The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 19

Old Yeller Belly

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2003 on FOX

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  • Santa's Little Helper is Suds McDuff

    I love episode hat revolve around Santas Little help (i.e. Dog of Death, Bart's Dog gets an F, and Canine Mutiny). This episode is not exception. The idea that SLH becomes part of the Duff corp. is hilarious, and it was sort of sad to see his real owner come back for him in sort of an air bud parody. I loved when Homer got stuck in the fire, or when the shark got drunk in the water. It was sad for SLH to lose all his fame, but it was nice to seem him back where he was missed, with the Simpsons.
  • Finally an episode that revolves around Santa's Little Helper... How long I have waited for this day...

    When a fire breaks out, Homer is trapped beneath an ice sculpture. Santa's Little Helper is turns tail and runs away, leaving the family cat to perform the rescue. The poor dog is banished from the house. While playing alone outside, Santa's Little Helper toys with a discarded can of Duff beer. A photojournalist snaps a picture, which inspires the Duff Corporation to name the dog as the new mascot. In exchange, the Corporation showers the Simpsons with wealth.

    Out of nowhere, the original owner of Santa's Little Helper appears and reclaims the dog. Santa's Little Helper is now miserable, so the Simpsons create an elaborate plan. During a Duff Beer publicity event at the beach, Homer pretends to drown. (In reality, he is merely balancing on a keg of beer.)

    Once again, Santa's Little Helper is afraid to save him. The once adoring public is shocked by the dog's cowardice. Meanwhile, Homer is attacked by a giant shark. The shark bites the keg of beer, and gets drunk. The inebriated animal floats to the shore, where the crowd is delighted by his antics. In a burst of inspiration, the Duff Corporation fires Santa's Little Helper and names the shark as the new mascot.

    The dog's owner wants nothing to do with him any longer, and the Simpson's family pet is once again their own.
  • a fairly good episode

    the classification above does not refer to the episode per se but rather to Santa's Little Helper leaving the family. he was taken away in "The Canine Mutiny" and ran away in "Dog of Death" so SLH has left the family before. the plot was original though with duffman being dethroned and santa's little helper taking over. this episode did have some great gags like bart's new treehouse and homer's assumption that since there was fire and a black cat he must be in heaven. this was a well plotted episode but did have a bit of repetition regarding SLH leaving.