The Simpsons

Season 20 Episode 12

No Loan Again, Naturally

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • Flanders Become Homer's Landlord

    Average Fair and boring are all the words that describe this episode. No Laughs, predictable plot line, i like simpsons much as the next guy, but this episode is beyond boring. I'm sorry but this episode is just a bad as the last one. The simpsons seems to be losing its edge, and beat it once had. This episode also had many bad jokes that feel flat and went nowhere. Like Harry Shearer said the show is just getting worse, i didn't agree with him before but now i do. Matt Groening Help US, bring the Simpsons Back. Well Thats All Folks Gotta Fly!
  • The plot was great and the jokes made me laugh till I cried. That's all I look for in a fantastic Simpsons episode.

    After too many years of financing their annual Mardi Gras party on home equity loans, Homer and Marge's adjustable-rate mortgage skyrockets and they are forced to put their house up for sale. Flanders does a good deed by outbidding Mr. Burns and purchasing the property, thus becoming Homer and Marge's new landlord. But when Homer publicly accuses Flanders of neglecting the Simpsons' unsafe living conditions, Flanders threatens to throw the family out on the streets. So many funny jokes that this episode should not disappoint anyone. I just loved this episode. A must see for any simpsons fan that enjoys a great episode.
  • When Homer spends extravagantly on a Mardi Gras party, the Simpsons are kicked out of their house. But Ned Flanders buys the house and has them rent it. But when the Simpsons get too lazy to fix their own gas leaks, Ned kicks them out.

    It's everything you can expect in a Simpsons episode in the new era. New funnier jokes, wacky plots, and all the benefits of broadcasting in high definition. To anyone who says The Simpsons is getting old and stale, SCREW YOU! Get a sense of humor! It's people like you who drive the rest of us REAL Simpsons fanatics toward creating our own suicide machine! The Simpsons is as funny than it ever was, and it will hopefully stay this way until FOX gets stupid and cancels the show.

    And hey, I didn't know Bart's hair was red! What a surprise!
  • "worst episode ever"

    It was unbearably boring!
    It was boring even for this season. I was prepared for something bad, but that episode was a surprise.

    Jokes were boring. Yes, a pair of standard jokes, but they are no longer funny. You can not repeat the same joke for a thousand times - it's BORING. Those "for sale" signs in the end were the last drop.

    The plot actually was weak even for a single branch of a bigger story. Do you remember? In the earlier episodes there were multiple story lines that intersect and weave together.
    Sadly, here we have only one single weak story.

    Indeed, that was the worst episode ever.
  • Super-Jet Dinosaur Fun-Monkeys.

    I am as conservative about the Simpsons as Ned Flanders is about everything. Nothing weird or out of character, thank you very much. Don't leave Springfield, and don't introduce someone from outside Springfield. No guest voices, playing themselves or otherwise.

    I really love this episode because it's all Springfield regulars and regular Springfield places. Flanders as the Simpsons' landlord is such a seemingly obvious plot. I'm amazed they haven't already done it.

    More importantly, they don't botch it. The jokes are mostly well written, and Homer doesn't over-deliver everything.

    I'm gonna try to savor this triumphant episode before "The Simpsons are going to Ireland!"
  • Another entertaining episode. Has really funny moments are there are always in The Simpsons.

    There is this scene where Homer tries to commit suicide by hanging himself to a branch of a tree. However when he does that, the branch and the tree are uprooted because it can't stand the heavy weight of Homer Simpson. A typical Simpson scene. An entertaining episode which has typical trademarks. Another plot in the episode is where Homer tries to defame Ned Flanders on advice of Moe, the bartender. This episode is a typical Simpsons episode and does not deviate from the normal. High Definition is another plus point. All put together this episode is one entertaining installment in the Simpsons cavalcade.
  • Desperate attempt to construct a plot around weak and distinctly average humour. Unless you want the memories of seasons gone tainted, I advise you don't watch the Simpsons any more. And I'm a huge fan....

    Another dissapointment, but no suprise given the steady decline in quality we've all observed over the years. The move to HD seems to have punctuated a major change of direction in writing. Unfortunately the move seems to be drifting quickly from everything funny and unique about The Simpsons. The plot is lazy and the comedy weak and predictable, with only occassional 'har har, hmm' moments to make a vaguely watchable episode at best. The unfortunate point is, I don't think the producers are even aware that fans really don't appreciate poorly written slap-dash episodes that ultimately serve only as nails in the cartoon's soon to be buried coffin. A bad way to end such a huge chapter of TV history.
  • The Simpsons are forced to sell their house after the payment on their adjustable rate mortgage soars. Feeling sorry for his neighbors, Ned Flanders buys the house at auction and rents it to the Simpsons. Ned soon has regrets about his decision.

    While this episode suffers from being very predictable (It could not have been more obvious that the Simpsons would get their house back one way or another.) the well written script and very clever dialouge help make up for this flaw. The scenes of Homer's Mardi Gras party are very well done. The scenes of Homer dressed at Jesus Christ trying to convince Flanders not to evict him are the highlight of this episode. I also like how a new twist was put on a frequently used gag on the show. Specificlly what Bart cleverly does in the group picture.
  • A really strong episode!

    I think this was the funniest episode I've seen of The Simpsons in a long while. The jokes were rapid-fire and were totally dead-on. I love how they satirized the whole sub-prime mortgage mess. Homer re-financing their house to stage the greatest Mardi Gras party ever...awesome! Flanders becoming their new was great. Grampa getting sprung from the retirement home (where he was getting make-up applied to him while he slept) it. It's great how after all these years, The Simpsons manages to stay so current and insightful. Here's hoping for a big bounce in the ratings! Can't wait for more.