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Season 25 Episode 21

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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2014 on FOX
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After Homer insults the new neighbors, a charming British family, Marge decides she's through trying to be friends with other couples, but changes her tune after hearing Lisa say that she, too, doesn't feel the need to welcome newcomers into her life.

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  • What Was This Episode's Moral Going For?

    This is a legit question. What was the moral for this one? That you should allow your mom to buy you friends? That you should obey your mom's attempts at being kind no matter how ludicrous or unhealthy they might be? It seems like the moral is trying to be legit, but it just came out wrong. But what built up such moral?

    Well,the episode begins with the Simpsons getting new neighbors,who are charming British people. Of course, Homer hates them because why not, and he embarrasses his family badly. This leads to Marge discovering that Lisa lacks any friends, so she buys friends for her. Marge already knows Lisa isn't too sociable and Homer isn't too bright, so her acting out on how Homer is an idiot and Lisa has little friends just now seems very odd... Why is she doing something just now and not earlier? Lisa also seems oddly derailed as well, acting more unlikeable than required for her character to be liked here.

    Asides from that, there aren't really any major problems. So let's get to what the episode does best: crack some hilarious jokes. The couch gag was pretty good, spoofing Life, a board game, in a way that splendidly describes the Simpsons' dysfunctional life. Most of the jokes were pretty good (whether it is Bart's dark prediction of Lisa's future, a passed out nerd getting a date, Homer's angry reaction at Marge giving Lisa and her friend money for ice cream or ostrich eyes). The hyper, over blown, ludicrous Itchy and Scratchy joke ... is unique... When it comes to gags, there are several good ones.

    Unfortunately, that can't save the episode in its entirety. The abundance of positives, negatives and mixed points combined make this a very close call,but in the end, it's simply a weak episode.

  • simpsons 1-19

    Now this is the first review I have done that I have not put a rating down for but that is because I have different opinions on all the seasons.

    Season 1: I watched this and I did not think it would be very good seeings as a lot of shows like this have failed sometime along the way and then I saw it, It was by no means great but it was a humorous way to escape life for half an hour. This is what become the best show in the world so I rate it 73%

    Season 2: This was pretty funny and was on the verge of hilarious but it still was not the ensured hilarity of later seasons but it kept me watching and waiting for more. I rate this season 77%.

    Season's 3-5: This was up in the top shows of the 20th century now, it was getting better and better as episodes got funnier and clevier, still I did not think it would get any better then this even though it was probably in the top 10 shows ever by now. I rate these 3 seasons together as 85%.

    Season's 6-9: This is where it became the best show in the world and I am not exaggerating it took over as the smartest funniest show I have ever seen, it also got a way bigger audience by then and there was merchandise galore going around by then, I rate these season's 97%.

    Season 10: For the first half of the season this was the same classic Simpsons that we all knew and loved from seasons 6-9 as it was again to use the phrase it was clever and funny but in the second half we saw something different, we saw different types of Simpson's like spin off's more spoofs and more humour based around the stupidness of Springfieldians but this was not necessarily a bad thing as it led to brilliant episodes of Homer doing what he does best Bart being more of a vigilant and Lisa being a nerd but still after this we never got the old Simpsons back even though newer seasons are not bad either. I rate the first half of this season 89% and the second half 82%.

    Season 11: In this season we saw interesting plots which were probably more funny then clever but still was extremely witty for a show that had lasted so long, and with such episode like "Brothers Little Helper" and "behind the laughter" the show was kept alive by Matt Groening's genius. I rate this season 79%.

    Season's 12-13: These seasons had OK plots and extremely funny jokes, the show as still quite humorous and I was still watching it weekly and was quite mad if I missed an episode. I at this point thought the Simpson's was still the best show. I rate this seasons 79%. Kinda like Season 10 really.

    Season 14: Well by now the Simpson's were in that stage of all the episodes were of the characters being changed temporarily to fill in time. But still the show was good enough for me to continue watching it with joy and the show still had a while left before it died to me. That is why I rate this season 79%.

    Season 15-17: This seasons to me were pretty good and great episodes made up for some that were not as good (not saying any are awful)this seasons kept the show with a burning light to me and still I wanted to watch more and more of this great show. I rate these season's 82%.

    Season 18: I did not like this season very much and it was only good for a few laughs every few episodes. I will rate it 71% because I feel generous.

    Season 19: Best since Season 9, absolutely hilarious. I think all haters of what the show has become should watch Season 19 as it is very very clever. I rate this season 91%.moreless

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    • Show Title:  A video game character resembling Nintendo's Super Mario jumping in the air, causing an exclamation point encased in a square block to appear.
      Billboard and Chalkboard Gags:  None.
      Couch Gag:  This extended sequence displays the board game The Game of Life, where Homer seen as a game piece on a car, passes the "No College" option, then the "Gets Married", where Marge appears to his delight.  He then lands on "Unexpected Pregnancy" 3 times, where each of the kids appears.   He then lands on "Bad Job", "Lose Hair", "Gain Weight", "Descent into Alcoholism" (pictured with Moe's Tavern), "Second Mortgage", "Third Heart Attack", and "Car Repossessed", all of which cause him to grouchily shout "D'oh!"  After the car disappears, the family hops to the game board couch which has holes for each of them to fit.  Homer wonders what will happen next when a Grim Reaper, seen as another game piece approaches with a scythe ready to do his usual business.