homer: Yvan Eht Nioj, you gotta love that crazy chorus.
      Lisa: But, what does it mean?
      Homer: It doesn't mean anything honey like 'Ram-a-lama Ding-Dong' or 'Give Peace a Chance.'

    • Marge: Hey! Grampa's running!
      Lisa: That's not Grampa, dad's just dehydrated!

    • Announcer: And in 1984, Portugal's Carlos Lopes becomes the oldest Olympic marathon runner ever at age 38.
      Homer: 38!? That's roughly my age! Marge! After a lot of thought...I've decided to run the Springfield marathon!

    • Milhouse: The Statue of Liberty? Where are we?!

    • Lisa: But you have recruiting ads on TV. Why do you need subliminal messages?
      Smash: It's a three-pronged attack. Subliminal, liminal, and superliminal.
      Lisa: Superliminal?
      Smash: I'll show you. (opens the window and shouts at Lenny and Carl, who are standing on the corner) Hey, you! Join theNavy!
      Carl: Uh, yeah, all right.
      Lenny: I'm in.

    • Burns: (whips Smithers) Faster, rickshaw driver, faster! (whips Smithers)
      Smithers: Sir, the whip isn't helping.
      Burns: Silence! You call yourself a Chinaman? (whips Smithers again)

    • Homer(running): I can't believe it! I'm actually running a marathon. (clutches his chest) Argh, I hit the wall! This is so painful! (the pain subsides) Hey, I got my second wind! (clutches his chest again) Owgh, another wall, I can't...(pain subsides) Woo hoo! Third wind!

    • Homer: Thirty-eight! That's roughly my age! Marge, after a lot of thought, I've decided to run the Springfield marathon.
      Marge: Oh, please. You get exhausted watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon. [laughs] I'm a regular Billy Crystal!
      Bart: You got that right.

    • Bart: Please Mom? It's always been my dream to be a rock star.
      Homer: And it's always been my dream to get rid of Bart. How many lives must you ruin?

    • Bart: Hellooooo Springfield! Here's a song that your Principal Skinner didn't want us to play.
      Kids: Boo!
      Skinner: That's not true! This assembly was my idea. I like your brand of inoffensive pop-rock.
      Bart: Screw you man! We're gonna play it anyway!

    • Smash: Man, they're gonna be big. And you stood in their way.
      Skinner: No, I didn't. I even came in early and made orange drink.
      Smash: Orange drink? What, do you live with your momma?
      Skinner: SHE lives with ME.

    • Joey Fatone: Those whack invertebrates will sting you... Old School!

    • L.T. Smash: Lisa, now that you know ... I can't let you leave. (sees Lisa walking outside) Dang it!

    • Bart: Dad, L.T.'s gone crazy!
      Homer: Yeah, that's the look!

    • Comic Book Guy (running the marathon dressed as the Flash): No one can outrun the Flash! (falls into a manhole) Curses! One of my super-foes has set a trap!

    • "Let's Re-Up Tonight!" Lyrics

      Had a girl in every port from here to Barcelona.
      But now I'm docked in Springfield, and girl, I'm gonna phone ya.
      Stormed a lot of beaches, but you're the one that I missed.
      Let's get back together, girl! Let's re-enlist!

      So sign me up for a hitch of love.
      Recruit my heart. Four sweet years of love...

      INSTRUMENTAL BREAK (sort of)

      Let's march all day and clean latrines all night. (vocal magic dies)
      Don't bust me down. Let's re-up tonight!

    • "Yvan Eht Nioj" Lyrics

      Oh, say can you rooooooocckk!!

      There's trouble in a far-off nation.
      Time to get in love formation.
      Your love's more deadly than Saddam,
      And that's why I gotta drop da bomb!

      Yvan eht nioj.
      Yvan eht nioj.
      Yvan eht nioj... nioj!

      This party is happenin'.
      It's no mirage.
      So sing it again.

      Yvan eht nioj.
      Yvan eht nioj.

    • "Spell Out What You Mean To Me" Lyrics

      I saw you last night at the spelling bee.
      I knew right then that it was L-U-V.
      I've gotta spell out what you mean to me,
      'Cause I can no longer be... a silent G.

      I've gotta spell out what... (I've gotta spell out...)
      I've gotta spell out what you mean to me...

    • "Special Girl" Lyrics
      Party Posse, we rule the Earth,
      The greatest band since music's birth.
      We love to sweat, and we love to sing.
      We're real funky but non-threatening.
      We're the best band in the world,
      But we'd give it all up for that special girl.
      You're my special girl (Spe-cial girl!)
      You're my special girl (Only you.)

    • Ralph: I'm wearing a bathrobe and I'm not even sick!

  • Notes

    • Contrary to popular belief, N'SYNC did not provide the voices for Party Posse. Two members of another Lou Pearlman boy band 'Natural' provided some of the voices -- Marc Terenzi for Nelson and Michael 'J' Horn for Milhouse.

    • The last time the MAD magazine building was referenced was in Episode 4F22, "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", when Bart visited their headquarters. The MAD magazine mascot mentions the New Kids on the Bleech [Block], which is the title of this episode.

    • When it first premiered Mr. Burns had the line "Faster Chinaman" while whipping Smithers and riding a rickshaw. Some people found it offensive so the line was changed to "Faster rickshaw driver".

    • Blackboard Joke: I will not buy a presidential pardon.
      Couch Gag: The couch and TV are within the walls of a prison. As a siren sounds, the family, dressed in black and white jumpsuits, attempt to escape by burrowing their own underground tunnels. However, instead of escaping, each family member emerges from their tunnel and hops onto the couch. Homer clicks the TV on with a remote, just as the prison searchlight passes over them.

  • Allusions

    • Bart (pretending to be Italian): I use up all my English!

      Italian actor/director Roberto Benigni said the same thing after winning an Oscar for his film Life Is Beautiful.

    • If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher (music video)

      The scene when the concert takes place on a battleship is taken from the video. Including the scene when Cher sits on the cannon just like what Bart did to the episode

    • When the "Party Posse" raises the tether-ball pole, it imitates the famous statue of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima.

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